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Retreat - Label Discography

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Les Walker

A: Whatever Mood You're In
B: Roadmaster
Retreat UKRTS 25131 Aug 19737"0 

A: Wily
B: The Circle
Retreat UKRTS 25231 Aug 19737"17.0

A: To Be Near You
B: Come On Come On
Retreat UKRTS 25314 Sep 19737"18.5
The Masters Children [USA]

A: Can You Hear Me Lord
B: Meet The Devil
Retreat UKRTS 25426 Oct 19737"0 
Les Walker

A: Freedom For The Stallion
B: Give It Everything You Got
Retreat UKRTS 25517 May 19747"0 
Big Jim Sullivan

A: Laid Back Rock And Roll Song
B: Louisiana Lovelips
Retreat UKRTS 25631 May 19747"0 

A: Gondola
B: Almost Abandoned
Retreat UKRTS 25711 Oct 19747"2 
Les Walker

A: Whatever Mood You're In
B: The Roadmaster
Retreat UKRTS 25814 Feb 19757"0 
Theo Scherman

A: Champagne In The Starlight
B: Now That My Hero's Come
Retreat UKRTS 25927 Mar 19757"0 
Big Jim Sullivan

A: If I Could Only Play Like That
B: Cascade
Retreat UKRTS 26027 Mar 19757"1 

A: Driving Around The World
B: Since I Left My Home
Retreat UKRTS 26111 Apr 19757"0 
Chas And Dave

A: Old Dog And Me
B: Scruffy Old Cow
Retreat UKRTS 26211 Jul 19757"2 
Strange Days [London]

A: Monday Morning
B: Joe Soap
Retreat UKRTS 26311 Jul 19757"56.0
Mike Harper

A: I'm Crying
B: Goodbye
Retreat UKRTS 26425 Jul 19757"1 
Theo Scherman

A: Marbles In My Head
B: Big City Train
Retreat UKRTS 26631 Oct 19757"1 
Chas And Dave

A: I Am A Rocker
B: Lazy Cow
Retreat UKRTS 2677 Nov 19757"0 
Mike Harper

A: Lay It On Me Baby
B: Ballad Of The Rich
Retreat UKRTS 26821 Nov 19757"0 
Chas And Dave

A: Old Time Song
B: Dry Party
Retreat UKRTS 26913 Feb 19767"1 

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