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Royal American - Label Discography

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Owned by writer / producer Dick Heard

Nov. 1968 - signed distribution deal with Buddah (Billboard Nov 9, 1968)
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Van Trevor

A: The Things That Matter
B: Band Of Gold
Royal American USARA-280Dec 19687"0 
Jimmy Velvet [Tennant]

A: Missing You
B: Blue Velvet
Royal American USARA 29119697"0 
Lynda K. Lance

A: The World I Used To Know
B: The Loving Kind
Royal American USARA 281Jan 19697"0 
Sandy Rucker

A: You Know Where To Go
B: For The Sake Of Our Little Mistake
Royal American USARA-282Jan 19697"0 
Sandy Rucker

A: You're My World
B: When Your #2
Royal American USARA 285May 19697"0 
Lynda K. Lance

A: Ain't Had No Lovin'
B: That's All That Matters
Royal American USARA 287Jul 19697"0 
Freddy Cannon

A: Strawberry Wine
B: Blossom Dear
Royal American USARA 288Aug 19697"07.0
Van Trevor

A: Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings
B: Daddy's Little Man
Royal American USARA 289Sep 19697"0 
Lynda K. Lance

A: A Woman's Side Of Love
B: That's All I Want From You
Royal American USARA 290Oct 19697"07.0
Reuben Ware, Sr.

A: Lester Goes To Ludowici
B: Crazy About The Women
Royal American USARA 1219707"1 
The John Deer Company

A: Waxahachie Woman
B: Big Train
Royal American USARA-2119707"1 
Ernie West

A: Goin' Down To Baton Rouge
B: Dreams Gone By
Royal American USARA 719707"1 
Guy Drake

A: Welfare Cadilac
B: Keep Off My Grass
Royal American USARA 1Jan 19707"1 
Freddy Cannon

A: Charged-Up, Turned On Rock-N-Roll Singer
B: Charged-Up, Turned On Rock-N-Roll Singer
Royal American USARA 2Jan 1970Promo Only 7"0 
Freddy Cannon

A: Charged-Up, Turned-Up Rock-N-Roll Singer
B: I Ain't Much But I'm Yours
Royal American USARA 2Jan 19707"1 
Jerry McCain

A: Welfare Cadillac Blues
B: Funky Down Easy
Royal American USARA-4Jan 19707"1 
Lynda K. Lance

A: The Power Of A Woman
B: I'm Seeing Leaving In Your Eyes
Royal American USARA 5Feb 19707"0 
Bobby G. Rice

A: Sugar Shack
B: Sweet Lil Ol' You
Royal American USARA-6Feb 19707"0 
The Rays Of Sunshine

A: All Nite Cafe
B: Snapdragon
Royal American USARA-10Apr 19707"0 
Freddy Cannon

A: Nite Time Lady
B: I Ain't Much But I'm Yours
Royal American USARA-11Apr 19707"3 
Van Trevor

A: Luziana River
B: Sweet Diana
Royal American USARA-9Apr 19707"0 
Guy Drake

A: Born To Be An Opry Star
B: Politickin' Pete
Royal American USARA-15Jul 19707"0 
Lynda K. Lance

A: What I Don't See (Won't Hurt Me)
B: Catch The Wind
Royal American USARA-17Jul 19707"0 
Bobby G. Rice

A: Hey Baby
B: Hey, Hey, Santa Fe
Royal American USARA-18Aug 19707"0 
Lynda K. Lance

A: My Guy
B: My Guy
Royal American USARA 24Dec 1970Promo Only 7"16.0
Lynda K. Lance

A: My Guy
B: Weakness Of A Woman
Royal American USARA 24Dec 19707"0 
Bobby G. Rice

A: Lover Please
B: You're So Easy To Love
Royal American USARA 27Dec 19707"0 
John Deer

A: The Battle Hymn Of Lt. Calley
B: Sittin' In Atlanta Station
Royal American USARA-3419717"0 
Rays Of Sunshine

A: Sunflower
B: Have You No Feelings At All
Royal American USARA 3719717"1 
Happy Shahan

A: Home Of My Heart San Antone
B: Abraham Martin
Royal American USARA 4119717"0 
Duffey's Plantation Band

A: Merrilee Thompson
B: It's Alright With Me
Royal American USARA 4219717"0 
Bobby G. Rice

A: Mountain Of Love
B: Five O'Clock World
Royal American USARA 32Apr 19717"0 
Lynda K. Lance

A: Will You Love Me Tomorrow
B: Bad Water
Royal American USARA 35Jul 19717"08.0
Ray Griff

A: Wait A Little Longer
B: What Can I Say
Royal American USARA 38Jul 19717"1 
Gene Simmons

A: My Ring Dang Doo
B: Memphis Blue
Royal American USARA-45Oct 19717"0 
Ray Griff

A: The Mornin' After Baby Let Me Down
B: I'll Love You Enough For Both Of Us
Royal American USARA 46Oct 19717"1 
Bobby G. Rice

A: Suspicion
B: Suspicion
Royal American USARA 48Nov 1971Promo Only 7"0 
Bobby G. Rice

A: Suspicion
B: The Birds And The Bees
Royal American USARA 48Nov 19717"0 
Happy Shahan

A: Everybody Wanta See The Elephant
B: They're Gonna Tear It Down
Royal American USARA 5319727"0 
Dawn Glass

A: I Didn't Meet A Saint In New Orleans
B: He's Someplace Down In Texas
Royal American USARA 7219727"0 
Onie Wheeler

A: John's Been Shucking My Corn
B: Make 'Em All Go Home
Royal American USARA 7619727"0 
Mel Street

A: Borrowed Angel
B: House Of Pride
Royal American USARA 64May 19727"0 
Bobby G. Rice

A: Guess Who
B: You're So Easy To Love
Royal American USARA 8019737"1 
Onie Wheeler

A: Shuckin' My Way To The Hall Of Fame
B: I Can't Pass An Orchard
Royal American USARA-8519737"1 
Bill Collins

A: Lie To Me About Her
B: From Nine To Five
Royal American USARA-10419747"0 
Lea Rand

A: You'd Better Be Gone
B: Stop, Look And Listen
Royal American USARA 11219747"0 
Roger White

A: Over Twice Over
B: I Gave It All That I Got
Royal American USARA-12119747"0 
David Daniel III

A: Leading Lady
B: All Of The Reasons
Royal American USARA-12219747"0 
David Daniel III

A: Willie Joe's Roadhouse
B: What Am I Gonna Do
Royal American USARA-13319757"0 
Wayne Worley

A: That's The Way I Feel
B: Johnny Reb
Royal American USARA 16019817"0 

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