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RCA Victor - Label Discography

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Damita Jo With Steve Gibson And The Red Caps

A: Feelin' Kinda Happy

Steve Gibson And His Red Caps

B: Nuff Of That Stuff
RCA Victor USA47-6096Apr 19557"010.0
Noro Morales And His Orchestra

A: Tremble, Tremble, Tremble
B: Easy Does It
RCA Victor USA47-6098Apr 19557"0 
The Burton Sisters

A: Wabash Blues
B: Please Don't Touch
RCA Victor USA47-6104Apr 19557"0 
Wade Ray And His Cow Town Five

A: Dipsey Doodle
B: A Sentimental Journey
RCA Victor USA47-6110Apr 19557"0 
The Ames Brothers

A: Gotta Be This Or That
B: Southern Cross
RCA Victor USA47-6117Apr 19557"06.0
Joe Reisman And His Orchestra And Chorus

A: Bo Diddley

Joe Reisman And His Orchestra

B: Bubble Boogie
RCA Victor USA47-6121Apr 19557"1 
Perez Prado And His Orchestra

A: Whatever Lola Wants (Lola Gets)
B: Dilo
RCA Victor USA47-6122Apr 19557"0 
Sons Of The Pioneers

A: The Three Of Us
B: The Tennessee Rock And Roll
RCA Victor USA47-6123Apr 19557"0 
´Nita, Rita And Ruby

A: Lovey Lips
B: Give Me Love
RCA Victor USA47-6124Apr 19557"0 
Chet Atkins And His Guitar With The Anita Kerr Singers

A: Hey, Mr. Guitar (Hey, Mr. Banjo)

Chet Atkins And His Guitar

B: Unchained Melody
RCA Victor USA47-610829 Apr 19557"0 
Kay Starr

A: Good And Lonesome
B: Where, What Or When
RCA Victor USA47-4146May 19557"0 
Porter Wagoner

A: A Satisfied Mind
B: Itchin' For My Baby
RCA Victor USA47-6105May 19557"0 
The Prairie Choir With Darol Rice’s Orchestra

A: Army Of The Lord
B: Shake The Hand Of A Stranger
RCA Victor USA47-6119May 19557"0 
Sonny Graham

A: A Stairway To The Moon
B: I Don't See Me In Your Eyes Anymore
RCA Victor USA47-6126May 19557"0 
Jimmie Rodgers Snow And His Tennessee Playboys

A: Someone Else's Heartache
B: The Flame Of Love
RCA Victor USA47-6130May 19557"0 
Eddie Hill

A: Smack Dab In The Middle
B: 'Cause I Have You
RCA Victor USA47-6136May 19557"0 
Perry Como And Jaye P. Morgan

A: Chee Chee-Oo Chee (Sang The Little Bird)
B: Two Lost Souls
RCA Victor USA47-6137May 19557"08.0
Eartha Kitt And Pérez Prado

A: Fredy
B: Sweet And Gentle (Me Lo Dijo Adela)
RCA Victor USA47-6138May 19557"0 
Mike Pedicin Quintet

A: Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum
B: The Hot Barcarolle
RCA Victor USA47-6150Jun 19557"0 
Hank Snow, The Singing Ranger And His Rainbow Ranch Boys

A: Cryin', Prayin', Waitin', Hopin'
B: I'm Glad I Got To See You Once Again
RCA Victor USA47-6154Jun 19557"0 
The Ames Brothers

A: Wrong Again
B: Merci Beaucoup
RCA Victor USA47-6156Jun 19557"17.0
Sunny Gale

A: Constantly
B: A Little You
RCA Victor USA47-6160Jun 19557"0 
Pee Wee King

A: Nevermind
B: Beauty Is As Beauty Does
RCA Victor USA47-6162Jun 19557"0 
Tony Martin

A: What's The Time In Nicaragua
B: Domani
RCA Victor USA47-6167Jun 19557"0 
Hank Locklin

A: You're Out Of Step (With The Beat Of My Heart)
B: Your Heart Is An Island
RCA Victor USA47-6170Jun 19557"0 
Eddy Arnold

A: The Cattle Call
B: The Kentuckian Song
RCA Victor USA47-6139Jul 19557"38.0
Lena Horne

A: It's Love
B: It's All Right With Me
RCA Victor USA47-6175Jul 19557"0 
Jaye P. Morgan

A: The Longest Walk
B: Swanee
RCA Victor USA47-6182Jul 19557"0 
Damita Jo

A: In My Heart
B: Abracadabra
RCA Victor USA47-6185Jul 19557"1 
The Burton Sisters

A: Piddily Patter Patter
B: The Others I Like
RCA Victor USA47-6186Jul 19557"0 
Jimmie Rodgers Snow And His Tennessee Playboys

A: Go Back You Fool
B: I Care No More
RCA Victor USA47-6189Jul 19557"0 
Perry Como

A: Fooled
B: Tina Marie
RCA Victor USA47-6192Jul 19557"1 
Eddie Fisher

A: Song Of The Dreamer
B: Don't Stay Away Too Long
RCA Victor USA47-6196Jul 19557"4 
Eddy Arnold And His Guitar

A: Just Call Me Lonesome
B: That Do Make It Nice
RCA Victor USA47-6198Jul 19557"0 
Rossano Brazzi

A: Summertime In Venice
B: Believe In Me
RCA Victor USA47-6201Jul 19557"1 
The Three Suns

A: Satan Takes A Holiday
B: You And You Alone
RCA Victor USA47-6202Jul 19557"0 
Alice Cavell

A: I Love You - Part 1
B: I Love You - Part 2
RCA Victor USA47-6207Jul 19557"0 
Hawkshaw Hawkins

A: The Love You Steal
B: Car Hoppin' Mama
RCA Victor USA47-6211Jul 19557"0 
The Ames Brothers

A: So Will I
B: My Bonnie Lassie
RCA Victor USA47-6208Aug 19557"0 
Hank Locklin

A: Who Am I To Cast The First Stone
B: These Ruins Belong To You
RCA Victor USA47-6242Sep 19557"0 
Jeannie Carson

A: Greener Pastures
B: Oudt Comes Oom-Pa-Pa
RCA Victor USA47-6248Sep 19557"1 
Country All-Stars

A: The Vacation Train
B: Do Something
RCA Victor USA47-6255Sep 19557"0 
Terry Fell

A: I Nearly Go Crazy
B: That's What I Like
RCA Victor USA47-6256Sep 19557"1 
Vaughn Monroe With Chorus And Orchestra

A: Black Denim Trousers And Motorcycle Boots
B: All By Myself
RCA Victor USA47-6260Sep 19557"1 
The Coquettes

A: Hush Hush Love Affair
B: What A Shame
RCA Victor USA47-6262Sep 19557"0 
Eddie Fisher

A: Magic Fingers
B: I Wanna Go Where You Go, Do What You Do (Then I'll Be Happy)
RCA Victor USA47-6264Sep 19557"0 
The Burton Sisters

A: I Am So Glad
B: The $64,000 Question (Do You Love Me)
RCA Victor USA47-6265Sep 19557"0 
Perry Como

So Smooth

A1: It's A Good Day
A2: As Time Goes By
B1: One For My Baby
B2: In The Still Of The Night
C1: For Me And My Gal
C2: I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues
D1: Breezin' Along With The Breeze
D2: You Do Something To Me
RCA Victor USAEPB 1085Sep 1955Double Pack0 
Perez Prado And His Orchestra

A: Pretty Doll - Mambo Culeta (Que Linda Nena)
B: La Macarena (The Bullfighter)
RCA Victor USA47-6277Oct 19557"1 
Dick Williams

A: Livin' It Up
B: Robber
RCA Victor USA47-6278Oct 19557"1 

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