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Regular - Label Discography

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Mental As Anything

Plays At Your Party

A1: C.Y.O. Dance
A2: The Nips Are Getting Bigger
B1: Golfshoes
Regular AustraliaREG 1Dec 1978EP2 
Mental As Anything

A: The Nips Are Getting Bigger
B: Instrumental As Anything
Regular AustraliaK7548Jul 19797"5 
Mental As Anything

A: Possible Theme For A Future TV Drama Series
B: Typical Romance
Regular AustraliaK7678Nov 19797"1 
Dennis Wilson [Australia]

A: Bobby And The Space Invaders
B: Runaway
Regular AustraliaK7758Jan 19807"0 
Mental As Anything

A: Egypt
B: Pork Is Not A Gift
Regular AustraliaK7765Jan 19807"1 

A: Can't Help Myself
B: Send Somebody
Regular AustraliaK7869May 19807"3 
Mental As Anything

A: Come Around
B: DC 10
Regular AustraliaK7899May 19807"1 

A: We Can Get Together
B: Paradise Lost
Regular AustraliaK-7999Sep 19807"1 
Mental As Anything

A: (Just Like) Romeo And Juliet
B: Go Down
Regular AustraliaK-8115Nov 19807"17.0

A: Walls
B: All The Way
Regular AustraliaK-8193Jan 19817"1 
Mental As Anything

A: If You Leave Me - Can I Come Too?
B: Assault And Flattery
Regular AustraliaK-8305May 19817"2 
Mental As Anything

A: Too Many Times
B: Holiday In Auckland
Regular AustraliaK-8437Aug 19817"1 

A: Love In Motion
B: Goodnight Mr. Matthews
Regular AustraliaK-8486Oct 19817"2 
Riptides [Australia]

A1: Only Time
B1: The Riptide (Existential Stomp)
B2: Shake It
Regular AustraliaK-8341Nov 19817"0 
Mental As Anything

A: Berserk Warriors
B: L´amour No More
Regular AustraliaK-8594Dec 19817"4 
Mental As Anything

A: Let's Cook
Regular AustraliaSNAG 1Apr 1982Special Edition 7"1 
Mental As Anything

A: I Didn't Mean To Be Mean
B: Yoga Dog Sunset
Regular AustraliaRRSP 714Aug 19827"1 

A: Great Southern Land
B: Uniform
Regular AustraliaRRSP 715Aug 19827"28.0
The Riptides [Australia]

A: Hearts And Flowers
B: Sandarama
Regular AustraliaRRSP 716Sep 19827"1 
Mental As Anything

A: Close Again
B: Homing Pigeon
Regular AustraliaRRSP 720Nov 19827"0 

A: Hey Little Girl
B: Glam
Regular AustraliaRRSP 721Nov 19827"110.0

A: Street Café
B: Over The Line
Regular AustraliaRRSP 722Feb 19837"0 
Deckchairs Overboard

A: That's The Way
B: Carried Away
Regular AustraliaRRSP 718Mar 19837"0 
Stephen Cummings

A: Stuck On Love
B: I Won't Give Up On Your Love
Regular AustraliaRRSP 723Mar 19837"0 
Mental As Anything

A: Spirit Got Lost
B: Not Enough
Regular AustraliaRRSP 724Mar 19837"1 
Luna Twist

A: Look Out (You're Falling In Love Again)
B: Fill In The Words
Regular AustraliaRRSP 725May 19837"0 
Mental As Anything

A: Brain Brain
B: Drinking Of Her Lips
Regular AustraliaRRSP 726Jun 19837"0 
Deckchairs Overboard

A: Shout
B: Shout (Extended Mix)
Regular AustraliaRRSP 727Sep 19837"0 
The Johnnys [Australia]

A: I Think You're Cute
B: Mountain Man
Regular AustraliaRRSP 728Oct 19837"1 
Scribble [Australia]

A: Silly Girl
B: Mr. Calico
Regular AustraliaRRSP 729Oct 19837"0 
Mental As Anything

A: Working For The Man
B: Seems Alright To Me
Regular AustraliaRRSP 730Nov 19837"2 
Stephen Cummings

A: Backstabbers
B: Hardly Working
Regular AustraliaRRSP 731Nov 19837"0 
I'm Talking

A: Trust Me
B: Take It To The Bridge
Regular AustraliaRRSP 74419847"1 

A: Taking The Town
B: Dance On
Regular AustraliaRRSP 733Apr 19847"0 
Electric Pandas

A: Big Girls
B: T.V. Dogs
Regular AustraliaRRSP 732May 19847"0 
Deckchairs Overboard

A: Walking In The Dark
B: Over And Over
Regular AustraliaRRSP 734Jun 19847"0 
Stephen Cummings

A: Gymnasium
B: Much Too Much
Regular AustraliaRRSP 735Jul 19847"1 

A: Don't Believe Anymore
B: Java
Regular AustraliaRRSP 736Jul 19847"0 
Stephen Cummings

A: Another Kick In The Head
B: Look Again Lovers
Regular AustraliaRRSP 738Sep 19847"0 
Scribble [Australia]

A: Adaptability
B: B4
Regular AustraliaRRSP 740Oct 19847"0 

A: Dusty Pages
B: Stay Close Tonight
Regular AustraliaRRSP 741Nov 19847"1 
Mental As Anything

A: Apocalypso (Wiping The Smile Off Santa's Face)
B: Wouldn't Try To Explain
Regular AustraliaRRSP 743Nov 19847"1 
Milky Bar Kids

A: Flaming Star
B: If You Remember Me
Regular AustraliaRRSP 742Feb 19857"0 
Mental As Anything

A: You're So Strong
B: Three Steps To Your Place
Regular AustraliaRRSP 745Mar 19857"1 
Mental As Anything

A: Live It Up
B: Good Friday
Regular AustraliaRRSP 746May 19857"0 
I'm Talking

A: Lead The Way
B: Disko (Fall In Love Forever)
Regular AustraliaK-9778Jun 19857"0 
Electric Pandas

A: Missing Me
B: 20 Revolutionaries
Regular AustraliaK-9781Jul 19857"1 
Deckchairs Overboard

A: Fight For Love
B: Can't Stop The Motor
Regular AustraliaK-9782Jul 19857"0 
Stephen Cummings

A: What Am I Going To Do
B: Not Afraid
Regular AustraliaK-9792Jul 19857"0 
I'm Talking

A: Love Don't Live Here Anymore
B: Cry Me A River
Regular AustraliaK-9817Aug 19857"0 

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