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Regal - Label Discography

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Hooker [90s]

A: Cheap Watch
B: Mischief
Regal UKREG 119957"0 

A: Still Hanging Around
B: Bootboy Remembers
Regal UKREG 419957"0 

A: Skin Up Pin Up
B: Flourella
Regal UKREG 327 Nov 19957"1 

A: Revved Up
B: Sally Tree
Regal UKREG 1019967"0 
Sense Field

A1: Different Times
B1: In The Beginning
B2: Passing Thoughts
Regal UKREG 1119967"0 

A: He Say Yeah
B: When She Woke
Regal UKREG1219967"0 
The Daisies

A: If I Was Barry White
B: I Don't Care
Regal UKREG 619967"0 
Sense Field

A: Overstand
B: Shady Day
Regal UKREG 719967"0 

A: Zoom
Regal UKREG 70DJ2001Shaped Disc1 

A1: People (Album Version)
B1: Masquerade
B2: Baddle
Regal UKREG 84X9 Jun 20037"0 

A: Stuntman
B: Pneumenon
Regal UKREG 871 Sep 20037"0 
Cathy Davey

A: Clean And Neat
B: Nervous Twitches
Regal UKREG 10720047"0 
The Beta Band

A: Out-Side
B: Out-Side (Roman Nose Remix)
Regal UKREG 11020047"0 

A: No Need
B: Griselda's Third Husband
Regal UKREG 99Feb 20047"0 

A: Love And Pain
B: Tough Love
Regal UKREG 120X20057"08.0

A1: Outlines (Clor Mix)
B1: Transmutations
B2: Wolf Attack
Regal UKREG 12120057"0 

A: Your Own Religion
B: Silence Fills The Sky
Regal UKREG 124Aug 20057"0 

A: Where Did Our Loving Go?
B: Ceylon
Regal UKREG 131Oct 20057"0 

A: Where Did Our Loving Go?
B: Whales
Regal UKREG 131YOct 20057"0 

A: Where Did Our Loving Go?
B: Colours (Demo)
Regal UKREG 131ZOct 20057"0 

A: Good Stuff
B: Dangerzone (Acid Workout)
Regal UKREG 12810 Oct 20057"0 

A1: Good Stuff
B1: Stuck In A Tight Spot (Relaxed)
B2: Hey Hey Hey
Regal UKREG 128X10 Oct 20057"0 
The On Offs

A: The Wrong Upstairs
B: Forget Your Head
Regal UKREG 13420067"0 
Bluesky Research

A: Fittest Of The Fittest
B: Good Fight
Regal UKSC 00320067"1 
Lily Allen

B: Knock 'Em Out
Regal UKLILY 00124 Apr 20067"1 
Lily Allen

A: Smile
B: Smile Gutter Mix
Regal UK7REG 1353 Jul 20067"0 
Lily Allen

B: Nan You're A Window Shopper
Regal UKREG 13711 Sep 20067"0 
Lily Allen

A: Littlest Things
B: Everybody's Changing
Regal UKREG 14011 Dec 20067"0 

A: Jesus
B: Filipino Girl
Regal UK009463944237920077"0 
Connan And The Mockasins

A: Sneaky Sneaky Dogfriend
B: I Nude You
Regal UKREGALSC 00420077"0 
The Bird And The Bee

A: F*cking Boyfriend (Explicit)
B: La La La
Regal UKREGALSC 00520077"04.0
A Boy Called Doris

A: Star Crossed Lovers
B: Chom Chom
Regal UKREGALSC 01220077"0 
Little Red

A: Waiting
B: Misty, I
Regal UKREGALSC 01320077"0 
The Answering Machine

A: Lightbulbs
B: Decadent
Regal UKREGALSC 01720077"0 
Lily Allen

A: Shame For You
B: Alfie (Explicit Version)
Regal UKREG 1415 Mar 20077"0 
Lonely, Dear

A: I Am John
B: Warm, Dark, Comforting Night
Regal UKREGALSC 0069 Apr 20077"0 
The Bird And The Bee

A: Again And Again
B: Do You Know The Way To San Jose (Live At Camden Barfly)
Regal UKREGALSC 0094 Jun 20077"2 
Paul Weller And Graham Coxon

A1: This Old Town
B1: Each New Morning
B2: Black River
Regal UKREGALSC 016Jul 20077"07.5
Lonely, Dear

A: Saturday Waits
B: I Do What I Can
Regal UKREG 14516 Jul 20077"0 
The Turncoat

A: Wasted On You
B: There Must Be Something
Regal UKREGAL 1493 Mar 20087"0 
Lily Allen

A: The Fear
B: Kabul Shit
Regal UKREG 15026 Jan 2009Picture Disc08.0
Lily Allen

A: Not Fair
B: Why
Regal UKREG 15311 May 2009Picture Disc0 
Lily Allen

A: 22
B: 22 (The Big Pink Mix)
Regal UKREG 15426 Aug 2009Picture Disc0 
Lily Allen

A: Back To The Start
B: Kabul Shit
Regal UKREG 16017 Apr 20107"0 
Chiddy Bang

A: Opposite Of Adults
B: Sooner Or Later
Regal UKREG 16117 Apr 20107"0 

A: Hammock
B: Thomas Street (Demo)
Regal UKR 681620 Sep 20107"0 
Georgi Kay

In My Mind EP

A: In My Mind
B: Ipswich
C: Jóga
D: Right Next To You
Regal UK509996157457129 Jul 2013Double Pack0 
Lily Allen

A: Air Balloon
B: Hard Out Here
Regal UKREG 1833 Mar 20147"0 

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