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Setanta - Label Discography

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A House

A1: Everything's Gone
A2: I Lust For Love
Setanta UKBUN 0011991Flexi1 
Into Paradise

A: Under The Water
Setanta UKCAO 00119917"110.0
The Divine Comedy

A1: Jerusalem

A House

B1: I Lied

The Frank And Walters

B2: Daisy Chain
Setanta UKCAO 0021991EP010.0
A House

A: Endless Art
B: Slipping Away
Setanta UKSET010719917"2 
The Divine Comedy

A1: Lucy
B1: The Pop Singer's Fear Of The Pollen Count
B2: I Was Born Yesterday
Setanta UKCAO 008Oct 19917"08.0
A House

A1: Second Wind
B1: When I Last Saw You (Live)
B2: I Want To Kill Something (Live)
Setanta UKCAO 00419927"0 
Into Paradise

A: Angelus
B: Tomorrow
Setanta UKCAO 00619927"1 
The Glee Club

A1: Free To Believe

The Divine Comedy

A2: Your Daddy's Car (Demo)
Setanta UKCAO 0091992Flexi1 
The Frank And Walters

A: Laurence Olivier
B: Angela Cray (Live)
Setanta UKHOU HA 41992Flexi1 
A House

A: You're Too Young
B: Take It Easy On Me
Setanta UKSET 0127Jan 19927"0 
A House

A1: Kick Me Again Jesus
A2: When I Change
B1: Y.O.U.
B2: Snowball Down
Setanta UKCAO 003Mar 1992EP1 
A House

A: Endless Art
B: More Endless Art
Setanta UKAHOU 1Jun 19927"6 
A House

A: Take It Easy On Me
B: I Love You
Setanta UKAHOU 2Aug 19927"0 
A House

Happy Fucking Christmas

A: Slang
Setanta UKBUN 002Dec 1992Flexi0 
The Divine Comedy

Indulgence No. 1

A1: Hate My Way
B1: Untitled Melody
B2: European By Train
Setanta UKDC 00118 Oct 1993EP0 
A House

Christmas 1993

A1: Santamental
A2: Curious
Setanta UKBUN 003Dec 1993Flexi1 

A1: Cotton Dress
B1: Dead Friends Fall
B2: Summer Is Nearly Over
Setanta UKSET 01619947"08.0

A1: Shifting
B1: Christina
B2: Lazing
Setanta UKSET 01719947"0 
The Divine Comedy

Indulgence No. 2

A1: A Drinking Song
B1: When The Lights Go Out All Over Europe
B2: Tonight We Fly
Setanta UKDC 002Jun 1994EP18.0
Edwyn Collins

A: A Girl Like You
B: You're On Our Own
Setanta UKZOP 003-75 Jun 19957"58.8
The Divine Comedy

A: Something For The Weekend
B: Songs Of Love (Theme From 'Father Ted')
Setanta UKSET 02617 Jun 19967"29.0
The Divine Comedy

A: Becoming More Like Alfie
B: Your Daddy's Car
Setanta UKSET 02712 Aug 19967"08.0

A: Shaped Like A Gun
B: Postcard Blues
Setanta UKSET 03719977"0 
Edwyn Collins

A: Adidas World
B: High Fashion
Setanta UKSET 045Oct 19977"0 

A1: Call Her Name
B1: Circles
B2: Stumbling
Setanta UKSET 04019987"0 

A1: Streetlight
B1: Peace And Love
B2: Submission
Setanta UKSET04319987"0 

A1: Hang My Hat
B1: The Change
B2: Better Days
Setanta UKSET0471998Special Edition 7"0 

A: I Am The Supergrass
B: Sunscreen And Icecream
Setanta UKSET 04919987"0 
The Divine Comedy

A: Generation Sex
B: Postcard To Rosie
Setanta UKSET 067Sep 19987"0 

A: Blue Party
B: Dead Love
Setanta UKSET 07620007"0 
The Frank And Walters

A1: Something Happened To Me
B1: Something Happened To Me (Acoustic)
B2: Time We Said Goodnight (Live)
Setanta UKSET 07428 Feb 20007"0 
Edwyn Collins

A: The Beatle$
B: Welwyn Garden City
Setanta UKSET 09320017"1 
The Frank And Walters

A: Underground
B: Rock And Roll
Setanta UKSET 08215 Jan 20017"0 
Noonday Underground

A: Nobody But You
B: Hitch Your Wagon To The Stars
Setanta UKSET 11120027"0 
Noonday Underground

A: I'll Walk Right On
B: The Light Brigade (Cut Copy Remix)
Setanta UKSET12020037"0 

A: My Radio
B: Romantic Comedy
Setanta UKSET 12320037"1 
Kennedy [00s]

A: Wake Up
B: You Were Gone
Setanta UKSET 13520037"010.0
Evan Dando

A1: Stop My Head
B1: Shots Is Fired
B2: Intro
Setanta UKSET 12719 May 20037"0 
Evan Dando

A1: It Looks Like You
B1: Whoops
B2: The Todd Killings
Setanta UKSET 1301 Dec 20037"0 
The Chalets [UK]

A: Feel The Machine
B: Fight Your Kids (Live)
Setanta UKNP7-003Jul 20057"0 
The Chalets [UK]

A: No Style
B: C'est Supercool
Setanta UKNP7 00426 Sep 20057"0 
The Chalets [UK]

A: Theme From Chalets
B: Avalanche
Setanta UKNP7 005Mar 20067"1 
The Frank And Walters

A1: We Are The Frank And Walters
A2: Humphrey
Setanta UKHOO-HA 1Flexi0 

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