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Reb Rebel - Label Discography

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Son Of Mississippi

A: Flight NAACP 105
B: The Voice Of Alabama
Reb Rebel USA50019667"3 
Happy Fats

A: Veteran's Plea
B: Dear Mr. President
Reb Rebel USA50119667"3 
Happy Fats

A: Sing Me A Folksong
B: Ole Man Moses
Reb Rebel USA50319667"0 
Johnny Rebel

A: Kajun Klu Klux Klan
B: Looking For A Handout
Reb Rebel USA50419667"2 
Happy Fats

A: You're Next
B: The Last 100 Years
Reb Rebel USA50519667"1 
The Multiple Voices Of The Son Of Mississippi

A: Joining The Big Society
B: Marty And His Travelin' Beatnik Band
Reb Rebel USA50619677"0 
Happy Fats

A: My Little Lou Lou
B: The Day Of Indecision
Reb Rebel USA50719677"0 
Johnny Rebel

A: Nigger Hatin Me
B: Who Likes A Nigger
Reb Rebel USA50819677"0 
The Multiple Voices Of The Son Of Mississippi

A: The New Sheriff
B: The Ex Sheriff
Reb Rebel USA50919687"0 
Happy Fats

A: A Victim Of The Big Mess (Called The Great Society)
B: Dear Daddybird (From A Plow Mule To A Politician)
Reb Rebel USA51019687"0 
Johnny Rebel

A: (Federal Aid Hell!) The Money Belongs To Us
B: Keep A Workin Big Jim
Reb Rebel USA51119687"0 
The Multiple Voices Of The Son Of Mississippi

A: NAACP Jig-A-Boo Gemini
B: Football (The Black Bears Vs. The Integrators)
Reb Rebel USA51219687"0 
Happy Fats

A: Birthday Thank You Tommy, From Viet Nam
B: Dear Mr. Secretary (Going In The No Hog Raising Business)
Reb Rebel USA51319697"1 
Johnny Rebel

A: Nigger, Nigger
B: Move Them Niggers North
Reb Rebel USA51419697"0 
Johnny Rebel

A: In Coon Town
B: Still Looking For A Handout
Reb Rebel USA51519697"2 
James Crow

A: Cowboys And Niggers
B: NAACP Prayer
Reb Rebel USA51619697"1 
Happy Fats

A: What Has Happened To Old Glory
B: The Story Of The Po' Folks And The New Dealers
Reb Rebel USA51719707"0 
Johnny Rebel

A: Some Niggers Never Die (They Just Smell That Way)
B: Stay Away From Dixie
Reb Rebel USA51819707"0 
Happy Fats

A: The Things I Miss The Most
B: Vote Wallace In 72
Reb Rebel USA51919707"1 
Happy Fats

A: More Federal Guidelines
B: The Good Old Days
Reb Rebel USA52019707"0 

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