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Scepter - Label Discography

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Subsidiaries: Wand, Scepter / Wand Forever, Hob Is Gospel
Distributed: Wavelength, Madtad, Roadshow, Steady, Toddlin’ Town, Spokane, Cap City, Realm [New York], Lanie
  USA  366
  New Zealand  57
  Australia  55
  Netherlands  48
  Canada  37
  Germany  26
  Japan  9
  Denmark  5
  Sweden  4
  Rhodesia  3
  South Africa  2
  Belgium  1
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Don Crawford And The Escorts

A: Ugly Duckling
B: Why, Why, Why
Scepter USA1201Dec 19587"0 
Eddie And The Starlites

A: Pretty Little Girl
B: To Make A Long Story Short
Scepter USA1202Dec 19587"2 
The Shirelles

A: Dedicated To The One I Love
B: Look A Here Baby
Scepter USA1203May 19597"89.0
The Singing Roulettes

A: Hasten Jason
B: Wouldn't Be Goin Steady
Scepter USA1204Aug 19597"3 
The Shirelles

A: Doin' The Ronde
B: A Teardrop And A Lollipop
Scepter USA1205Sep 19597"1 
The Titones

A: The Movies
B: Symbol Of Love
Scepter USA1206-ANov 19597"2 
Rufus Beacham

A: I Need Your Love
B: When You Call My Name
Scepter USA120919607"1 

A: Please Be My Boyfriend
B: I Saw A Tear
Scepter USA1207Feb 19607"0 
The Shirelles

A: The Dance Is Over
B: Tonight's The Night
Scepter USA1208Apr 19607"29.5
Joey Dee And The Starlights

A: Shimmy Baby
B: Face Of An Angel
Scepter USA1210Oct 19607"3 
The Shirelles

A: Will You Love Me Tomorrow
B: Boys
Scepter USA1211Nov 19607"910.0
Lenny Miles

A: Don't Believe Him, Donna
B: Invisible
Scepter USA1212Dec 19607"18.0
Del Marino

A: I'll Never Be The Same Again
B: Cupid's Arrow
Scepter USA122119617"0 
Rufus (Mr. Soul) Beacham

A: Take It Easy Baby
B: No Man Is King
Scepter USA1214Jan 19617"0 
Sallie Blair

A: Keep An Eye On Your Man
B: In The Still Of The Night
Scepter USA1216Mar 19617"0 
The Shirelles

A: Mama Said
B: Blue Holiday
Scepter USA1217Apr 19617"110.0
Lenny Miles

A: In Between Tears
B: I Know Love
Scepter USA1218Apr 19617"1 
Tommy Hunt

A: The Parade Of Broken Hearts
B: Human
Scepter USA1219Jun 19617"4 
The Shirelles

A: What A Sweet Thing That Was
B: A Thing Of The Past
Scepter USA1220Jun 19617"08.0
The Sherwoods

A: Love River's Rock (Liebestraum Rock)
B: The Penguin
Scepter USA1222Aug 19617"0 
The Shirelles

A: Big John
B: Twenty-One
Scepter USA1223Sep 19617"5 
Tammy Montgomery

A: If You See Bill
B: It's Mine
Scepter USA1224Nov 19617"2 
The Shirelles

A: Baby It's You
B: The Things I Want To Hear (Pretty Words)
Scepter USA1227Nov 19617"410.0
Tommy Hunt

A: The Door Is Open
B: I'm Wondering
Scepter USA1226Dec 19617"3 
The Shirelles

A: Soldier Boy
B: Love Is A Swingin' Thing
Scepter USA1228Mar 19627"69.8
Lonnie Sattin

A: Who's Gonna Mention My Name
B: I Believe
Scepter USA1229Apr 19627"1 
Tommy Hunt

A: The Work Song
B: So Lonely
Scepter USA1231May 19627"1 
Lori Rogers

A: Seymour
B: I Love You Lori
Scepter USA1232May 19627"0 

A: Hurry Home To Me (Soldier Boy)
B: Jimmy's In A Hurry
Scepter USA1233May 19627"1 
The Shirelles

A: Welcome Home Baby
B: Mama, Here Comes The Bride
Scepter USA1234Jun 19627"1 
Tommy Hunt

A: Didn't I Tell You
B: Poor Millionaire
Scepter USA1235Jul 19627"0 
Tommy Hunt

A: I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself
B: And I Never Knew
Scepter USA1236Aug 19627"410.0
Tommy Hunt

A: I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself
B: Didn't I Tell You
Scepter USA1236Aug 19627"010.0
The Shirelles

A: It's Love That Really Counts (In The Long Run)
B: Stop The Music
Scepter USA1237Aug 19627"69.3
Matthew Reid

A: Faded Roses
B: Tomorrow
Scepter USA1238Sep 19627"3 
Dionne Warwick

A: I Smiled Yesterday
B: Don't Make Me Over
Scepter USA1239Oct 19627"810.0
James MacArthur

A: (The Story Of) The In-Between Years
B: Teenage Tears
Scepter USA1241Nov 19627"7 
Jackie Hayes

A: Johnny Drive Me Home
B: Helplessly
Scepter USA1242Nov 19627"1 
The Shirelles

A: Everybody Loves A Lover
B: I Don't Think So
Scepter USA1243Nov 19627"2 
The Rocky Fellers

A: Santa, Santa
B: Great Big World
Scepter USA1245Dec 19627"1 
The Rocky Fellers

A: Santa Santa
B: Santa Santa
Scepter USA1245Dec 1962Promo Only 7"4 
The Rocky Fellers

A: Killer Joe
B: Lonely Teardrops
Scepter USA1246Jan 19637"59.3
Dionne Warwick

A: This Empty Place
B: Wishin' And Hopin'
Scepter USA1247Feb 19637"410.0
The Shirelles

A: Foolish Little Girl
B: Not For All The Money In The World
Scepter USA124823 Mar 19637"38.3
James MacArthur

A: The Ten Commandments Of Love
B: Padre
Scepter USA1250Apr 19637"28.0
Lonnie Sattin

A: Watermelon Man
B: Soul Bossa Nova
Scepter USA1251May 19637"0 
Tommy Hunt

A: Son, My Son
B: Do You Really Love Me
Scepter USA1252May 19637"18.0
Dionne Warwick

A: Please Make Him Love Me
B: Make The Music Play
Scepter USA1253Jun 19637"210.0
The Rocky Fellers

A: Like The Big Guys Do
B: Great Big World
Scepter USA1254Jun 19637"59.0
The Shirelles

A: Don't Say Goodnight And Mean Goodbye
B: I Didn't Mean To Hurt You
Scepter USA1255Jun 19637"2 

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