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RCA Victor - Label Discography

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Alice Cavell

A: I Love You - Part 1
B: I Love You - Part 2
RCA Victor USA47-6207Jul 19557"0 
Hawkshaw Hawkins

A: The Love You Steal
B: Car Hoppin' Mama
RCA Victor USA47-6211Jul 19557"0 
The Ames Brothers

A: So Will I
B: My Bonnie Lassie
RCA Victor USA47-6208Aug 19557"0 
Hank Locklin

A: Who Am I To Cast The First Stone
B: These Ruins Belong To You
RCA Victor USA47-6242Sep 19557"0 
Jeannie Carson

A: Greener Pastures
B: Oudt Comes Oom-Pa-Pa
RCA Victor USA47-6248Sep 19557"1 
Country All-Stars

A: The Vacation Train
B: Do Something
RCA Victor USA47-6255Sep 19557"0 
Terry Fell

A: I Nearly Go Crazy
B: That's What I Like
RCA Victor USA47-6256Sep 19557"1 
Vaughn Monroe With Chorus And Orchestra

A: Black Denim Trousers And Motorcycle Boots
B: All By Myself
RCA Victor USA47-6260Sep 19557"1 
The Coquettes

A: Hush Hush Love Affair
B: What A Shame
RCA Victor USA47-6262Sep 19557"0 
Eddie Fisher

A: Magic Fingers
B: I Wanna Go Where You Go, Do What You Do (Then I'll Be Happy)
RCA Victor USA47-6264Sep 19557"0 
The Burton Sisters

A: I Am So Glad
B: The $64,000 Question (Do You Love Me)
RCA Victor USA47-6265Sep 19557"0 
Perry Como

So Smooth

A1: It's A Good Day
A2: As Time Goes By
B1: One For My Baby
B2: In The Still Of The Night
C1: For Me And My Gal
C2: I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues
D1: Breezin' Along With The Breeze
D2: You Do Something To Me
RCA Victor USAEPB 1085Sep 1955Double Pack0 
Perez Prado And His Orchestra

A: Pretty Doll - Mambo Culeta (Que Linda Nena)
B: La Macarena (The Bullfighter)
RCA Victor USA47-6277Oct 19557"1 
Dick Williams

A: Livin' It Up
B: Robber
RCA Victor USA47-6278Oct 19557"1 
Jaye P. Morgan

A: Pepper-Hot Baby
B: If You Don't Want My Love
RCA Victor USA47-6282Oct 19557"2 
Dave Burton

A: Where It Hurts The Most
B: Ooba-Ooba-Ooba
RCA Victor USA47-6284Oct 19557"0 
Mike Pedicin Quintet

A: Jackpot
B: When The Cats Come Marching In
RCA Victor USA47-6285Oct 19557"0 
Tony Alamo

A: Girlie, Girlie, Girlie
B: I Wrote A Song For Your Birthday (The Birthday Song)
RCA Victor USA47-6288Oct 19557"0 
Porter Wagoner

A: Eat, Drink And Be Merry (Tomorrow You'll Cry)
B: Let's Squiggle
RCA Victor USA47-6289Oct 19557"0 
The Davis Sisters

A: Baby Be Mine
B: It's The Girl Who Gets The Blame
RCA Victor USA47-6291Oct 19557"0 
Martha Carson

A: Laugh A Little More
B: Let The Light Shine On Me
RCA Victor USA47-6293Oct 19557"0 
Hawkshaw Hawkins

A: Standing At The End Of My World
B: I Gotta Have You
RCA Victor USA47-6298Oct 19557"2 
Mike Pedicin Quintet

A: You Gotta Go
B: The Banjo Rock
RCA Victor USA47-6235Nov 19557"0 
Eddy Arnold

A: The Richest Man (In The World)
B: I Walked Alone Last Night
RCA Victor USA47-6290Nov 19557"1 
Charline Arthur

A: Burn That Candle
B: How Many Would There Be?
RCA Victor USA47-6297Nov 19557"0 
Bobby Dukoff His Tenor Sax With Orchestra And Chorus

A: Drifting And Dreaming
B: Choombi
RCA Victor USA47-6306Nov 19557"1 
Eartha Kitt With Henri Rene And His Orchestra

A: Nothin' For Christmas
B: Je Cherche Un Homme (I Want A Man)
RCA Victor USA47-6319Nov 19557"0 
The Ames Brothers

A: The Next Time It Happens
B: My Love, Your Love
RCA Victor USA47-6323Nov 19557"0 
Elton Britt

A: Uranium Fever
B: St. James Avenue
RCA Victor USA47-6325Nov 19557"1 
Dave Rich

A: I Forgot
B: I Think I'm Gonna Die
RCA Victor USA47-6327Nov 19557"1 
Jaye P. Morgan

A: My Bewildered Heart
B: Not One Goodbye
RCA Victor USA47-6329Nov 19557"0 
'Nita, Rita, And Ruby

A: Hi De Ank Tum
B: Jimmy Unknown
RCA Victor USA47-6332Nov 19557"17.0
Eddie Fisher

A: Dungaree Doll
B: Everybody's Got A Home But Me
RCA Victor USA47-6337Nov 19557"1 
Ralph Flanagan And His Orchestra

A: Flanagan's Boogie
B: My Souvenir
RCA Victor USA47-6338Nov 19557"0 
The Singing Dogs

A1: Pat-A-Cake
A2: Three Blind Mice
A3: Jingle Bells
B1: Oh! Susanna
RCA Victor USA47-6344Nov 19557"5 
Steve Gibson And His Red Caps

A: How I Cry
B: Bobbin
RCA Victor USA47-6345Nov 19557"09.0
Hank Locklin

A: Why Baby Why
B: Love Or Spite
RCA Victor USA47-6347Dec 19557"0 
Skeeter Bonn

A: Rock-A-Bye Baby
B: There's No Use Now
RCA Victor USA47-6352Dec 19557"0 
Terry Fell

A: What Am I Worth
B: That´s The Way The Big Ball Bounces
RCA Victor USA47-6353Dec 19557"0 
Vaughn Monroe With Chorus And Orchestra

A: Don't Go To Strangers
B: Steel Guitar
RCA Victor USA47-6358Dec 19557"0 
Kay Starr

A: Rock And Roll Waltz
B: I've Changed My Mind A Thousand Times
RCA Victor USA47-6359Dec 19557"2 
Mike Pedicin Quintet

A: The Large Large House
B: Hotter Than A Pistol
RCA Victor USA47-6369Dec 19557"0 
Tito Puente And His Orchestra

A: Everlasting Love (Por Tu Amor)
B: Vibe Cha-cha
RCA Victor USA47-6370Dec 19557"0 
Mimi Martel

A: Pity Me
B: Someone Threw The Frying Pan Away
RCA Victor USA47-6371Dec 19557"0 
Sophia Loren

A: Woman Of The River (Mambo Bacán)
B: Nyves - Mambo Suby
RCA Victor USA47-6385Dec 19557"1 
Dorothy Olsen, The Singing School Teacher

A: The Little White Duck
B: The Fox
RCA Victor USA47-6387Dec 19557"1 
Hawkshaw Hawkins

A: If It Ain't On The Menu
B: Borrowing
RCA Victor USA47-6396Dec 19557"3 
Elvis Presley, Scotty And Bill

A: I Forgot To Remember To Forget
B: Mystery Train
RCA Victor USA47-63572 Dec 19557"19.5
The Turtles [50s]

A: Say You Care
B: Mystery Train
RCA Victor USA47-63565 Dec 19557"1 
Elvis Presley

A: That's All Right
B: Blue Moon Of Kentucky
RCA Victor USA47-638020 Dec 19557"110.0

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