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Reprise - Label Discography

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  USA  1528
  UK  624
  Germany  355
  New Zealand  332
  Australia  307
  Netherlands  248
  Canada  182
  France  135
  Japan  100
  Italy  55
  Spain  47
  South Africa  45
  Norway  26
  Portugal  24
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Aki Aleong

A: Trade Winds, Trade Winds
B: Without Your Love
Reprise CanadaR-20,02119617"1 
Frank Sinatra

A: Granada
B: The Curse Of An Aching Heart
Reprise CanadaR-20,010Jun 19617"4 
Frank Sinatra

A: Pocketful Of Miracles
B: Name It And It's Yours
Reprise CanadaR20,040Dec 19617"0 
Jerry McGee And The Cajuns

A: Walkin'
B: Blues Train
Reprise CanadaR-20,057Feb 19627"0 
Nancy Sinatra

A: One Way
B: Cruel War
Reprise CanadaR 20,18819637"0 
Trini Lopez

A: Kansas City
B: Lonesome Traveler
Reprise CanadaR-20,23619637"0 
Ral Donner

A: I Got Burned
B: A Tear In My Eye
Reprise CanadaR-20,141Feb 19637"1 
Jack Nitzsche

A: The Lonely Surfer
B: Song For A Summer Night
Reprise Canada20,002Jul 19637"1 
Dean Martin

A: Via Veneto
B: Mama Roma
Reprise CanadaR 20,215Sep 19637"0 
Dean Martin

A: Everybody Loves Somebody .
B: A Little Voice .
Reprise Canada028119647"09.0
Sonny And Cher

A: Baby Don't Go
B: Walkin' The Quetzal
Reprise Canada0309Oct 19647"0 
Jill Jackson

A: Here Comes The Night
B: Born Too Late
Reprise Canada036219657"2 
Keely Smith

A: Somethin' Wonderful Happened
B: Have You Ever Been Lonely
Reprise Canada037419657"1 
Keith Dennis

A: Almost Grown
B: Lawdy Miss Clawdy
Reprise Canada039019657"0 
Dean Martin

A: Houston
B: Bunning Around
Reprise Canada039319657"1 
Dino, Desi And Billy

A: Not The Lovin' Kind
B: Chimes Of Freedom
Reprise Canada040119657"0 
Dean Martin

A: I Will
B: You're The Reason I'm In Love
Reprise Canada041519657"0 
The Revells [Gary Usher]

A: My Baby Digs Slot Car Races
B: Fastest Little Racer
Reprise Canada305719657"2 
Buddy Knox

A: Good Time Girl
B: Livin' In A House Full Of Love
Reprise Canada0395Aug 19657"0 
Caesar And Cleo

A: Love Is Strange
B: Let The Good Times Roll
Reprise Canada0419Nov 19657"0 
Frank Sinatra

A: It Was A Very Good Year
B: Moment To Moment
Reprise Canada0429Dec 19657"0 
Buddy Knox

A: A Lover's Question
B: You Said Goodbye
Reprise Canada0431Dec 19657"0 
Nancy Sinatra

A: These Boots Are Made For Walkin'
B: The City Never Sleeps At Night
Reprise Canada043219667"010.0
Dean Martin

A: Somewhere There's A Someone
B: That Old Clock On The Wall
Reprise Canada044319667"0 
Trini Lopez

A: I'm Comin' Home, Cindy
B: The 32nd Of May
Reprise Canada045519667"0 
Nancy Sinatra

A: How Does That Grab You Darlin'
B: The Last Of The Secret Agents
Reprise Canada046119667"0 
Frank Sinatra

A: Strangers In The Night
B: Oh, You Crazy Moon
Reprise Canada047019667"0 
Trini Lopez

A: La Bamba - Part 1
B: Trini's Tune
Reprise Canada048019667"0 
Dean Martin

A: A Million And One
B: Shades
Reprise Canada050019667"1 
Buddy Greco

A: Walking On New Grass
B: What Am I
Reprise Canada051519667"0 
Nancy Sinatra

A: Sugar Town

Nancy Sinatra With Lee Hazlewood

B: Summer Wine
Reprise Canada052719667"010.0
Frank Sinatra

A: That's Life
B: The September Of My Years
Reprise Canada053119667"2 
Dean Martin

A: I'm Not The Marrying Kind
B: (Open Up The Door) Let The Good Times In
Reprise Canada053819667"0 
The Mojo Men

A: Sit Down, I Think I Love You
B: Don't Leave Me Crying Like Before
Reprise Canada053919667"0 
The Electric Prunes

A: I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)
B: Luvin
Reprise Canada0532Nov 19667"19.0
Nancy Sinatra

A: Love Eyes
B: Coastin'
Reprise Canada055919677"0 
Nancy Sinatra And Frank Sinatra

A: Somethin' Stupid

Frank Sinatra

B: Give Her Love
Reprise Canada056119677"0 
Sammy Davis, Jr.

A: Don't Blame The Children
B: She Believes In Me
Reprise Canada056619677"0 
Morgana King

A: The Look Of Love
B: I Have Loved Me A Man
Reprise Canada060419677"2 
Dean Martin

A: Little Ole Wine Drinker, Me
B: I Can't Help Remembering You
Reprise Canada060819677"09.0
Frank Sinatra

A: You Are There
B: The World We Knew (Over And Over)
Reprise Canada061019677"0 
Dino, Desi And Billy

A: Kitty Doyle
B: Without Hurtin' Some
Reprise Canada061919677"0 
Nancy Sinatra And Lee Hazlewood

A: Lady Bird
B: Sand
Reprise Canada062919677"0 
Frank Sinatra

A: This Is My Love
B: This Town
Reprise Canada063119677"0 
Nancy Sinatra

A: Tony Rome
B: This Town
Reprise Canada063619677"0 
Dean Martin

A: In The Misty Moonlight
B: Wallpaper Roses
Reprise Canada064019677"38.0
Dino, Desi And Billy

A: If You're Thinkin' What I'm Thinkin'
B: Pretty Flamingo
Reprise Canada0544Jan 19677"0 
Dino, Desi And Billy

A: Two In The Afternoon
B: Good Luck, Best Wishes For You
Reprise Canada0579May 19677"0 
Nancy Sinatra

A: You Only Live Twice

Nancy Sinatra And Lee Hazlewood

B: Jackson
Reprise Canada0595Jun 19677"09.0
Dean Martin

A: In The Chapel In The Moonlight
B: Welcome To My World
Reprise Canada0601Jun 19677"0 

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