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RCA - Label Discography

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  USA  10120
  Australia  3062
  UK  1756
  Germany  941
  New Zealand  557
  Canada  483
  Netherlands  353
  Japan  327
  France  241
  Ireland  129
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Elvis Presley

A: A Little Less Conversation
B: Almost In Love
RCA JapanSS-1840Dec 19687"0 
Neil Sedaka

The Diary

A1: The Diary
A2: One Way Ticket
A3: Oh! Carol
B1: Calendar Girl
B2: Little Devil
RCA JapanSRA-59Jan 1969EP0 
The Equals

A: Police On My Back
B: Laurel And Hardy
RCA JapanSS-1845Jan 19697"0 
Sylvie Vartan

A: Irresistiblement
B: Je Suis Comme Ca
RCA JapanSS-1849Jan 19697"0 
Peggy March

A: Wasurenaiwa (I'll Never Forget You)
B: Koi No Yakusoku (Promise Of Love)
RCA JapanSS-1850Jan 19697"0 
Jack Wild

A: Consider Yourself

Mark Lester

B: Where Is Love?
RCA JapanSS-1857Jan 19697"010.0
Sandie Shaw

A: Those Were The Days
B: Everyday
RCA JapanSS-1858Jan 19697"0 
Jefferson Airplane

A: Crown Of Creation
B: Lather
RCA JapanSS-1854Feb 19697"0 
Jefferson Airplane

A1: Cushingura
A2: Greasy Heart
B1: Crown Of Creation
B2: Lather
RCA JapanSCP 1364Mar 1969EP0 
Per Qualche Dollaro In Piu'

E. Morricone E La Sua Orchestra

A1: Titoli
A2: Per Un Pugno Di Dollari

Orchestra Di L. Pagano

A3: Django

E. Morricone E La Sua Orchestra

B1: Per Qualche Dollaro In Piu'

H. Montenegro, His Orchestra And Chorus

B2: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
RCA JapanSRA-65Mar 1969EP0 
Elvis Presley

A: If I Can Dream
B: Edge Of Reality
RCA JapanSS-1860Mar 19697"0 
José Feliciano

A: The Star-Spangled Banner
B: And I Love Her
RCA JapanSS-1861Mar 19697"0 
Sam Cooke

A: Good Times
B: Frankie and Johnny
RCA JapanSS-1863Mar 19697"0 
The Monkees

A: Randy Scouse Git (Alternate Title)
B: Forget That Girl
RCA JapanSS-1866Apr 19697"3 
The Monkees

A: Tear Drop City
B: A Man Without A Dream
RCA JapanSS-18715 Apr 19697"1 
Jefferson Airplane

A1: Somebody To Love
B1: The Ballad Of You And Me And Pooniel
B2: Greasy Heart
RCA JapanSRA-69May 1969EP0 
Harmony Grass

A: Move In A Little Closer Baby
B: Happiness Is Toy Shaped
RCA JapanSS-1879Jun 19697"0 
Peggy March

A: Boom Bang A-Bang
B: Lilac Love
RCA JapanSS-1882Jul 19697"0 
The Monkees

A: Listen To The Band
B: Someday Man
RCA JapanSS-1889Aug 19697"010.0
Henry Rosso

A: Loin
B: Etude
RCA JapanSS-1876Sep 19697"0 
Elvis Presley

A: In The Ghetto
B: Any Day Now
RCA JapanSS-1896Sep 19697"0 
Zager And Evans

A: In The Year 2525
B: Little Kids
RCA JapanSS-1900Sep 19697"0 
Silk Road

A: Desert Aoi
B: House Of The Hill
RCA JapanJRT 1034Oct 19697"2 
The Guess Who

A: Laughing
B: Undun
RCA JapanSS-1906Nov 19697"0 

A: Everybody's Talkin'
B: Rainmaker
RCA JapanSS-1909Nov 19697"0 
The Archies

A: Sugar, Sugar
B: Melody Hill
RCA JapanSS-1910Dec 19697"59.0
The Monkees

A: Good Clean Fun
B: Mommy And Daddy
RCA JapanSS-1911Dec 19697"1 
Elvis Presley

A: Suspicious Minds
B: You'll Think Of Me
RCA JapanSS-1913Dec 19697"0 
Elvis Presley

A1: Jailhouse Rock
A2: Don't Be Cruel
A3: Hound Dog
B1: Heartbreak Hotel
B2: Love Me Tender
RCA JapanSRA-891970EP010.0
The Archies

A: Jingle Jangle
B: Justine
RCA JapanSS-192519707"0 
Michael Nesmith And The First National Band

A: Little Red Rider
B: Calico Girlfriend
RCA JapanSS-196019707"0 
Ron Dante

A: Let Me Bring You Up
B: How Do You Know
RCA JapanSS-197019707"0 

A: The Puppy Song
B: Sleep Late, My Lady Friend
RCA JapanSS-197919707"0 

A: Don't You Know (She Said Hello)
B: The Closer To You
RCA JapanSS-208519707"0 
Zager And Evans

A: Mr. Turnkey
B: Cary Lynn Javes
RCA JapanSS-1915Jan 19707"0 
Jefferson Airplane

A: Volunteers
B: We Can Be Together
RCA JapanSS 1922Feb 19707"010.0

A: I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City
B: Maybe
RCA JapanSS-1927Mar 19707"0 
Zager And Evans

A: Listen To The People
B: She Never Sleeps Beside Me
RCA JapanSS-1930Apr 19707"0 
The Guess Who

A: No Time
B: Proper Stranger
RCA JapanSS-1936May 19707"0 
Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires

A: Can't Help Falling In Love
B: Rock-A-Hula Baby
RCA JapanSS-19515 Jun 19707"1 
Guess Who

A: American Woman
B: No Sugar Tonight
RCA JapanSS-1946Jul 19707"0 
The Three Suns

A: High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me)
B: Theme From "The Proud Ones"
RCA JapanSS-2025Jul 19707"0 
The Monkees

A: Oh My My
B: I Love You Better
RCA JapanSS-1953Aug 19707"0 
Norman Greenbaum

A: Gondliers, Shakespeares, Overseers, Playboys And Bums
B: Daddy I Know
RCA JapanSS-1958Sep 19707"0 
The Guess Who

A: Hand Me Down World
B: Runnin' Down The Street
RCA JapanSS-1963Oct 19707"0 
Jefferson Airplane

A: Have You Seen The Saucers
B: Mexico
RCA JapanSS-1966Oct 19707"0 
P. K.Limited

A: Getting Straight (Title From The Film "Getting Straight")
B: Feelings (From The Film "Getting Straight")
RCA JapanSS-1969Nov 19707"0 
Sylvie Vartan

A: Irresistiblement
B: Un Enfant Sans Soleil
RCA JapanSS-1974Nov 19707"3 
Elvis Presley

A: You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
B: Patch It Up
RCA JapanSS-198225 Nov 19707"1 
Michael Nesmith And The First National Band

A: Joanne
B: One Rose
RCA JapanSS-1976Dec 19707"0 

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