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RCA Victor - Label Discography

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Six Fat Dutchmen

A: The Jolly Swiss Boys
B: Little Fisheran's Waltz
RCA Victor USA47-604619557"0 
Skeeter Bonn

A: Number One In Your Heart
B: Conscience (Set Me Free)
RCA Victor USA47-605219557"0 
The Burton Sisters

A: Doin' The French Can-Can
B: Divided Love
RCA Victor USA47-605819557"0 
Hugo Winterhalter And Henri Rene

A: Enchantment

Henri Rene And Hugo Winterhalter

B: Crystal Chandelier
RCA Victor USA47-607619557"0 
Kay Starr

A: Foolishly Yours
B: For Better Or Worse
RCA Victor USA47-607919557"0 
The Coquettes

A: Butterfingers
B: Leave My Heart
RCA Victor USA47-608119557"1 
Grandpa Jones And Minnie Pearl

A: Spring Fever

Minnie Pearl And Grandpa Jones

B: Matrimony Ridge
RCA Victor USA47-608819557"0 
Johnnie And Jack, The Tennessee Mountain Boys

A: No One Dear But You
B: We Live In Two Different Worlds
RCA Victor USA47-609419557"0 
Eddie Fisher With Hugo Winterhalter's Orchestra And Chorus

This Is His Life

A: Heart
B: Near To You
RCA Victor USA47-609719557"0 
Darrell Glenn

A: Run Little Echo (Please Run To My Love)
B: Banjo Mambo
RCA Victor USA47-610719557"0 
Charline Arthur

A: For Old Times' Sake
B: Soft Hearted Gal
RCA Victor USA47-612019557"0 
Jayne And Audrey Meadows

A: Hot Potato
B: Japanese Rhumba
RCA Victor USA47-613219557"1 
Lou Monte

This Is His Life

A: Bella Notte
B: With You Beside Me
RCA Victor USA47-613319557"0 
Ralph Flanagan And His Orchestra

A: Sweetheart Of Sigma Chi
B: On The Beat
RCA Victor USA47-614119557"0 
The Coquettes

A: Crew Cut And Baby Blue Eyes
B: That Naughty Waltz
RCA Victor USA47-614319557"0 
The Three Haircuts

This Is Their Life

A: You Are So Rare To Me
B: Goin' Crazy
RCA Victor USA47-614919557"3 
Stuart Hamblen

A: Lord I'll Try
B: Lonesome Valley
RCA Victor USA47-615219557"0 
The Voices Of Walter Schumann

A: The Man From Laramie
B: Let Me Hear You Whisper
RCA Victor USA47-615719557"0 
Betty Johnson

A: Give Me Something I Can Dream About
B: That's Happiness
RCA Victor USA47-615819557"0 
Don Winters

A: Look What Happened
B: Forgive My Mistakes
RCA Victor USA47-616419557"0 
Terri Stevens

"This Is Her Life"

A: Why Am I To Blame?
B: What Am I Trying To Forget
RCA Victor USA47-616519557"0 
Chet Atkins And His Other Guitar

A: Somebody Stole My Gal
B: Shine On Harvest Moon
RCA Victor USA47-619919557"0 
Charline Arthur

A: Honey Bun
B: Kiss The Baby Goodnight
RCA Victor USA47-620419557"0 
Perez Prado And His Orchestra

"This Is His Life"

A: Crazy... Crazy...
B: Moitor Mambo
RCA Victor USA47-621419557"0 
June Valli

"This Is Her Life"

A: Oh! My Love (Keep Your Dreams Just For Me)
B: A Kiss Like Yours
RCA Victor USA47-621519557"0 
The Leathernecks

A: Slow Train Blues
B: Viennese Lantern
RCA Victor USA47-622519557"1 
Sunny Gale

This Is Her Life

A: Soldier Boy
B: Certainly Baby
RCA Victor USA47-622719557"0 
Louie Bashell And His Silk Umbrella Orchestra

A: The Firehouse Polka
B: Miami Beach Rumba
RCA Victor USA47-623019557"0 
Elton Britt

A: The Alpine Milkman
B: Shame
RCA Victor USA47-623219557"0 
Pee Wee King And His Band

A: Seven Come Eleven
B: Farewell Blues
RCA Victor USA47-623319557"0 
Alma Cogan

A: Got'n Idea
B: Give A Fool A Chance
RCA Victor USA47-623619557"0 
Hugo Winterhalter's Orchestra And Chorus

"This Is His Life"

A: The Oranges Of Jaffa
B: Kiki
RCA Victor USA47-623719557"0 
Homer And Jethro

A: Yaller Rose Of Texas, You-All
B: Listen To The Gooney Bird
RCA Victor USA47-624119557"0 
The Rhythmettes

A: The Bridge Of Love
B: Show Me The Way
RCA Victor USA47-624419557"2 
Eartha Kitt

A: Nobody Taught Me
B: Sho-Jo-Ji (The Hungry Raccoon)
RCA Victor USA47-624519557"0 
Kay Starr

A: Without A Song
B: Home Sweet Home On The Range
RCA Victor USA47-624719557"2 
Harry Belafonte

A: Hello Everybody
B: Troubles
RCA Victor USA47-624919557"0 
Tim Kirby

"This Is His Life"

A: She
B: Do You Believe
RCA Victor USA47-625319557"0 
June Valli

A: The Things They Say
B: Por Favor (Please)
RCA Victor USA47-625819557"0 
Grandpa Jones

A: What Has She Got
B: The Champion
RCA Victor USA47-626319557"0 
Dinah Shore

A: Love And Marriage
B: Compare
RCA Victor USA47-626619557"0 
The Three Suns

A: Cha Cha Joe
B: Arrivederci Roma (Goodbye To Rome)
RCA Victor USA47-627319557"0 
The Sons Of The Pioneers

A: Yaller Yaller Gold
B: King Of The River
RCA Victor USA47-627619557"0 
Eddie Hill

A: Black Denim Trousers And Motorcycle Boots
B: Someday You'll Call My Nane
RCA Victor USA47-627919557"1 
Nilla Pizzi

"This Is Her Life"

A: Arrivederci Roma (Goodbye To Rome)
B: Canzone Doce (Sweet Song)
RCA Victor USA47-628019557"0 
Damita Jo

A: Freehearted
B: Always
RCA Victor USA47-628119557"0 
Sunny Gale

A: C'est La Vie
B: Looking Glass
RCA Victor USA47-628619557"0 
Perry Como

A: All At Once You Love Her
B: The Rose Tattoo
RCA Victor USA47-629419557"1 
Jimmie Rodgers Snow And His Tennessee Playboys

A: Bee-Line
B: The Meanest Thing In The World Is The Blues
RCA Victor USA47-630319557"0 
Jack Turner

A: Nightmare
B: LIttle Boy, Why Do You Weep!
RCA Victor USA47-630519557"2 

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