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RAK - Label Discography

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  UK  301
  Germany  168
  Netherlands  119
  Australia  94
  Belgium  56
  New Zealand  50
  Ireland  49
  France  34
  Denmark  32
  Sweden  31
  Japan  21
  South Africa  21
  Portugal  20
  Spain  16
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New World

A: Living Next Door To Alice
B: Something To Say
RAK AustraliaRAK-1006119727"0 
Jeff Beck

A1: Hi, Ho, Silver Lining
B1: Beck's Bolero
B2: Rock My Plimsoul
RAK AustraliaRAK-1010519727"0 
Jeff Beck Group

A1: I've Been Drinking
B1: Morning Dew
B2: Greensleeves
RAK AustraliaRAK 1026319727"0 
New World

A: Rooftop Singing
B: Lady Sunshine
RAK AustraliaRAK-1018219737"0 
Suzi Quatro

A: Can The Can
B: Ain't Ya Somethin' Honey
RAK AustraliaRAK-1026019737"1 
Cozy Powell

A: Dance With The Devil
B: And Then There Was Skin
RAK AustraliaRAK-1041019737"110.0
Suzi Quatro

3 Cuts And A Hit

A1: Roman Fingers
A2: Little Bitch Blue
B1: Ain't Ya Somethin' Honey
B2: Daytona Demon
RAK AustraliaREK-40011973EP0 

A: Sixteen Tons
B: This Is My Life
RAK AustraliaRAK-1005825 Jan 19737"3 

A: Crazy
B: Do You Love Me
RAK AustraliaRAK-1018626 Apr 19737"0 
Suzi Quatro

A: 48 Crash
B: Little Bitch Blue
RAK AustraliaRAK-10289Jul 19737"18.0

A: The Band Played The Boogie
B: Hang It On Me
RAK AustraliaRAK-10298Jul 19737"0 
Suzi Quatro

A: Devil Gate Drive
B: In The Morning
RAK AustraliaRAK-1043519747"1 
Hot Chocolate

A: Emma
B: Makin' Music
RAK AustraliaRAK-1045519747"1 

A: Tiger Feet
B: Mr. Bagatelle
RAK AustraliaRAK-1047119747"0 

A: The Cat Crept In
B: Morning
RAK AustraliaRAK-1049219747"0 
Suzi Quatro

A: Too Big
B: I Wanna Be Free
RAK AustraliaRAK-1055519747"0 

A: Rocket
B: The Ladies
RAK AustraliaRAK 1057619747"0 
Suzi Quatro

A: The Wild One (Rock Version
B: The Wild One (Slow Version)
RAK AustraliaRAK-1064119747"0 
Suzi Quatro

A: Daytona Demon
B: Roman Fingers
RAK AustraliaRAK-1037917 Jan 19747"23.0

A: Dynamite
B: Do It All Over Again
RAK AustraliaRAK-1038017 Jan 19747"66.0
New World

A: Old Shep
B: Sally's A Lady
RAK AustraliaRAK-1038431 Jan 19747"0 
Suzi Quatro

A: Your Mamma Won't Like Me
B: Peter, Peter
RAK AustraliaRAK-10695Mar 19757"0 
Tam White

A: What In The World's Come Over You
B: After All We've Been Through
RAK AustraliaRAK-1075912 May 19757"0 

A: Oh Boy
B: Watching The Clock
RAK AustraliaRAK 10806Jun 19757"0 
Suzi Quatro

A: Michael
B: I Bit Off More Than I Could Chew
RAK AustraliaRAK-1086721 Jul 19757"1 

A: If You Think You Know How To Love Me
B: 'Tis Me
RAK AustraliaRAK-1090425 Aug 19757"0 
Suzi Quatro

A: I May Be Too Young
B: Don't Mess Around
RAK AustraliaRAK-109148 Sep 19757"0 
Kenny [England]

A: Julie Anne
B: Dancin' Feet
RAK AustraliaRAK-10941Oct 19757"0 

A: Don't Play Your Rock And Roll To Me
B: Talking Her Round
RAK AustraliaRAK 10948Nov 19757"1 
Chris Spedding

A: Motor Bikin'
B: Working For The Union
RAK AustraliaRAK-1094710 Nov 19757"3 
Hot Chocolate

A: You Sexy Thing
B: A Warm Smile
RAK AustraliaRAK-11021Feb 19767"1 

A: Something's Been Making Me Blue
B: Train Song
RAK AustraliaRAK-1106631 May 19767"0 
Hot Chocolate

A: Heaven Is The Back Seat Of My Cadillac
B: Sex Appeal
RAK AustraliaRAK-112331 Nov 19767"1 

A: Lay Back In The Arms Of Someone
B: Here Lies A Man
RAK AustraliaRAK-1139719777"09.0
Chris Spedding

A: Motor Bikin'
B: Working For The Union
RAK AustraliaRAK-1146619777"1 
Hot Chocolate

A: So You Win Again
B: A Part Of Being With You
RAK AustraliaRAK-1149419777"1 

A: Living Next Door To Alice
B: Run To You
RAK AustraliaRAK-1134531 Jan 19777"1 
Suzi Quatro

A: Tear Me Apart
B: Same As I Do
RAK AustraliaRAK-1135631 Jan 19777"1 

A: It's Your Life
B: Now You Think You Know
RAK AustraliaRAK-11495Sep 19777"0 
Chris Spedding

A: Get Outa My Pagoda
B: Hey, Miss Betty
RAK AustraliaRAK-1156324 Oct 19777"0 

A: Dare To Be Different
B: Sing My Song
RAK AustraliaRAK-1160528 Nov 19777"0 

A: Needles And Pins
B: No One Could Ever Love You More
RAK AustraliaRAK-11575Dec 19777"0 
Hot Chocolate

A: Put Your Love In Me
B: Let Them Be The Judge
RAK AustraliaRAK 11608Jan 19787"0 
Hot Chocolate

A: Every 1's A Winner
B: Power Of Love
RAK AustraliaRAK-11661Apr 19787"1 

A: For A Few Dollars More
B: Goin' Tomorrow
RAK AustraliaRAK-11704Apr 19787"0 
Suzi Quatro

A: If You Can't Give Me Love
B: Cream Dream
RAK AustraliaRAK-1166010 Apr 19787"2 

A: Oh, Carol
B: Will You Love Me
RAK AustraliaRAK-11740Jul 19787"0 

A: Baby, It's You
B: Rudi
RAK AustraliaRAK-1176431 Jul 19787"0 
Suzi Quatro

A: The Race Is On
B: Non Citizen
RAK AustraliaRAK-1174914 Aug 19787"1 

A: Kiss You All Over
B: There's Been A Change
RAK AustraliaRAK-11801Oct 19787"19.0

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