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RCA Victor - Label Discography

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Steve Gibson And His Red Caps

A: How I Cry
B: Bobbin
RCA Victor USA47-6345Nov 19557"09.0
Hank Locklin

A: Why Baby Why
B: Love Or Spite
RCA Victor USA47-6347Dec 19557"0 
Skeeter Bonn

A: Rock-A-Bye Baby
B: There's No Use Now
RCA Victor USA47-6352Dec 19557"0 
Terry Fell

A: What Am I Worth
B: That´s The Way The Big Ball Bounces
RCA Victor USA47-6353Dec 19557"0 
Vaughn Monroe With Chorus And Orchestra

A: Don't Go To Strangers
B: Steel Guitar
RCA Victor USA47-6358Dec 19557"0 
Kay Starr

A: Rock And Roll Waltz
B: I've Changed My Mind A Thousand Times
RCA Victor USA47-6359Dec 19557"2 
Mike Pedicin Quintet

A: The Large Large House
B: Hotter Than A Pistol
RCA Victor USA47-6369Dec 19557"0 
Tito Puente And His Orchestra

A: Everlasting Love (Por Tu Amor)
B: Vibe Cha-cha
RCA Victor USA47-6370Dec 19557"0 
Mimi Martel

A: Pity Me
B: Someone Threw The Frying Pan Away
RCA Victor USA47-6371Dec 19557"0 
Sophia Loren

A: Woman Of The River (Mambo Bacán)
B: Nyves - Mambo Suby
RCA Victor USA47-6385Dec 19557"1 
Dorothy Olsen, The Singing School Teacher

A: The Little White Duck
B: The Fox
RCA Victor USA47-6387Dec 19557"1 
Hawkshaw Hawkins

A: If It Ain't On The Menu
B: Borrowing
RCA Victor USA47-6396Dec 19557"3 
Elvis Presley, Scotty And Bill

A: I Forgot To Remember To Forget
B: Mystery Train
RCA Victor USA47-63572 Dec 19557"19.5
The Turtles [50s]

A: Say You Care
B: Mystery Train
RCA Victor USA47-63565 Dec 19557"1 
Elvis Presley

A: That's All Right
B: Blue Moon Of Kentucky
RCA Victor USA47-638020 Dec 19557"110.0
Elvis Presley

A: Good Rockin' Tonight
B: I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine
RCA Victor USA47-638120 Dec 19557"010.0
Elvis Presley

A: You're A Heartbreaker
B: Milkcow Blues Boogie
RCA Victor USA47-638220 Dec 19557"7 
Elvis Presley

A: Baby Let's Play House
B: I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone
RCA Victor USA47-638320 Dec 19557"0 
Eddy Arnold And His Guitar

A: Trouble In Mind
B: When You Said Goodbye
RCA Victor USA47-636519567"0 
Chet Atkins

A: Jean's Song
B: Honey
RCA Victor USA47-636619567"2 
Jimmie Rodgers [Country]

A: Never No Mo' Blues
B: Daddy And Home
RCA Victor USA47-640819567"0 
Julius La Rosa

A: Lipstick And Candy And Rubbersole Shoes
B: Winter In New England
RCA Victor USA47-641619567"18.0
Otto Bash

A: Lookout Mountain
B: Later Alligator
RCA Victor USA47-642619567"0 
The Country Partners

A: Ever-Ready Kisses
B: The Maple On The Hill
RCA Victor USA47-643319567"0 
Bob Corley

A: Bermuda Bound
B: Jury Duty
RCA Victor USA47-643819567"0 
Jayne And Audrey Meadows

A: Dear Ralph
B: Dungaree Dan And Chino Sue
RCA Victor USA47-644719567"0 
Jimmie Komack

A: The Way She Talks
B: Vibrations
RCA Victor USA47-645219567"0 
Bud Isaacs

A: Boing!
B: Westphalia Waltz
RCA Victor USA47-645619567"0 
Harry Belafonte

The Best Of Belafonte

A: The Blues Is Man (Part I)
B: The Blues Is Man (Part II)
RCA Victor USA47-645819567"0 
Dylan Todd

A: The Ballad Of James Dean
B: More Precious Than Gold
RCA Victor USA47-646319567"0 
Eddie Fisher

A: No Other One
B: Without You
RCA Victor USA47-647019567"0 
Buddy Bregman And His Orchestra

A: Picnic
B: Riviera
RCA Victor USA47-647119567"0 
Skeeter Bonn

A: Somebody New
B: The Yodeling Bird
RCA Victor USA47-647319567"0 
The Holy Notes

A: Gonna Trade My Cross For A Crown
B: It Is Well With My Soul
RCA Victor USA47-647519567"0 
Perez Prado And His Orchestra

A: Tomorrow I Will Live
B: The Story Of Love (Historia De Un Amor)
RCA Victor USA47-647719567"0 
Sunny Gale

A: Rock And Roll Wedding
B: Winner Take All
RCA Victor USA47-647919567"0 
George Gobel

A: Bright Red Convertible
B: The Birds And The Bees
RCA Victor USA47-648319567"1 
Dorothy Olsen

A: I'll Be Waiting Up For You
B: A Smile May Hide A Breakin' Heart
RCA Victor USA47-648419567"0 
Tony Martin

A: Walk Hand In Hand
B: Flamenco Love
RCA Victor USA47-649319567"1 
Esquivel And His Orchestra

A: Nightingale
B: Jungle Drums
RCA Victor USA47-649619567"2 
Hank Snow And Anita Carter With The Rainbow Ranch Boys

A: Keep Your Promise, Willie Thomas
B: It's You, Only You, That I Love
RCA Victor USA47-650019567"0 
Sons Of The Pioneers

A: The Searchers (Ride Away)
B: Song Of The Prodigal
RCA Victor USA47-650719567"0 
Hawkshaw Hawkins

A: It Would Be A Doggone Lie
B: Sunny Side Of The Mountain
RCA Victor USA47-650919567"0 
Joe Reisman And His Orchestra

A: Rock And Roll Rhapsody

Joe Reisman's Orchestra And Chorus

B: Broadway At Basin Street
RCA Victor USA47-652619567"0 
Eddie Fisher

A: On The Street Where You Live
B: Sweet Heartaches
RCA Victor USA47-652919567"0 
Toni Arden

A: Believe In Love
B: How Sweet My Love
RCA Victor USA47-653619567"0 
Kay Starr

A: Second Fiddle
B: Love Ain't Right
RCA Victor USA47-654119567"0 
Tony Cabot And His Orchestra

A: (Rock, Rock) The Ukelele Roll
B: Reaching For The Moon
RCA Victor USA47-654919567"0 
Chet Atkins

A: Cecelia
B: The Lady Loves
RCA Victor USA47-655019567"0 
Buddy Bregman

A: Tango Americano
B: Bayou Chant
RCA Victor USA47-655319567"0 

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