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RCA Victor - Label Discography

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The Three Suns

A: In A Persian Market
B: Hora Staccato
RCA Victor USA47-384519507"0 
Ray McKinley And His Orchestra

A: Rockabye The Boogie (Put The Eight Beats To Bed)

Ray McKinley And Some Of The Boys

B: Boogie Woogie Washerwoman
RCA Victor USA47-384919507"0 
Perry Como With Mixed Chorus Conducted By Mitchel Ayres And Organ Accompaniment

A: Bless This House

Perry Como With Women's Choir Conducted By Mitchel Ayres And Organ Accompaniment

B: The Rosary
RCA Victor USA47-385019507"0 
The Fontane Sisters

A: Can't We Talk It Over
B: I Had A Talk With The Wind And The Rain
RCA Victor USA47-387119507"0 
Wayne King And His Orchestra

A: Waltz Of The Wind
B: Lonesome - That's All
RCA Victor USA47-387219507"0 
Tony Martin

A: Music, Maestro, Please
B: The Big Dipper
RCA Victor USA47-388319507"0 
Don Cornell

A: I Need You So
B: It Couldn't Happen To A Sweeter Girl (It Couldn't Happen To A Nicer Guy)
RCA Victor USA47-388419507"0 
Ralph Flanagan And His Orchestra

A: Mona Lisa
B: Toreador
RCA Victor USA47-388819507"0 
Freddy Martin And His Orchestra

A: Rumbalero
B: Did-EE, Did-EE, Do Right By You
RCA Victor USA47-389219507"1 
Frankie Carle And His Orchestra

A: Let's Do It Again
B: Don't Make Me Sorry
RCA Victor USA47-389919507"0 
Ralph Flanagan And His Orchestra

A: The Red We Want Is The Red We've Got (In The Old Red, White And Blue)
B: Nevertheless
RCA Victor USA47-390419507"0 
Don Cornell

A: Au Revoir Again
B: A Whistle And A Prayer
RCA Victor USA47-390919507"0 
Tommy Dorsey And His Orchestra

A: It All Begins And Ends With You
B: Lullaby In Boogie
RCA Victor USA47-391019507"0 
Spike Jones And His City Slickers

A: Yes! We Have No Bananas
B: Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula
RCA Victor USA47-391219507"0 
Hugo Winterhalter's Orchestra And Chorus

A: Mr. Touchdown, U.S.A.
B: The Red We Want Is The Red We've Got (In The Old Red, White And Blue)
RCA Victor USA47-391319507"0 
Lisa Kirk

A: Life Is So Peculiar
B: I'm Gonna Hang Your Picture In The Post Office
RCA Victor USA47-391419507"0 
Vaughn Monroe And His Orchestra

A: Frosty The Snow Man
B: Could Be
RCA Victor USA47-391519507"0 
Hour Of Charm Choir

A: Our Lady Of Fatima

Hour Of Charm All-Girl Orchestra

B: Ave Maria
RCA Victor USA47-392019507"7 
Perry Como

A: Marrying For Love
B: The Best Thing For You
RCA Victor USA47-392219507"0 
Frankie Carle And His Orchestra

A: What Can You Do?
B: Humpty Jumpty
RCA Victor USA47-392319507"0 
The Three Suns

A: Sleigh Ride
B: I'll Find You
RCA Victor USA47-392419507"0 
Bob Dewey And His Orchestra

A: Get Happy
B: Somebody's Crying
RCA Victor USA47-392719507"0 
Perry Como and Betty Hutton

A: A Bushel And A Peck
B: She's A Lady
RCA Victor USA47-393019507"0 
Spike Jones And His City Slickers

A: Molasses, Molasses (It's Icky Sticky Goo)

Spike Jones And His City Slickers With Baby Terry Hausner

B: Baby Buggy Boogie
RCA Victor USA47-393919507"0 
The Fontane Sisters, Dick Contino And Hugo Winterhalter's Orchestra

A: Jing-A-Ling, Jing-A-Ling
B: Silver Bells
RCA Victor USA47-394019507"0 
Milton Berle

A: This Is The Chorus
B: Lucky, Lucky, Lucky Me
RCA Victor USA47-394819507"0 
Don Cornell

A: Take Me In Your Arms
B: (The Breeze) Bringin' My Honey Back To Me
RCA Victor USA47-395019507"0 
Ralph Flanagan And His Orchestra

A: Halls Of Ivy
B: Oh Babe!
RCA Victor USA47-395419507"0 
Eddie Fisher

A: You Love Me
B: When You Kiss A Stranger
RCA Victor USA47-395519507"0 
Dennis Day

A: Christmas In Killarney
B: I'm Praying To St. Christopher
RCA Victor USA47-397019507"0 
The Three Suns

A: To Think You've Chosen Me
B: It Is No Secret
RCA Victor USA47-397619507"1 
Dinah Shore

A: Nobody's Chasing Me
B: My Heart Cries For You
RCA Victor USA47-397819507"0 
Lisa Kirk

A: Gotta See Ya Once More
B: Ja-Da
RCA Victor USA47-398919507"0 
Betty Hutton

A: Who Kicked The Light Plug (Out Of The Socket)
B: He's A Demon - He's A Devil He's A Doll
RCA Victor USA47-400019507"1 
The Three Suns

A: Remember Me In Your Dreams
B: After You've Gone
RCA Victor USA47-401019507"4 
Harmoneers Quartet

A: Old Time Religion Song
B: The Harmoneers Gospel Special
RCA Victor USA48-018719507"0 
Roy Rogers

A: Peter Cottontail
B: Next To The X In Texas
RCA Victor USA48-020719507"1 
Bill Boyd And His Cowboy Ramblers

A: Bandera Waltz
B: Letters Have No Arms
RCA Victor USA48-020819507"0 
Elton Britt And Rosalie Allen

A: Acres Of Diamonds (Mountains Of Gold)

Rosalie Allen And Elton Britt

B: Praireland Polka
RCA Victor USA48-030219507"0 
Rosalie Allen

A: My Dolly Has A Broken Heart
B: Choc'late Ice Cream Cone
RCA Victor USA48-030519507"0 
Sons Of The Pioneers

A: Roses
B: The Eagle's Heart
RCA Victor USA48-030619507"0 
Sons Of The Pioneers

A: Rollin' Dust
B: Wagons West
RCA Victor USA48-031519507"0 
Rosalie Allen

A: Green As Grass
B: I Wanna Sit
RCA Victor USA48-034319507"0 
Hank Snow, The Singing Ranger And His Rainbow Ranch Boys

A: Somewhere Along Life's Highway
B: Within This Broken Heart Of Mine
RCA Victor USA48-036419507"0 
Sons Of The Pioneers

A: Old Man Atom
B: What This Country Needs (Is A Good Old-Fashioned Talk With The Lord)
RCA Victor USA48-036819507"1 
Roy Rogers And Dale Evans

A: Smiles Are Made Out Of The Sunshine
B: May The Good Lord Take A Likin' To Ya
RCA Victor USA48-037319507"0 
Elton Britt And The Skytoppers

A: The Red We Want Is The Red We've Got (In The Old Red, White And Blue)
B: There's A Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere
RCA Victor USA48-038119507"0 
Hank Snow (The Singing Ranger) And His Rainbow Ranch Boys

A: The Golden Rocket
B: Paving The Highway With Tears
RCA Victor USA48-040019507"0 
June Carter And Her Bashful Rascals

A: The Thing
B: Winkin' And A-Blinkin'
RCA Victor USA48-041119507"0 
Homer And Jethro

A: I'm Movin' On No. 2
B: So Long No. 2
RCA Victor USA48-044619507"1 

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