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RAK - Label Discography

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  UK  301
  Germany  167
  Netherlands  119
  Australia  94
  Belgium  56
  New Zealand  50
  Ireland  46
  France  34
  Denmark  32
  Sweden  31
  Japan  21
  South Africa  21
  Portugal  20
  Spain  16
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The Animals

A1: The House Of The Rising Sun
B1: Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
B2: I'm Crying
RAK IrelandRR 119727"0 
Tony Kenny

A: Heart Of Stone
B: Buttons
RAK IrelandRAK 14419737"510.0
Hot Chocolate

A: Brother Louie
B: I Want To Be Free
RAK IrelandRAK 14919737"6 
Tony Kenny

A: Give It To Me Now
B: Rollin'
RAK IrelandRAK 15319737"3 
Cozy Powell

A: Dance With The Devil
B: And Then There Was Skin
RAK IrelandRAK 16419737"110.0
Suzi Quatro

A: Devil Gate Drive
B: In The Morning
RAK IrelandRAK 16719747"210.0
Hot Chocolate

A: Emma
B: Makin' Music
RAK IrelandRAK 16819747"0 

A: Rocket
B: The Ladies
RAK IrelandRAK 17819747"0 
Cozy Powell

A: Na Na Na
B: Mistral
RAK IrelandRAK 18019747"0 
Kenny [England]

A: The Bump
B: Forget The Janes, The Jeans And The Might Have Beens
RAK IrelandRAK 18619747"0 

A: Lonely This Christmas
B: I Can't Stand It
RAK IrelandRAK 18719747"0 
Hot Chocolate

A: Cheri Babe
B: Sexy Lady
RAK IrelandRAK 18819747"0 

A: Oh Boy
B: Watching The Clock
RAK IrelandRAK 20119757"0 

A: If You Think You Know How To Love Me
B: 'Tis Me
RAK IrelandRAK 20619757"1 
Chris Spedding

A: Motor Bikin'
B: Working For The Union
RAK IrelandRAK 21019757"0 
Hot Chocolate

A: A Child's Prayer
B: Everything Should Be Funky
RAK IrelandRAK 21219757"0 

A: Don't Play Your Rock 'N' Roll To Me
B: Talking Her Round
RAK IrelandRAK 21719757"0 
Hot Chocolate

A: You Sexy Thing
B: A Warm Smile
RAK IrelandRAK 22119757"0 
Hot Chocolate

A: Man To Man
B: Eyes Of A Growing Child
RAK IrelandRAK 23819767"0 
Hot Chocolate

A: So You Win Again
B: A Part Of Being With You
RAK IrelandRAK 25919777"0 

A: Needles And Pins
B: No One Could Ever Love You More
RAK IrelandRAK 26319777"03.0
Hot Chocolate

A: Every 1's A Winner
B: Power Of Love
RAK IrelandRAK 27019787"0 

A: Mexican Girl
B: You Took Me By Surprise
RAK IrelandRAK 28319787"0 

A: Lay Your Love On Me
B: I Believed You
RAK IrelandRAK 28419787"0 
Suzi Quatro And Chris Norman

A: Stumblin' In
B: A Stranger With You
RAK IrelandRAK 28519787"0 
Hot Chocolate

A: I'll Put You Together Again
B: West End Of Park Lane
RAK IrelandRAK 28619787"1 

A: For A Few Dollars More
B: Goin' Tomorrow
RAK IrelandRAK 267Jan 19787"0 

A: Some Girls
B: Fighting Chance
RAK IrelandRAK 29119797"0 

A: Boy Oh Boy
B: Sensational Buzz
RAK IrelandRAK 29719797"0 
East Side Band

A: Rendezvous
B: Waiting For You
RAK IrelandRAK 29819797"0 
Suzi Quatro

A: She's In Love With You
B: Space Cadets
RAK IrelandRAK 29919797"0 
Suzi Quatro

A: Mama's Boy
B: Mind Demons
RAK IrelandRAK 30319807"0 

A: Take Good Care Of My Baby
B: I Wanna Kiss Your Lips
RAK IrelandRAK 30919807"0 
Hot Chocolate

A: No Doubt About It
B: Gimme Some Of Your Loving
RAK IrelandRAK 31019807"0 
Hot Chocolate

A: Love Me To Sleep
B: The Girl Is A Fox
RAK IrelandRAK 32419807"0 
Kim Wilde

A: Kids In America
B: Tuning In Tuning On
RAK IrelandRAK 32719817"0 
Kim Wilde

A: Chequered Love
B: Shane
RAK IrelandRAK 33019817"0 
Kim Wilde

A: Water On Glass
B: Boys
RAK IrelandRAK 33419817"0 
Kim Wilde

A: Cambodia
B: Watching For Shapes
RAK IrelandRAK 33619817"0 
Adrian Gurvitz

A: Classic
B: Runaway
RAK IrelandRAK 33919827"0 
Kim Wilde

A: View From A Bridge
B: Take Me Tonight
RAK IrelandRAK 34219827"0 
Hot Chocolate

A: It Started With A Kiss
B: Emotion Explosion
RAK IrelandRAK 34419827"0 
Kim Wilde

A: Child Come Away
B: Just Another Guy
RAK IrelandRAK 35219827"0 
Kim Wilde

A: Love Blonde
B: Can You Hear It
RAK IrelandRAK 36019837"0 
Kim Wilde

A: Dancing In The Dark
B: Back Street Driver
RAK IrelandRAK 36519837"0 
Hot Chocolate

A: I Gave You My Heart (Didn't I)
B: Jeannie
RAK IrelandRAK 36919847"0 

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