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Redball Records - Label Discography

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Terry Butters And Stephen Carr

Songs From Easy Street

A1: Tall Buildings
B1: Wing And A Prayer
B2: Georgia On My Mind
Redball Records UKES00119777"1 
Simon John

A1: Lonely Shy Boy
A2: Times
B1: Feelings
B2: Can't Help Falling In Love
Redball Records UKRR 001Apr 1978EP1 
The Tremors [Shropshire]

A: Modern World
B: Smashed Reality
Redball Records UKRR 002Mar 19797"1 
The Veins

A: Complete Control Rock 'N' Roll
B: Champagne
Redball Records UKRR 003Jan 19797"0 
Steve Torch

A1: Live In Fear
B1: Fear
B2: Smoke Your Own
Redball Records UKRR 005Apr 19797"0 
The Buzz [Redball]

A1: Insanity
B1: Him Not Me
B2: Sick At Heart
Redball Records UKRR 006Mar 19797"1 
Jenny Peters

A1: Two More Bottles Of Wine
A2: To Daddy
B1: Love Is A Rose
B2: Green Door
Redball Records UKRR 008Apr 1979EP0 
The Rhythm Hawks

A1: Walk Out On You
A2: Zodiac
B1: Angel
B2: Time To Jive
Redball Records UKRR 0111979EP0 

Never A Cross Word

A1: The Night
A2: Steal You Anything
B1: Pushover
B2: Idiot Dances
Redball Records UKRR 0161979EP0 

100 M.P.H. ! EP

A1: 100 M.P.H.
A2: Blue Rock
B1: Destiny
B2: The World's Insane
Redball Records UKRR 017Oct 1979EP0 
Shiver Showband

A1: Apache
A2: That'll Be The Day
B1: Save The Last Dance For Me
B2: Crystal Chandeliers
Redball Records UKRR 0181979EP1 

Mother FO EP

A1: Mother FO
A2: Modern
B1: Mummy Told You
B2: No Possessions
Redball Records UKRR 019Oct 1979EP0 
The Stains

A1: Bored
B1: Emotional Pills
B2: I'm A Believer
Redball Records UKRR 020Oct 19797"0 

A1: I'm In Love With Margaret Thatcher
B1: Little Boxes
B2: Gary Bushell's Band Of The Week
Redball Records UKRR 021Oct 19797"11 
The Risk [Redball]

A: Blazing Lights
B: Yesterday's Youth
Redball Records UKRR 02319797"0 
E. F. Band

A: Self Made Suicide
B: Sister Syne
Redball Records UKRR 026Feb 19807"210.0
The Agitators

Bound And Gagged With Lengths Of Rubber Tubing By Double Stilton And Red Leicester

A1: Zebra's In The Ice Station
A2: Ice Station Version
B1: Alien Sketch
B2: Johnny W
B3: Fat Boy Lager
B4: The Very Reverend 'Slow Talking' Jack Ruby
B5: Rasclaat!!!
Redball Records UKRR 028Dec 1979EP0 
Terry Butters And The Redball Rockets

A: The Ballad Of John Hardy
B: Early In The Mornin'
Redball Records UKRR 030Jan 19807"0 
Nigel Stonier

A: Spotlight Lovers
B: City Girls
Redball Records UKRR 03519807"0 
E. F. Band

A: The Devils Eye
B: Comprende
Redball Records UKRR 03619807"0 

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