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RCA Victor - Label Discography

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Elvis Presley

A: Ain't That Loving You Baby
B: Ask Me
RCA Victor Greece47G 10691958Special Edition 7"0 
Les Chakachas

A: Big Strong Madison
B: Madison 62
RCA Victor Greece47G 89319627"0 
Edoardo Vianello

A: O Mio Signore

Miranda Martino‎

B: Meglio Stasera
RCA Victor Greece47G 100719637"0 
Alain Barriere

A: Elle Etait Si Jolie
B: Cathy
RCA Victor Greece47G 97919637"0 
Elvis Presley

A: Kissin Cousins
B: One Boy Two Little Girls
RCA Victor Greece47G 10351964Special Edition 7"1 
Elvis Presley

A: Crying In The Chapel
B: I Believe In The Man In The Sky
RCA Victor Greece47G 11271965Special Edition 7"0 
Σπύρος Σκορδίλης - Νταϊνά Λένα

A: Άπονη Ζωή
B: Υπομονή
RCA Victor Greece52G 453119657"2 
The Mama's And The Papa's

A: California Dreamin´
B: Somebody Groovy
RCA Victor Greece47G 120419667"09.0
Johnny Kendall And The Heralds

A: See See Rider
B: Jezebel
RCA Victor Greece47G 120919667"0 
Gianni Morandi

A: Mi Vedrai Tornare
B: La Fisarmonica
RCA Victor Greece47G 121419667"08.0
The Mama's And The Papa's

A: Monday, Monday
B: Got A Feelin'
RCA Victor Greece47G 121519667"08.0
The Mama's And The Papa's

A: Monday, Monday
B: Got A Feelin'
RCA Victor Greece47G 12151966Special Edition 7"0 
Jimmy Fontana

A: Guantanamera
B: Corri (Cozzi)
RCA Victor Greece47G 127419667"08.0
The Monkees

A: I´m A Believer
B: (I´m Not Your) Steppin´ Stone
RCA Victor Greece47G 127819667"310.0
Alba Aris And The Olympics

"Orchestre" Aris - Alba

A: Alba's Shake
B: Un Francaise En Grece
RCA Victor Greece50 G 400719667"08.0
Play Boys

A: Do I Love You
B: Operation ''Blue Sky''
RCA Victor Greece50G 401219667"0 

A: Yesterday Man
B: Vita Mia
RCA Victor Greece50G 401519667"0 
Play Boys

A: Μεσάνυχτα Στη Ρόδο
B: Ζητώ Να Βρώ μια Αγάπη
RCA Victor Greece50G 401719667"09.0
Μάρω Κοντού

A: Είχα Υπόληψη
B: Τι Να Πρωτοθυμηθώ
RCA Victor GreeceA G 119667"0 
The Vikings [Greece]

A: Every Thing Is All Right
B: Francoise
RCA Victor Greece401619677"09.0
The Senate

A: Hush
B: Fire
RCA Victor Greece46G 5006319677"0 
Ennio Morricone

A: Per Qualche Dollaro In Piu
B: La Resa Dei Conti
RCA Victor Greece47G 127619677"09.0
The Monkees

A: A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You
B: The Girl I Knew Somewhere
RCA Victor Greece47G 131319677"1 
Jimmy Fontana

A: La Mia Serenata
B: Per Vivere Insieme
RCA Victor Greece47G 132619677"0 
Jefferson Airplane

A: Somebody To Love
B: She Has Funny Cars
RCA Victor Greece47G 133119677"19.0
The Monkees

A: Pleasant Valley Sunday
B: Words
RCA Victor Greece47G 133719677"1 
The Monkees

A: Alternate Title (Randy Scouse Git)
B: Forget That Girl
RCA Victor Greece47G 133919677"0 
The Vikings [Greece]

A: Επιστροφή
B: Louise
RCA Victor Greece50G 402619677"0 
The Rokes

A: Eccola Di Nuovo
B: Ricordo Quando Ero Bambino
RCA Victor GreeceSKAW-2362219677"0 
The Monkees

A: D.W. Washburn
B: It's Nice To Be With You
RCA Victor Greece44G 5200419687"1 
The Spectrum

A: Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
B: Music Soothes The Savage Beast
RCA Victor Greece46G 5005419687"0 
Graham Gouldman

A: The Impossible Years
B: No Milk Today
RCA Victor Greece47G 135019687"0 
Jefferson Airplane

A: Crown Of Creation
B: Lather
RCA Victor Greece47G 136719687"0 
The Vikings [Greece]

A: Catherine
B: I'm Tryin'
RCA Victor Greece50G 402419687"08.0
Alba Aris And The Olympics

A: Στη μαμά μου θα το πω
B: Δεν έχω καρδιά
RCA Victor Greece50 G 402519687"07.5
Willie And The Red Rubber Band

A: Chicky-Chicky Boom Boom
B: Mary Jane
RCA Victor Greece47G 13719697"09.5
Camel [Sopworth Camel]

A: Can't Be So Bad
B: Evil Woman
RCA Victor Greece47G 139319697"1 
The Spectrum

A: Free
B: London Bridge Is Coming Down
RCA Victor Greece5007319697"0 
The Guess Who

A: No Time
B: Proper Stranger
RCA Victor Greece47G 138919707"0 
The Guess Who

A: American Woman
B: No Sugar Tonight
RCA Victor Greece47G 139019707"0 

A: Ο Ζητιάνος
B: Πάντα Εσύ
RCA Victor GreeceRC 100119717"0 
Μάικ Ροζάκις

A: Εγωισμός
B: Δάκρυα Στα Μάτια
RCA Victor GreeceRC 100719737"0 
Μάικ Ροζάκις

A: Εγωισμός
B: Δάκρυα στα μάτια
RCA Victor GreeceRC 100719737"0 

A: Τί Μου Συμβαίνει Λοιπόν (Stuck In The Middle With You)
B: Ποιός Σου Είπε (Finders Keepers)
RCA Victor GreeceRC 100819747"09.0
Μάικ Ροζάκις

A: Προβλήματα
B: Ποιός Μπορεί Να Ξέρη
RCA Victor GreeceRC 100919747"0 

A: Mr. Money
B: Casanova
RCA Victor GreeceYEPBO 20919747"0 
Orchestre Aris - Alba

A: Amour Perdu (Blues)
B: Nicolassa (Yanka)
RCA Victor Greece40007"0 
Patty Pravo

A: La Bambola
B: Se C'È L'Amore
RCA Victor Greece46G 500317"09.0
Patty Pravo

A: Gli Occhi Dell'Amore
B: Sentimento
RCA Victor Greece46G 500397"0 
Elvis Presley With The Amigos

A: Vino, Dinero Y Amor

Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires And The Amigos

B: Marguerita
RCA Victor Greece47G 10197"27.0

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