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Rebel [Maryland] - Label Discography

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Pete Pike

A: Making Love To A Stranger
B: Cotton Dice
Rebel [Maryland] USAC-F-L 226/5Jan 19607"0 
Pete Pike

A: Cold Gray Dawn
B: I'll Always Wonder Why
Rebel [Maryland] USAC-F-L 228Aug 19607"0 
Red Allen And Frank Wakefield

A: Little Birdie
B: Faded Memory
Rebel [Maryland] USAF-242-4519637"0 
Bob Fry

A: What A Pity
B: I'm Gonna Be Gone
Rebel [Maryland] USAF-25219657"0 
The Country Gentlemen

A: Bringing Mary Home
B: Northbound
Rebel [Maryland] USAF-250Jul 19657"0 
The Country Gentlemen

A: This World's No Place To Live
B: A Cold Wind A' Blowin
Rebel [Maryland] USAF-257Nov 19657"110.0
Billy Baker

A: Cotton Eye Joe
B: Bakers Shuffle
Rebel [Maryland] USAF-262Oct 19667"08.0
The Country Gentlemen

A: Christmas Time Back Home
B: Jingle Bells
Rebel [Maryland] USAF-264Nov 19667"0 
The Country Gentlemen

A: Baby Blue
B: Spanish Two Step
Rebel [Maryland] USAF-265Jan 19677"29.0
Clinton King And The Virginia Mountaineers

A: I Can't Live On This Way
B: I'm Leaving You Baby
Rebel [Maryland] USAF-266Jan 19677"0 
The Country Gentlemen

A: Matterhorn
B: Battle Hymn Of The Republic
Rebel [Maryland] USAF-267May 19677"0 
Bill Emerson And Clifford Waldren And The Lee Highway Boys

A: Deep River
B: Over Yonder Stands Little Maggie
Rebel [Maryland] USAF-28119687"0 
The Country Gentlemen

A: Theme From Exodus
B: The Border Incident
Rebel [Maryland] USAF-28519687"0 
Emerson And Waldron

A: Proud Mary
B: Faded Love
Rebel [Maryland] USAF-29019697"0 
The Country Gentlemen

A: The Sentence
B: To The Rescue
Rebel [Maryland] USAF-294Oct 19697"3 
George Jackson And Dick Dial And The Carolina Country Boys

A: Hills Of Caroline
B: Fried Apples
Rebel [Maryland] USAF-29819707"0 
The Country Gentlemen

A: Mrs. Robinson
B: Two Little Boys
Rebel [Maryland] USAF-296Feb 19707"0 
Delmar Delaney And The Windy Mountain Boys

A: Orchids Of Love
B: Freight Train
Rebel [Maryland] USAF-30419717"0 
Cliff Waldron And The New Shades Of Grass

A: Walk A Mile In My Shoes
B: Cross Country
Rebel [Maryland] USAF-30719717"0 
Ralph Stanley And The Clinch Mountain Boys

A: Brand New Tennessee Waltz
B: Old Time Pickin'
Rebel [Maryland] USAF-31019717"1 
Cliff Waldron And The New Shades Of Grass

A: Close The Door Lightly When You Go
B: Ice Covered Birches
Rebel [Maryland] USAF-31119717"2 
The Country Gentlemen

A: Secret Of The Waterfall
B: Breakin' It Down
Rebel [Maryland] USAF-31419717"0 
Ralph Stanley And The Clinch Mountain Boys

A: Katy Daley
B: Will You Miss Me
Rebel [Maryland] USAF-31519717"19.0
Cliff Waldron And The New Shades Of Grass

A: Flat Rock
B: Veil Of White Lace
Rebel [Maryland] USAF-31819727"0 
The Seldom Scene

A: City Of New Orleans
B: Cannonball
Rebel [Maryland] USAF-32119727"0 
The Seldom Scene

A: Sweet Baby James
B: Joshua
Rebel [Maryland] USAF-320Jul 19727"110.0
The Seldom Scene

A: Last Train From Poor Valley
B: Reason For Being
Rebel [Maryland] USAF-32219737"110.0
Seldom Scene

A: Hail To The Redskins
B: Mean Mother Blues
Rebel [Maryland] USAF-32419737"0 
Cliff Waldron

A: Mama Always Had A Song To Sing
B: Pickin' On Five
Rebel [Maryland] USAF-32310 Apr 19737"0 

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