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RCS Libri - Label Discography

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Equipe 84

A: Io Ho In Mente Te
B: Resta (Stay)
RCS Libri Italy19987"0 
I Dik Dik

A: Il Vento
B: L'Esquimese
RCS Libri ItalyNº 7819987"0 
The Byrds

A: Mr. Tambourine Man
B: I Knew I'd Want You
RCS Libri ItalyN° 119997"0 

A: I Got A Line On You
B: She Smiles
RCS Libri ItalyN° 1019997"1 

A: Lalena
B: Aye My Love
RCS Libri ItalyN° 1119997"1 
The Yardbirds

A: Shapes Of Things
B: You're A Better Man Than I
RCS Libri ItalyN° 1219997"1 
Leonard Cohen

A: Suzanne
B: So Long, Marianne
RCS Libri ItalyN° 1319997"1 
Blood, Sweat And Tears

A: Spinning Wheel
B: More And More
RCS Libri ItalyN° 1419997"1 

A: Sunny
B: Will You Love Me Tomorrow
RCS Libri ItalyN° 1519997"110.0
Shocking Blue

A: Venus
B: Hot Sand
RCS Libri ItalyN° 1619997"210.0
The Byrds

A: Turn! Turn! Turn!
B: She Don't Care About Time
RCS Libri ItalyN° 1719997"1 
Fleetwood Mac

A: Albatross
B: Jigsaw Puzzle Blues
RCS Libri ItalyN° 1819997"19.0
1910 Fruitgum Co.

A: Simon Says
B: 1, 2, 3, Red Light
RCS Libri ItalyN° 1919997"1 

A: Mellow Yellow
B: Sunny South Kensington
RCS Libri ItalyN° 219997"1 
The Lovin' Spoonful

A: Summer In The City
B: Daydream
RCS Libri ItalyN° 2019997"1 
The Move

A: Blackberry Way
B: Fire Brigade
RCS Libri ItalyN° 2119997"1 
Donovan (With The Jeff Beck Group)

A: Barabajagal
B: Trudi
RCS Libri ItalyN° 2219997"2 
The Turtles

A: Happy Together
B: Eleonore
RCS Libri ItalyN° 2319997"1 

A: Jin-Go-Lo-Ba
B: Persuasion
RCS Libri ItalyN° 2419997"1 
Georgie Fame

A: The Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde
B: Beware Of The Dog
RCS Libri ItalyN° 2519997"1 
Bob Lind

A: Elusive Butterfly
B: Cheryl's Goin' Home
RCS Libri ItalyN° 2619997"110.0
David McWilliams

A: Days Of Pearly Spencer
B: Harlem Lady
RCS Libri ItalyN° 2719997"1 
Brenton Wood

A: Gimme Little Sign
B: I Think You've Got Your Fools Mixed Up
RCS Libri ItalyN° 2819997"19.0

A: Jennifer Juniper
B: Poor Cow
RCS Libri ItalyN° 2919997"1 

A: Evil Ways
B: Waiting
RCS Libri ItalyN° 319997"0 
Chris Farlowe

A: Out Of Time
B: Baby Make It Soon
RCS Libri ItalyN° 3019997"1 
Ray Charles

A: I Can't Stop Loving You
B: Born To Lose
RCS Libri ItalyN° 3119997"1 
The Yardbirds

A: Heart Full Of Soul
B: Steeled Blues
RCS Libri ItalyN° 3219997"1 
Moby Grape

A: Fall On You
B: Changes
RCS Libri ItalyN° 3319997"1 
Buddy Miles Express

A: Miss Lady
B: 69 Freedom Special
RCS Libri ItalyN° 3419997"1 
Johnny Cash

A: Folsom Prison Blues
B: San Quentin
RCS Libri ItalyN° 351999Bonus 7"1 
The Searchers

A: When You Walk In The Room
B: Needles And Pins
RCS Libri ItalyN° 3619997"1 

A: Sunshine Superman
B: The Trip
RCS Libri ItalyN° 3719997"110.0
The Shadows Of Knight

A: Gloria
B: Dark Side
RCS Libri ItalyN° 3819997"1 
Fleetwood Mac

A: Need Your Love So Bad
B: Stop Messin' Round
RCS Libri ItalyN° 3919997"1 

A: For Your Love
B: Got To Hurry
RCS Libri ItalyN° 419997"0 
The Gun

A: Race With The Devil
B: Sunshine
RCS Libri ItalyN° 4019997"1 

A: Universal Soldier
B: The War Drags On
RCS Libri ItalyN° 4119997"2 
The Ohio Express

A: Yummy Yummy Yummy
B: Chewy Chewy
RCS Libri ItalyN° 4219997"1 
Pete Seeger

A: We Shall Overcome
B: Guantanamera
RCS Libri ItalyN° 4319997"1 
The Byrds

A: Eight Miles High
B: Why
RCS Libri ItalyN° 4419997"19.0
Desmond Dekker And The Aces

A: Israelites
B: The Man
RCS Libri ItalyN° 4519997"1 
The Byrds

A: I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better
B: All I Really Want To Do
RCS Libri ItalyN° 4619997"1 
Eire Apparent

A: Rock 'N' Roll Band
B: Yes, I Need Someone
RCS Libri ItalyN° 4719997"1 

A: Hurdy Gurdy Man
B: Teen Angel
RCS Libri ItalyN° 4819997"1 
The Shadows Of Knight

A: Light Bulb Blues
B: Oh Yeah
RCS Libri ItalyN° 4919997"1 
Fleetwood Mac

A: Black Magic Woman
B: The Sun Is Shinning
RCS Libri ItalyN° 519997"1 
The Love Affair

A: Everlasting Love
B: Gone Are The Songs Of Yesterday
RCS Libri ItalyN° 5019997"1 
Julie Driscoll And Brian Auger With The Trinity

A: Save Me - Part I
B: Save Me - Part II
RCS Libri ItalyN° 5119997"1 
Gerry And The Pacemakers

A: How Do You Do It?
B: I Like It
RCS Libri ItalyN° 5219997"1 

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