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Salsoul - Label Discography

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  USA  160
  UK  46
  Germany  15
  Netherlands  10
  Canada  4
  Australia  3
  Belgium  2
  France  2
  Spain  2
  Italy  1
  Japan  1
  New Zealand  1
  South Africa  1
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A: The Bottle (La Botella)
B: When You're Down (Funk Mambo)
Salsoul USASS-8701Dec 19747"1 
Salsoul Orchestra

A: Salsoul Hustle
B: Salsoul
Salsoul USAS-870419757"0 
Orquesta Power

A: Si Me Muero Madre Mia
B: Un Coro Afincao
Salsoul USAS-871119757"0 
Georgie Dann

A: El Bimbo (Version Instrumental)
B: El Bimbo
Salsoul USASS-870319757"0 
Carol Williams

A: Rattlesnake
B: Rattlesnake (Disco Version)
Salsoul USASZ-200019757"0 
Floyd Smith And The Salsoul Orchestra

A: I Just Can't Give You Up
B: I Just Can't Give You Up (Instrumental)
Salsoul USASZ-200119757"0 
Salsoul Orchestra

A: Salsoul Hustle
B: Salsoul Hustle (Disco Version)
Salsoul USASZ 2002Aug 19757"0 
Salsoul Orchestra

A: Tangerine
B: Salsoul Hustle
Salsoul USASZ 2004Dec 19757"09.0
Chocolate Y Su Orquesta

A: Controlate
B: Aprieta En El Rincon
Salsoul USAS-871519767"0 
The Salsoul Orchestra

A: We Wish You A Merry Christmas
B: Merry Christmas All
Salsoul USASZ 205219767"1 
Salsoul Orchestra

A: You're Just The Right Size
B: You're Just The Right Size
Salsoul USASZ-2007May 1976Promo Only 7"1 
Salsoul Orchestra

A: You're Just The Right Size
B: Chicago Bus Stop (Ooh, I Love It)
Salsoul USASZ-2007May 19767"0 
Double Exposure

A: Ten Percent
B: Pick Me
Salsoul USASZ-2008May 19767"9 
Salsoul Orchestra

A: Nice 'N' Nasty
B: Nightcrawler
Salsoul USASZ-2011Aug 19767"1 
The Salsoul Orchestra

A: Short Shorts
B: It's A New Day
Salsoul USAS7-203719777"0 

A: The Beat Goes On And On
B: Facts Of Life
Salsoul USAS7 205719777"0 

A: Today
B: Call Me Traveling Man
Salsoul USAS7 206619777"0 
Salsoul Orchestra

A: Ritzy Mambo
B: Salsoul: 3001
Salsoul USASZ 201819777"0 
Claudja Barry

A: Sweet Dynamite
B: This Taste Of Love
Salsoul USASZ-202319777"0 
Carol Williams

A: Come Back
B: This Time Maybe The Last Time
Salsoul USASZ-202419777"0 
The Salsoul Orchestra

A: Getaway
B: Magic Bird Of Fire
Salsoul USASZ-203819777"0 

A: Voyage Of No Return
B: Fortune Teller
Salsoul USASZ 204119777"0 
Moment Of Truth

A: You Got Me Hummin'
B: You Got Me Hummin' (Extended Version)
Salsoul USASZ 204219777"0 
Eddie Holman

A: You Make My Life Complete
B: Somehow You Make Me Feel
Salsoul USASZ-204319777"0 
Charo And The Salsoul Orchestra

A: Dance A Little Bit Closer
B: Cuchi-Cuchi
Salsoul USASZ 204819777"1 

A: The King Of Clubs
B: Orfeu Negro
Salsoul USAT7 600219777"0 
Double Exposure

A: Just Can't Say Hello
B: My Love Is Free
Salsoul USASZ 2012Jan 19777"0 

A: Spring Rain
B: Travel Check
Salsoul USASZ-2014Feb 19777"5 
Eddie Holman

A: This Will Be A Night To Remember
B: Time Will Tell
Salsoul USASZ 2026Apr 19777"1 
Eddie Holman

A: This Will Be A Night To Remember
B: This Will Be A Night To Remember
Salsoul USASZ 2026Apr 1977Promo Only 7"1 
Moment Of Truth

A: Lovin' You Is Killin' Me
B: So Much For Love
Salsoul USASZ 2027Apr 19777"28.0
The Salsoul Orchestra Featuring Vocalist Loleatta Holloway

A: Run Away
B: Run Away (Album Version)
Salsoul USASZ-2045Nov 19777"0 
Claudja Barry

A: Dance, Dance, Dance
B: Why Must A Girl Like Me
Salsoul USASZ 2046Nov 19777"0 
Double Exposure

A: Newsy Neighbors
B: Handy Man
Salsoul USAS7 206919787"0 

A: The Greatest Show On Earth
B: Go Get It
Salsoul USAS7 207019787"0 
The Salsoul Orchestra

A: Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
B: Ease On Down The Road
Salsoul USAS7 207219787"2 

A: War Dance
B: War Dance
Salsoul USAS7 2073 (DJ)1978Promo Only 7"0 

A: Olé, Olé
B: Olé, Olé (Instrumental)
Salsoul USAS7 207519787"3 

A: Sing Sing
B: Indian Gaz
Salsoul USAS7 208019787"0 

A: Sing Sing [Mono]
B: Sing Sing [Stereo]
Salsoul USAS7 2080 (DJ)1978Promo Only 7"1 
Gary Criss

A: Brazilian Nights [Mono]
B: Brazilian Nights [Stereo]
Salsoul USAS7 20821978Promo Only 7"0 
Gary Criss

A: Brazilian Nights
B: Amazon Queen
Salsoul USAS7 208219787"0 

A: Stay With Me
B: Hot Love
Salsoul USAS7 208519787"0 

A: Stay With Me [Stereo]
A: Stay With Me [Mono]
Salsoul USAS7 2085 (DJ)1978Promo Only 7"0 

A: Love Dance
B: Oriental Explosion
Salsoul USAS7-209019787"0 

A: Love Dance
B: Love Dance
Salsoul USAS7 2090 (DJ)1978Promo Only 7"0 
The Salsoul Orchestra

A: How High
B: Nothing Can Change This Love
Salsoul USAS7 209619787"0 
Claudja Barry

A: Dancin' Fever
B: Long Lost Friend
Salsoul USAS7 2058Feb 19787"0 

A: I Love New York
B: I Love New York (Instrumental)
Salsoul USAS7 206025 Mar 19787"0 
The Salsoul Orchestra

A: West Side Encounter/West Side Story (Medley)
B: Evergreen (Love Theme From "A Star Is Born")
Salsoul USAS7 2064Apr 19787"0 

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