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Radar - Label Discography

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Count Five

A: Psychotic Reaction
B: They're Gonna Get You
Radar UKADA 141978Unreleased0 
Shadows Of Knight

A: Gloria
B: Oh Yeah
Radar UKADA 171978Unreleased1 
Ray Campi

A: Caterpillar
B: Play It Cool
Radar UKSAM 861978Bonus 7"4 
13th Floor Elevators

A1: She Lives (In A Time Of Her Own)

The Red Crayola

A2: Pink Stainless Tail

The Golden Dawn [USA]

B1: Starvation

Lost And Found

B2: There Would Be No Doubt
Radar UKSAM 881978EP510.0
Nick Lowe

A: I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass

Nick Lowe With Rockpile

B: They Called It Rock
Radar UKADA 117 Feb 19787"79.0
Elvis Costello And The Attractions

A: (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea
B: You Belong To Me
Radar UKADA 33 Mar 19787"68.6
Iggy Pop And James Williamson

A: Kill City
B: I Got Nothin'
Radar UKADA 417 Mar 19787"17.0
Elvis Costello

A: Stranger In The House

Elvis Costello And The Attractions

B: Neat, Neat, Neat
Radar UKSAM 8317 Mar 1978Bonus 7"17.5
The Profits

A: I'm A Hog For You Baby
B: What I Want
Radar UKADA 27 Apr 19787"1 
Elvis Costello And The Attractions

A: Pump It Up
B: Big Tears
Radar UKADA 1028 Apr 19787"28.6
La Düsseldorf

A: La Dusseldorf
B: Silver Cloud
Radar UKADA 528 Apr 1978Unreleased0 

A: On And On
B: I'm Leavin'
Radar UKADA 628 Apr 19787"1 
Andy Arthurs

A: I Can Detect You (For 100,000 Miles)
B: I Am A Machine
Radar UKADA 7May 19787"0 
Nick Lowe

A: Little Hitler
B: Cruel To Be Kind
Radar UKADA 1212 May 19787"610.0
Good Rats

A: Mr. Mechanic
B: Victory In Space
Radar UKADA 912 May 19787"0 
The Soft Boys

A: (I Want To Be An) Anglepoise Lamp
B: Fatman's Son
Radar UKADA 826 May 19787"88.0
Ray Campi And His Rockabilly Rebels

A: Teenage Boogie
B: Rockabilly Rebel
Radar UKADA 1515 Sep 19787"19.0
Bette Bright And The Illuminations

A: My Boyfriend's Back
B: Hold On I'm Coming
Radar UKADA 1815 Sep 19787"4 
Tanz Der Youth

A: I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry
B: Delay
Radar UKADA 1915 Sep 19787"29.0

A: Look Back In Love (Not In Anger)
B: I Can't Stay Long
Radar UKADA 2322 Sep 19787"38.0
Nick Lowe

A: American Squirm

Nick Lowe And His Sound

B: What's So Funny, 'Bout (Peace, Love And Understanding)
Radar UKADA 26Oct 19787"79.8
13th Floor Elevators

A: You're Gonna Miss Me
B: Tried To Hide
Radar UKADA 1313 Oct 19787"29.0
Elvis Costello And The Attractions

A: Radio Radio
B: Tiny Steps
Radar UKADA 2420 Oct 19787"99.0
The Red Crayola

A: Wives In Orbit
B: Yik Yak
Radar UKADA 2227 Oct 19787"7 
Richard Hell And The Voidoids

A: The Kid With The Replaceable Head
B: I'm Your Man
Radar UKADA 30Nov 19787"17.0

A: Yachting Types
B: Hypnotising Lies
Radar UKADA 2517 Nov 19787"28.0
Elvis Costello And The Attractions

A: Talking In The Dark
B: Wednesday Week
Radar UKRG 118 Dec 1978Promo Only 7"19.0
Metal Urbain

A: Hysterie Connective
B: Pas Poubelle
Radar UKADA 20Jan 19797"18.5
Elvis Costello And The Attractions

Live At Hollywood High

A1: Accidents Will Happen
A2: Alison
B1: Watching The Detectives
Radar UKSAM 905 Jan 1979Bonus 7"410.0
Bram Tchaikovsky

A: Girl Of My Dreams
B: Come Back
C: Robber
D: Whiskey And Wine
Radar UKADA 28 (BRAM 2)Feb 1979Double Pack29.5
Bette Bright And The Illuminations

A: The Captain Of Your Ship
B: Those Greedy Eyes
Radar UKADA 212 Feb 19797"0 
Elvis Costello And The Attractions

A: Oliver's Army
B: My Funny Valentine
Radar UKADA 312 Feb 19797"99.4
Bram Tchaikovsky

A: Girl Of My Dreams
B: Come Back
Radar UKADA 2823 Feb 19797"19.0
Neon [New Wave]

A: Don't Eat Bricks
B: Hanging Off An 'O'
Radar UKADA 279 Mar 19797"1 
The Pop Group

A: She Is Beyond Good And Evil
B: 3.38
Radar UKADA 299 Mar 19797"210.0
The Electric Prunes

A: I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night
B: Luvin'
Radar UKADA 1630 Mar 19797"18.0
Elvis Costello And The Attractions

A1: Accidents Will Happen
B1: Talking In The Dark
B2: Wednesday Week
Radar UKADA 354 May 19797"148.6
Nick Lowe

A: Cracking Up
B: Basing Street
Radar UKADA 3411 May 19797"38.0
Bram Tchaikovsky

A: I'm The One That's Leaving
B: Amelia
Radar UKADA 37Jun 19797"0 
Bram Tchaikovsky

A: I´m The One That´s Leaving
B: Amelia
Radar UKADA 37Jun 1979Picture Disc0 

A: Suffice To Say
B: On And On
Radar UKSAM 98Jun 1979Bonus 7"39.0

A: Love You Love You
B: Hazy People
Radar UKADA 361 Jun 19797"1 

A: Treat Me Kind
B: What's The Point
Radar UKADA 40Jul 19797"2 
Wayne Kramer

A: The Harder They Come
B: East-Side Girl
Radar UKADA 41Jul 19797"1 

A: Box 202
B: Permanent Damage
Radar UKADA 42Jul 19797"29.0
Nick Lowe

A: Cruel To Be Kind
B: Endless Grey Ribbon
Radar UKADA 43Aug 19797"78.9
The Inmates

A: Dirty Water
B: Danger Zone
Radar UKADA 44Aug 19797"1 

A: Tar
B: Frequency 7
Radar UKADA 48Oct 19797"0 

A: Found Out Too Late
B: Lie, Lie, Lie
Radar UKADA 465 Oct 19797"3 
The Inmates

A: The Walk
B: Talkin' Woman
Radar UKADA 47Nov 19797"28.0

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