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Rex - Label Discography

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Campfire Sing-A-Long

The Graduates [Australia]

A1: Home On The Range

Kerry Bryant

A2: Goodnight Ladies

Dig Richards

B1: There's A Tavern In The Town

Noeline Batley

B2: My Darling Clementine
Rex AustraliaHOLB-11960EP010.0
Dig Richards And The R' Jays

Dig Richards Sings Ain't She Sweet

A1: Ain't She Sweet
A2: Sweet Sue, Just You
B1: What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For
B2: Love Is Just Around The Corner
Rex AustraliaRE-10041960EP110.0
On Our Selection

Johnny (Tex) And Mary Croft

A1: On Our Selection
A2: Kiss, Kiss, Kissin' In The Corn

Johnny (Tex) Croft

B1: Charlie Mopps
B2: The End Of The Pub With No Beer
Rex AustraliaRE-10051960EP3 
Rock Martin

Presenting Rock Martin

A1: Gonna Cast A Spell Over You
A2: Wonderful Dream
B1: Heart Breakin' Baby
B2: Two-Timin' Baby
Rex AustraliaRE-10061960EP2 
The Thunderbirds [Australia]

The Thunderbirds With Billy O'Rourke and Billy Owens

A1: Warrant For Your Arrest
A2: Rock And Roll Baby
B1: Answer Me
B2: Meet Me In The Alley Sally
Rex AustraliaRE-10071960EP5 
George Waterson

A1: If I Loved You
A2: On The Street Where You Live
B1: Oh, What A Beautiful Morning
B2: Some Enchanted Evening
Rex AustraliaRE-10091960EP0 
Dig Richards And The R' Jays

Dig Richards At Melbourne Town Hall

A1: Bony Maroney
A2: Lotta Lovin'
B1: My Babe
B2: Please Don't Tease
Rex AustraliaRE-10101960EP210.0
Jack Papworth's Old-Time Band

Jack Papworth's "Old-Time Band"

A1: Maxina Medley
A2: Danny Boy
B1: Canadian Three-Step Medley
B2: Take Your Partners
Rex AustraliaRE-10131960EP0 
Dig Richards And The R' Jays

A: [Real Gone] Annie Laurie
B: South Of The Border
Rex AustraliaRS-00119607"310.0
Mona Wiki

A: Rose In Her Hair
B: There's A Gold Mine In The Sky [Hoki Mai]
Rex AustraliaRS-00219607"2 
The Graduates [Australia]

A: The Mocking Bird
B: The Glory Of Love
Rex AustraliaRS-00319607"2 
Margaret Hooper

A: One Step Beyond
B: The Way We Are
Rex AustraliaRS-00419607"0 
Candy And Mandy With The Ultra-Tones

A: This Is It
B: Willie Boy
Rex AustraliaRS-00519607"1 
Billy O'Rourke

A: Running Bear

Billy Owens

B: Blue Woman
Rex AustraliaRS-00619607"1 
Rob E.G.

A: Your Cheatin' Heart
B: 7 Foot 2
Rex AustraliaRS-00719607"0 
Les Welch

A: Bumble Bee
B: You've Got A Lot Of This
Rex AustraliaRS-00819607"0 
The New Notes With The Ultra-Tones

A: My Sweetie Pie
B: I Am
Rex AustraliaRS-00919607"0 
The Maori Troubadours Featuring Tui Latui And The New Notes

A: Lovely Hula Hands

The Maori Troubadours

B: Shakin' In The Shaky Isle
Rex AustraliaRS-01119607"1 
Judy Cannon

A: Laughin' On The Outside
B: Ma (He's Making Eyes At Me)
Rex AustraliaRS-01419607"0 
Kerry Bryant

A: Through A Long And Sleepless Night
B: Dear Someone
Rex AustraliaRS-01619607"1 
Noeline Batley

A: Starry Eyed
B: Soldier, Won't You Marry Me
Rex AustraliaRS-01719607"010.0
John Laws

A: I Remember
B: Stampede
Rex AustraliaRS-01819607"0 
Rhett Walker

A: I Don't Know What It Is
B: I'll Never Be Myself Again
Rex AustraliaRS-01919607"1 
Johnny Byrell With Basil Kirchin's Big 7

A: Caravan
B: Night And Day
Rex AustraliaRS-02019607"2 
John Laws

A: Run, Boy, Run
B: Made To Be Loved
Rex AustraliaRS-02119607"0 
Dig Richards And The R' Jays

A: Comin' Down With Love
B: Ain't She Sweet
Rex AustraliaRS-02219607"210.0
Joe Martin [Australia]

A: Cut Me Kangaroo Loose

Johnny [Tex] And Mary Croft

B: Charlie Mopps
Rex AustraliaRS-02319607"1 
Roberta Shore

A: I L-O-V-E You
B: Let There Be Peace On Earth
Rex AustraliaRS-02919607"1 
The Dew-Etts With The Raiders

A: So Sad

Pam Liversidge

B: My Heart Has A Mind Of It's Own
Rex AustraliaRS-03519607"1 
Patty Markham

A: Close The Door
B: Graduation Waltz
Rex AustraliaRS-04419607"0 
Dig's R' Jays

A: Brazil
B: Alexander's Ragtime Band
Rex AustraliaRS-04519607"3 
Noeleen Batley

Starry Eyed

A1: Starry Eyed
A2: Barefoot Boy
B1: When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold
B2: Soldier, Won't You Marry Me
Rex AustraliaRX-10,0631960EP0 
Rex 4 Star

Judy Cannon And The Thunderbirds

A1: Laughing On The Outside

The Thunderbirds [Australia]

A2: Peter Gunn

Billy Owens With The Thunderbirds

B1: That Lucky Old Sun

Billy O'Rourke With The Thunderbirds

B2: No More
Rex AustraliaRE-1001Feb 1960EP3 
Rex 4 Star

Candy And Mandy

A1: Clickety Clack

Rob E.G. With The Ultra-Tones

A2: Your Cheatin' Heart

Margaret Hooper With Ron Hardy And The Hardi-Men And The New Notes

B1: You're Free To Go

The New Notes With The Ultra-Tones

B2: I Am
Rex AustraliaRE-1002Feb 1960EP2 
Johnny [Tex] And Mary Croft

A: Kiss, Kiss, Kissin' In The Corn

Johnny [Tex] Croft

B: The End Of The Pub With No Beer
Rex AustraliaRS-012Apr 19607"0 
The New Notes

A: Need Someone To Love Me
B: Sing, Sing, Sing
Rex AustraliaRS-015Jul 19607"0 
Annette Klooger With Basil Kirchin's Big 7

A: Amor
B: Rhumba Cardi
Rex AustraliaRS-024Jul 19607"17 
The Maori Hi-Five

A: American Patrol
B: Oasis
Rex AustraliaRS-025Aug 19607"0 
John Laws

A: There's No Tomorrow
B: If I Could Be With You
Rex AustraliaRS-030Aug 19607"0 
Noeline Batley

A: Barefoot Boy
B: When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold
Rex AustraliaRS-026Sep 19607"410.0
Wilma Reading

A: Nature Boy
B: Fool, Fool, Fool
Rex AustraliaRS-027Sep 19607"0 
Dig Richards

A: (My) Little Lover
B: Quarrels (Are A Sad Sad Thing)
Rex AustraliaRS-028Sep 19607"210.0
Patty Markham

A: Sentimental Me
B: September Song
Rex AustraliaRS-031Oct 19607"0 
Bix Bryant

A: Move Two Mountains
B: Let's Have A Party
Rex AustraliaRS-032Oct 19607"1 
Wilma Reading

A: In My Little Corner Of The World
B: If I Were A Bell
Rex AustraliaRS-033Oct 19607"1 
Margaret Hooper

A: Devil Or Angel

Candy Williams

B: Five Brothers
Rex AustraliaRS-034Oct 19607"0 
Judy Cannon

A: If She Should Come To You

Les Meade

B: My Fickle-Minded Heart
Rex AustraliaRS-036Oct 19607"0 
Johnny Byrell

A: Kiddio
B: This Can't Be Love
Rex AustraliaRS-037Oct 19607"0 
Rex Dallas

A: Bicycle Wreck
B: That's My Love
Rex AustraliaRS-038Oct 19607"3 
Bobby Royal

A: Broken Love

Tony Mercer

B: The Watch
Rex AustraliaRS-039Nov 19607"1 

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