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Slim Whitman

A: By The Waters Of The Minnetonka
B: An Amateur In Love
Quality CanadaK108119527"0 
The Hilltoppers

A: Must I Cry Again
B: I Keep Telling Myself
Quality CanadaK109319527"0 
Bill Haley Accompanied By Haley's Comets

A: Crazy Man, Crazy
B: Whatcha Gonna Do
Quality CanadaK112019537"0 
Slim Whitman

A: There's A Rainbow In Every Teardrop
B: Danny Boy
Quality CanadaK114019537"0 
The Crows

A: Gee
B: I Love You So
Quality CanadaK123619537"0 
Jack Cardwell

A: I Can't Make Up My Mind
B: Walking Away My Blues
Quality CanadaK426219537"0 
Earl Bostic, His Alto Sax And His Orchestra

A1: Flamingo
A2: Swing Low Sweet Boogie
B1: I Can't Give You Anything But Love
B2: The Moon Is Low
Quality CanadaXP-1211953EP0 
Earl Bostic, His Alto Sax And His Orchestra

A1: Sleep
A2: I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
B1: Lover Come Back To Me
B2: Earl's Imagination
Quality CanadaXP-1221953EP1 
Earl Bostic, His Alto Sax And His Orchestra

A1: Deep Purple
A2: You Go To My Head
B1: Velvet Sunset
B2: Choppin' It Down
Quality CanadaXP-1231953EP1 
Earl Bostic, His Alto Sax And His Orchestra

A1: The Very Thought Of You
A2: Memories
B1: Melancholy Seranade
B2: What! No Pearls
Quality CanadaXP-1241953EP1 
Hamburg Philharmonia Orchestra

Symphony For Glenn

A1: Moonlight Serenade
A2: In The Mood
B1: Tuxedo Junction
B2: Perfidia
Quality CanadaXP-1311953EP1 
Eddie Calvert And His Golden Trumpet

A: Midnight
B: Paris In The Rain
Quality CanadaK121819547"0 
Slim Whitman

A: Rose Marie
B: We Stood At The Altar
Quality CanadaK122719547"0 
The Four Tunes

A: I Understand
B: Sugar Lump
Quality CanadaK123019547"1 
Slim Whitman

A: Beautiful Dreamer
B: Ride Away (With A Song In Your Heart)
Quality CanadaK126719547"0 
The Drifters Featuring Clyde McPhatter

A: Honey Love
B: Warm Your Heart
Quality CanadaK127619547"1 
Slim Whitman

A: Singing Hills
B: I Hate To See You Cry
Quality CanadaK129219547"0 
Clyde McPhatter And Ruth Brown

A: I Gotta Have You

Ruth Brown And Clyde McPhatter

B: Love Has Joined Us Together
Quality CanadaK142719557"2 
The Mulcays And Their Electric Harmonicas

A: Echoing Hills
B: Diane
Quality CanadaK1387May 19557"0 
Harvie June Van

A: Mama Don't Chase My Love Away
B: Don't Offer Me The Stars
Quality CanadaK4342Jul 19557"0 
Bonnie Lou

A: Dancin' In My Socks

Bonny Lou

B: Daddy-O
Quality CanadaK4354Oct 19557"0 
The Hilltoppers Featuring Jimmy Sacca

A: The Last Word In Love
B: My Treasure
Quality CanadaK1443Dec 19557"0 
Jack Kingston

A: A Pickin'And A Singin'
B: I Got The Blues
Quality Canada149119567"0 
Jack Kingston

A: Springhill Mine Explosion
B: Singing The Blues
Quality Canada157419567"0 
Maurice Bolyer And His Country Cousins

A: Bye Bye Blues
B: Midnight Special
Quality CanadaK146219567"0 
Carl Perkins

A: Blue Suede Shoes
B: Honey, Don't!
Quality CanadaK147319567"0 
The Clovers

A: Love, Love, Love
B: Your Tender Lips
Quality CanadaK150619567"0 
Wilma Lee And Stoney Cooper

A: (I've Been) Cheated Too
B: This Crazy, Crazy World
Quality CanadaK151619567"0 
Slim Whitman

A: The Whiffenpoof Song
B: Dear Mary
Quality CanadaK151819567"0 
Ivory Joe Hunter

A: Since I Met You Baby
B: You Can't Stop This Rocking And Rolling
Quality CanadaK156719567"0 
Johnny Cash And Tennessee Two

A: Train Of Love
B: There You Go
Quality CanadaK158519567"0 
The Fontane Sisters

A: Eddie My Love
B: Yum Yum
Quality CanadaK1464Feb 19567"0 
Bonnie Lou

A: Bo Weevil
B: Chaperon
Quality CanadaK4367Feb 19567"0 
Roy Orbison And Teen Kings

A: Ooby Dooby
B: Go! Go! Go!
Quality CanadaK1499May 19567"0 
Jack Kingston

A: A Dream Of A Miner's Child
B: Bye Bye Love
Quality Canada159619577"0 
Jack Kingston

A: Letter Edged In Black
B: Snug As A Bug
Quality Canada159719577"0 
Jack Kingston

A: Hey There Baby
B: Tell Me Darling
Quality Canada165519577"0 
Ned Miller

A: Just Before Dawn
B: Lights In The Street
Quality Canada1726X19577"1 
Myrna Lorrie

A: Moonshy
B: Tears Amid The Laughter
Quality CanadaK-152019577"0 
Songs Of The Pogo

Walt Kelly

A1: Go Go Pogo

Fia Karin

B1: Don't Sugar Me

Walt Kelly

B2: Lines Upon A Tranquil Brow
Quality CanadaK158919577"0 
Wilma Lee And Stoney Cooper

A: Loving You
B: The Tramp On The Street
Quality CanadaK160019577"0 
Ernie Chaffin

A: Feelin' Low
B: Lonesome For My Baby
Quality CanadaK160119577"1 
Ivory Joe Hunter

A: Empty Arms
B: Love's A Hurting Game
Quality CanadaK 160919577"1 
Chuck Berry

A: School Day
B: Deep Feeling
Quality CanadaK 161119577"0 
Johnnie And Joe

A: Over The Mountain, Cross The Sea
B: My Baby's Gone On, On
Quality CanadaK161719577"0 
Jerry Lee Lewis

A: Whole Lot Of Shakin' Going On
B: It'll Be Me
Quality CanadaK162119577"0 
Warren Smith

A: Miss Froggie
B: So Long I'm Gone
Quality CanadaK162319577"0 
The Tune Weavers With Frank Paul's Orchestra

A: Happy, Happy Birthday Baby
B: Ol Man River
Quality CanadaK164319577"0 
Johnny Cash

A: Home Of The Blues
B: Give My Love To Rose
Quality CanadaK 164419577"210.0
The Shepherd Sisters

A: Alone (Why Must I Be Alone)
B: I Walked Beside The Sea
Quality CanadaK165119577"0 

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