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RCA - Label Discography

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Harry Belafonte

A: Mary's Boy Child
B: Eden Was Just Like This
RCA Ireland45-ERC 102219577"1 
Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires

Jailhouse Rock

A1: Jailhouse Rock
A2: Young And Beautiful
B1: I Want To Be Free
B2: Don't Leave Me Now
B3: Baby I Don't Care
RCA IrelandERCX 1061957EP0 
Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires

King Creole Vol. 1.

A1: King Creole
A2: New Orleans
B1: As Long As I Have You
B2: Lover Doll
RCA IrelandERCX 1171958EP0 
Elvis Presley

A: A Fool Such As I
B: I Need Your Love Tonight
RCA Ireland45-ERC 111319597"3 
Vaughan Monroe

A: The Battle Of New Orleans
B: Hercules
RCA Ireland45-ERC 112419597"2 
Perry Como

A: I Know
B: You Are In Love
RCA Ireland45-ERC 112619597"0 
The Browns

A: The Three Bells (Les Trois Cloches)
B: Heaven Fell Last Night
RCA Ireland45-ERC 114019597"0 
Floyd Robinson

A: Makin' Love
B: My Girl
RCA Ireland45-ERC 114619597"0 
Don Gibson

A: Don't Tell Me Your Troubles
B: Heartbreak Avenue
RCA Ireland45-ERC 115019597"0 
The Isley Brothers

A: Respectable
B: I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door
RCA IrelandERC 117219597"0 
Hank Locklin

Country Guitar Vol. 3

A1: It's A Little More Like Heaven
A2: Blue Grass Skirt
B1: Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me
B2: Send Me The Pillow You Dream On
RCA IrelandERCX1151959EP1 
Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires

Elvis In Tender Mood

A1: Young And Beautiful
A2: True Love
B1: Lover Doll
B2: Love Me Tender
RCA IrelandERCX 1351959EP0 
Perry Como

Relaxing With Perry Como

A1: Faraway Places
A2: Black Moonlight
B1: If
B2: Over The Rainbow
RCA IrelandERCX 1361959EP0 
Jim Reeves

A: He'll Have To Go
B: In A Mansion Stands My Love
RCA Ireland45-ERC 116819607"1 
Renato Rascel

A: Romantica

Teddy Reno

B: Libero
RCA Ireland45-ERC 117719607"0 
Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires

A: Stuck On You
B: Fame And Fortune
RCA Ireland45-ERC 118719607"0 
Hank Locklin

A: Please Help Me, I'm Falling
B: My Old Home Town
RCA Ireland45-ERC 118819607"0 
Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires

A: A Mess Of Blues
B: The Girl Of My Best Friend
RCA Ireland45-ERC 119419607"0 
Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires

A: It's Now Or Never ( O Sole Mio)
B: Make Me Know It
RCA Ireland45-ERC 120719607"0 
Marilyn Michaels

A: Tell Tommy I Miss Him
B: Everyone Was There But You
RCA Ireland45-ERC 120819607"0 
Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires

A: Are You Lonesome Tonight
B: I Gotta Know
RCA Ireland45-ERC 121619607"010.0
Elvis Presley

A: Wooden Heart

Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires

B: Tonight Is So Right For Love
RCA Ireland45-ERC 122619607"0 
Don Gibson

A: Just One Time
B: I May Never Get To Heaven
RCA IrelandERC 118319607"0 
Elvis Presley

Strictly Elvis

A1: Old Shep
A2: Any Place Is Paradise
B1: Paralyzed
B2: It Is So Strange
RCA IrelandERCX 1751960EP0 
Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires

A: Surrender
B: Lonely Man
RCA Ireland45-ERC 122719617"1 
Floyd Cramer

A: On The Rebound
B: Mood Indigo
RCA Ireland45-ERC 123119617"0 
Floyd Cramer

A: San Antonio Rose
B: I Can Just Imagine
RCA Ireland45-ERC 124119617"0 
Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires

A: Wild In The Country

Elvis Presley

B: I Feel So Bad
RCA Ireland45-ERC 124419617"0 
Elvis Presley

A: (Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame
B: Little Sister
RCA Ireland45-ERC 125819617"0 
Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires

A: Rock-A-Hula Baby
B: Can't Help Falling In Love
RCA Ireland45-ERC 127019617"0 
Neil Sedaka

A: Little Devil
B: I Must Be Dreaming
RCA IrelandERC 123619617"1 
Neil Sedaka

A: Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen
B: Don't Lead Me On
RCA IrelandERC 126619617"0 
Don Gibson

Look Who's Blue

A1: Why Don't You Love Me
A2: Everybody But Me
B1: My Hands Are Tied
B2: The Streets Of Laredo
RCA IrelandERCX 2131961EP0 
Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires

A: Good Luck Charm
B: Anything That's Part Of You
RCA Ireland45-ERC 128019627"0 
Neil Sedaka

A: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
B: As Long As I Live
RCA Ireland45-ERC 129819627"09.0
Duane Eddy

A: Ballad Of Paladin
B: The Wild Westerner
RCA Ireland45-ERC 130019627"0 
Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires

A: She's Not You
B: Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello
RCA Ireland45-ERC 130319627"2 
The Tokens

A: I'll Do My Crying Tomorrow
B: Dream Angel Goodnight
RCA Ireland45-ERC 131319627"0 
Neil Sedaka

A: King Of Clowns
B: Walk With Me
RCA IrelandERC 128219627"0 
Don Gibson

A: I Can Mend Your Broken Heart
B: I Let Her Get Lonely
RCA IrelandERC 129719627"0 
Hank Locklin

A: We're Gonna Go Fishing
B: Welcome Home, Mister Blues
RCA IrelandERC 130519627"0 
Neil Sedaka

A: Next Door To An Angel
B: I Belong To You
RCA IrelandERC 131919627"0 
Elvis Presley

Follow That Dream

A1: Follow That Dream
A2: Angel
B1: What A Wonderful Life
B2: I'm Not The Marrying Kind
RCA IrelandERCX 2111962EP0 
Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires

Kid Galahad

A1: King Of The Whole Wide World
A2: This Is Living
A3: Riding The Rainbow
B1: The Home Is Where The Heart Is
B2: I Got Lucky
B3: A Whistling Tune
RCA IrelandERCX 71061962EP0 
Jim Reeves

Songs To Warm The Heart

A1: Just Call Me Lonesome
A2: Till The End Of The World
A3: How's The World Treating You
B1: Satan Can't Hold Me
B2: Am I Losing You ?
RCA IrelandERCX 173Feb 1962EP1 
Jim Reeves

Songs To Warm The Heart Vol 2

A1: A Fool Such As I
A2: Throw Another Log On The Fire
B1: Scarlet Ribbons
B2: Dear Hearts And Gentle People
RCA IrelandERCX 215Sep 1962EP0 
Clodagh Rodgers

A1: Jack In The Box
B1: Someone To Love Me
B2: Wind Of Change
RCA IrelandRCA 206619717"0 
David Bowie

A: Wild Is The Wind
B: Golden Years
RCA IrelandBOW 1019817"1 
Bucks Fizz

A: One Of Those Nights
B: Always Thinking Of You
RCA IrelandRCA 11419817"1 

A: Lock Up Your Daughters
B: Sign Of The Times
RCA IrelandRCA 12419817"1 

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