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Roulette - Label Discography

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  USA  869
  New Zealand  148
  Netherlands  128
  France  116
  Australia  93
  Canada  81
  Germany  71
  Sweden  42
  Japan  28
  UK  26
  Italy  19
  South Africa  9
  Israel  6
  Jamaica  3
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Sarah Vaughan

A: Serenata
B: Let's
Roulette FranceR 4.28519587"0 
Joe Jones And His Orchestra

You Talk Too Much

A1: You Talk Too Much
A2: I Love You Still
B1: A Tisket, A Tasket
B2: Every Night About Eight
Roulette FranceREP 11011960EP3 
Joe Jones And His Orchestra

A: You Talk Too Much (Tu Parles Trop)
B: I Love You Still
Roulette FranceR 4304Dec 19607"0 
The Delicates

A1: Not Tomorrow
A2: Little Ship

The Cognac's

B1: Charlena
B2: Heaven Only Knows
Roulette FranceREP 11131961EP0 
Joey Dee And The Starliters

A: Wing-Ding
B: Twistin'On A Liner
Roulette FranceR 4000719627"0 
Joey Dee And The Starliters

Bande Originale Du Film Paramount Le Twist Est Roi

A1: Hey, Let's Twist (Le Twist Est Roi)
A2: Roly Poly
A3: Let Me Do My Twist
B1: Shout
Roulette FranceREP 11171962EP0 
Joey Dee And The Starliters

Enregistrement Public Réalisé Au Peppermint Lounge De Miami Beach

A1: Hello Josephine
A2: C.C. Rider
B1: You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby
B2: Kansas City
Roulette FranceREP 11181962EP0 
Debbie Dovale

A1: Hey Lover

Tracey And Tom

A2: The Buffalo Walk

Myrna March

B1: I Can't Say No

The Arnells

B2: Heart Repair Shop
Roulette FranceVREX. 650031963EP0 
Joey Dee And The Starliters

Surfin´ No. 1

A1: Dance Dance Dance
A2: Let's Have A Party
B1: Help Me
B2: Swingin'
Roulette FranceVREX. 650051963EP0 
Ray Barretto

Original... El Watusi

A1: El Watusi
A2: Ritmo Sabroso
B1: Enamorado (In Love)
B2: Encendido Otra Vez
Roulette FranceVREX. 650021964EP0 
Beverly Marcell

A1: The Monkey Dance
A2: Bevy's Got A Boyfriend

Johnny Parr

B1: Monkey See, Monkey Do

Linda And Paul

B2: The Monkey Ate The Bird
Roulette FranceVREX. 650041964EP0 
Joey Dee And The Starliters

Surfin´ No. 2

A1: Money
A2: Slippin' And Slidin'
B1: Talkin' 'Bout You
B2: Have You Ever Had The Blues
Roulette FranceVREX. 650061964EP0 
Ray Barretto

Les Vainqueurs (The Victors)

A1: Theme From The Victors (My Special Dream)
A2: Swinging Shepherd Blues
B1: Mr. Blah Blah
B2: El Bantu
Roulette FranceVREX. 650111964EP0 
Louis Armstrong And Duke Ellington

A1: The Mooche
A2: Mood Indigo
B1: Black And Tan Fantasy
B2: Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me
Roulette FranceVREX. 650131964EP0 
Art Blakey, Charlie Persip, Elvin Jones, "Philly" Joe Jones

Drums - Vol. 2 Jam Session De Batteries Au "Birdland"

A: Now Is The Time
B: Night In Tunisia
Roulette FranceVREX. 650171964EP0 
Willie Bobo

Dansez "Le Bobo"

A1: Bobo! Do That Thing
A2: Be's That Way
B1: Rigor Mortis
B2: Chickadee
Roulette FranceVREX. 650191964EP0 
The Devotions

A1: Tears From A Broken Heart
A2: A Sunday Kind Of Love
B1: Rip Van Winkle
B2: (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons
Roulette FranceVREX. 650211964EP0 
Anita Humes

A1: I'm Making It Over
A2: Just For The Boy
B1: When Somethin's Hard To Get
B2: Don't Fight It Baby
Roulette FranceVREX. 650231964EP0 
Shawn Elliott

A: Shame And Scandal In The Family
B: My Girl
Roulette France45 VR 19500719657"0 
Johnny Adams

A: Going To The City
B: I'm Grateful
Roulette France45 VR. 19501419657"0 
Ray Barretto and His Orchestra

Les Rois Du Typique - 2

A1: Wipeout
A2: Babalu
B1: A Puerto Rico
B2: Chihuahua
Roulette FranceVREX. 650261965EP0 
The Exciters

A1: I Want You To Be My Boy
A2: Tonight, Tonight
B1: Talkin' About My Baby
B2: That's How Love Starts
Roulette FranceVREX 650301965EP0 
The Hullaballoos

A1: Did You Ever
A2: Wouldn't You Like To Know
B1: Beware
B2: Who Do You Think You're Fooling
Roulette FranceVREX. 650331965EP0 
Shawn Elliott

A1: Shame And Scandal In The Family
A2: My Girl

Derek Martin

B1: You Better Go
B2: You Know
Roulette FranceVREX. 650361965EP1 
Myrna March

I Can't Say No

A1: I Can't Say No
A2: I Keep Forgettin'
B1: Our Love, It Grows
B2: Warm Are Your Lips
Roulette FranceVREX. 650371965EP3 
Shawn Elliott

A1: The Joker
A2: Little Bird
B1: The Girl In Bell Bottom Trousers
B2: Josephine
Roulette FranceVREX. 650391965EP110.0
Shawn Elliott

Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues

A1: Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
A2: King Of The Road (On Est Les Rois)
B1: Sandy Is Her Name
B2: Momma Look A Boo-Boo
Roulette FranceVREX. 650411965EP0 
The Hullaballoos

A1: I'm Gonna Love You Too
A2: Party Doll
B1: Why Do Fools Fall In Love
B2: Can't You Tell
Roulette FranceVREX. 65024Jan 1965EP0 
Tommy James And The Shondells

A: Hanky Panky
B: Thunderbolt
Roulette France45 VR 19501819667"0 
Sam And Dave

A: Found Out
B: I Got A Thing Going On Jack
Roulette France45 VR.19502419667"0 
Joan Baez

A1: On The Banks Of The Ohio
A2: Lowlands
B1: What You Gonna Call Your Pretty Little Girl
B2: Sail Away Ladies
Roulette FranceVREX. 650381966EP3 
Shawn Elliott

Chante En Français

A1: Josephine (Josephine, Please No Lean On The Bell)
A2: Tom Pouce Blues (Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues)
B1: Il Y Avait Un Oiseau (Little Bird)
B2: Ring Guidiguidiguiding (The Girl In Bell Bottom Trousers)
Roulette FranceVREX. 650431966EP0 
Tommy James And The Shondells

A1: Hanky Panky
A2: Thunderbolt

Dave "Baby" Cortez

B1: Count Down
B2: Summertime
Roulette FranceVREX. 650441966EP0 
Tommy James And The Shondells

A1: Say I Am
A2: Good Lovin'
B1: Shake A Tail Feather
B2: Lots Of Pretty Girls
Roulette FranceVREX. 650451966EP0 
La Lupe

Tito Puente & La Lupe

A1: Lola
A2: El Pajarillo
B1: Guajiro De Cunagua
B2: Yo Traigo Bomba
Roulette FranceVREX. 650471966EP0 
Tommy James And The Shondells

A1: It's Only Love
A2: Ya Ya
B1: Fanny Mae
B2: Some
Roulette FranceVREX. 650481966EP0 
The Spirit

A: No Time To Rhyme
B: Man Enough For You Baby
Roulette France45 VR 19503019677"0 
Dave "Baby" Cortez

A: Shoop Shoop
B: Come Back (To Lonely Me)
Roulette France45 VR. 19503119677"0 
Chuck Wood

A: Seven Days Too Long
B: Soul Shing-A-Ling
Roulette France45 VR 195 03219677"1 
The Impossibles

A: I Wanna Know
B: It's All Right
Roulette France45 VR. 19503319677"0 
The Royalettes

A: River Of Tears
B: Something Wonderful
Roulette France45 VR. 19503419677"18.0
Tommy James And The Shondells

A1: I Think We're Alone Now
A2: Don't Let My Love Pass You By
B1: Gone, Gone, Gone
B2: Pick-Up
Roulette FranceVREX. 650491967EP0 
Tommy James And The Shondells

A1: Mirage
A2: I Like The Way
B1: Run, Run Baby Run
B2: Baby Let Me Down
Roulette FranceVREX. 650511967EP0 
Tommy James And The Shondells

A: Mony Mony
B: 1, 2, 3 And I Feel
Roulette France45 VR 195 03619687"08.0
Tommy James And The Shondells

A: Somebody Cares
B: Do Unto Me
Roulette France45 VR 19503719687"0 
Ricardo Ray

A: Nitty Gritty
B: Mony Mony
Roulette France45 VR 19503819687"0 
The One Eyed Jacks

A: Together We're In Love
B: California's Calling
Roulette France45 VR 19503919687"0 
Tommy James And The Shondells

A: Do Something To Me
B: Gingerbread Man
Roulette France45 VR 19504019687"0 
Pacheco Y Su Charanga

A: Chuki Luki
B: Suav'ito
Roulette France45 VR 19504119697"0 
Ricardo Ray

A: California Sun
B: Ya, Ya
Roulette France45 VR 19504319697"0 

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