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Relax - Label Discography

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Lily en Leo Kok

Lily En Leo Kok In Cabaret By Candlelight

A1: Hello, Here We Are
A2: Jamaica
A3: Toto
B1: L'orgue De Mon Amour
B2: Carnaval In Rio
Relax Netherlands40.0021965EP0 
Shirley [Shirley Zwerus]

A: Ce Soir Je T'attendais
B: Georgia
Relax Netherlands45.001Apr 19667"0 
Johnny De Miranda And His Ska-Group

A: Jamaica Ska
B: Enjoy Yourself
Relax Netherlands45.002Apr 19667"2 
Ronnie Fraser

A: Please Don't Leave Me
B: Driving Through The Night
Relax Netherlands45.003Apr 19667"0 
Outsiders [Netherlands]

A: Thinking About Today
B: Lying All The Time
Relax Netherlands45.004May 19667"210.0
Martine Bijl

A: De Makelaar Van Schagen
B: Ik Zou Wel Eens Willen Weten
Relax Netherlands45.005Aug 19667"0 
Outsiders [Netherlands]

A: Keep On Trying
B: That's Your Problem
Relax Netherlands45.006Aug 19667"0 
Short '66

A: Another Man
B: Substitute
Relax Netherlands45.007Aug 19667"0 

A: Land Van De Zon
B: Bij Jou
Relax Netherlands45.008Aug 19667"0 
Iris Zegveld

A: De Sleutelring
B: Ik Ken Je Beter, Peter
Relax Netherlands45.009Sep 19667"0 
Short '66

A: Route 66
B: I Don´t Know Why
Relax Netherlands45.010Sep 19667"0 
Shirley [Shirley Zwerus]

A: Bach, Bijvoorbeeld
B: Het Orgelconcert
Relax Netherlands45.011Sep 19667"0 
Martine Bijl

A: Bloemendaalse Bos
B: Vanavond Of Vannacht
Relax Netherlands45.012Oct 19667"0 
Lily Kok

A: Hartenheer
B: Ome Bartje
Relax Netherlands45.013Oct 19667"0 
Yi-Kwei Sze

A1: Volga Boatmen Song
B1: Wenn ich in deine Augen seh'
B2: Ich will meine Seele tauchen
Relax Netherlands45.014Oct 19667"0 
The Zipps [Netherlands]

A: Kicks And Chicks
B: Hipsterism
Relax Netherlands45.015Oct 19667"19.0
Outsiders [Netherlands]

A: Touch
B: The Ballad Of John B.
Relax Netherlands45.016Nov 19667"09.0

A: Ik Ben Een Heks
B: Jij Grote Tovenaar
Relax Netherlands45.017Nov 19667"0 
Martine Bijl

A: Frederiekje
B: De Zesde Dag
Relax Netherlands45.018Nov 19667"0 
The Zipps [Netherlands]

Beat & Poetry

A: Beat And Poetry - Part 1
B: Beat And Poetry - Part 2
Relax Netherlands45.019Nov 1966EP06.0
Harry Sevenstern

A: Adagio
B: Ave Maria
Relax Netherlands45.020Dec 19667"0 
Harry Sevenstern

A: The Little Drummerboy
B: Corderito Blanco
Relax Netherlands45.021Dec 19667"0 
Short '66

A: Steal Your Heart Away
B: 4 Men's Sadness
Relax Netherlands45.022Dec 19667"1 
Lily Kok

A: Land Van Hoop En Glorie
B: Mensen, Geeft Elkaar Een Hand
Relax Netherlands45.023Dec 19667"0 
Les Gypsys

A: Prolétaire
B: Je Ne Te Pardonnerai Pas
Relax Netherlands17 00119677"0 
The Zipps [Netherlands]

A: Marie-Juana
B: The Struggle For Ice-Cold Milk Of Benzi The Bass-player, Or How To Promote Original Dutch Milk
Relax Netherlands45.024Jan 19677"0 
Outsiders [Netherlands]

A: Monkey On Your Back
B: What´s Wrong With You
Relax Netherlands45.025Feb 19677"0 
Philippe Salerne Et Les Stripes

A: Elle

Philippe Salerne Et Les Zipps

B: Avec De L'italie
Relax Netherlands45.026Feb 19677"0 
Philippe Salerne Et Les Zipps

A: Venez Voire Comme On S'aime

Philippe Salerne Et Les Stripes

B: Si Peu De Chose
Relax Netherlands45.027Feb 19677"0 
Red Sovine

A: Class Of 49
B: I Hope My Wife Don't Find Out
Relax Netherlands45.028Feb 19677"0 
Dick Poons

A: De Plastic-meubelmaker
B: Een Stoel In De Hemel
Relax Netherlands45.029Feb 19677"0 
Davy Jones

A: You Go Your Way
B: Have Mercy
Relax Netherlands45.030Feb 19677"0 
Davy Jones

A: Come On To Me
B: Easier Said Than Done
Relax Netherlands45.031Feb 19677"0 
Albert Brosens En De Deurdouwers

A: Jelle Zal Wel Zien
B: Smeer Toch Op Tijd Uw Kelen Door
Relax Netherlands45.032Feb 19677"0 
The Marquees

Tribute To Them - Live

A: Call My Name
B: Last Night
Relax Netherlands45.033Mar 19677"0 
The Teckels

A: Mabel
B: Save Our Souls
Relax Netherlands45.034Mar 19677"0 
Lily Kok

A: De Soldaat
B: Lili Marleen
Relax Netherlands45.035Mar 19677"0 
F. J. King And Smash

A: Pucker Up Buttercup
B: Hold What You've Got
Relax Netherlands45.036Mar 19677"0 
The Willis Brothers

A: Bob
B: Show Her Lots Of Gold
Relax Netherlands45.038Mar 19677"0 
De Boemerangs

A: Waarom Houden Wij Van Apenootjes?
B: Is Dat Gewoon?
Relax Netherlands45.039Mar 19677"0 
Mieke Horst

A: Piccolo Bambino
B: Toen Ik Nog Een Klein Meisje Was
Relax Netherlands45.040Mar 19677"0 
The Soul Runners

A: Grits 'N Cornbread
B: Spreadin' Honey
Relax Netherlands45.041Mar 19677"0 
Albert Brosens

A: Waar Is Mijn Fiets, Katrien
B: Morgen Is Het Misschien Te Laat
Relax Netherlands45.042Apr 19677"0 
Martine Bijl

A1: Zestien
A2: Ik Vraag De Bloemen
B1: Chinees Minnelied
Relax Netherlands45.046Apr 19677"0 
Outsiders [Netherlands]

A: Summer Is Here
B: Teach Me To Forget You
Relax Netherlands45.048May 19677"1 
Marianne Delgorge

A: Nu Niet Meer
B: De Super-Legaliteit
Relax Netherlands45.057Jun 19677"0 
Shirley [Shirley Zwerus]

Shirley Goes Soul

A: Big Boss Man
B: I'm An Evil Gal
Relax Netherlands45.056Jul 19677"0 
Outsiders [Netherlands]

A: I've Been Loving You So Long
B: I'm Only Trying To Prove Myself That I'm Not Like Everybody Else
Relax Netherlands45.058Jul 19677"0 
Davy Jones

A: How Can I Forget
B: Funky Mess
Relax Netherlands45.060Jul 19677"0 
Marianne Delgorge

A: Irish Ballad
B: 18 Years Old
Relax Netherlands45.062Sep 19677"0 

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