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Shelter - Label Discography

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  USA  128
  New Zealand  35
  Canada  30
  Australia  28
  UK  25
  Germany  16
  Spain  11
  Japan  10
  Netherlands  6
  Norway  6
  France  5
  South Africa  2
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Leon Russell

A: A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall
B: Me And Baby Jane
Shelter Canada730519717"0 
The Grease Band

A: All I Wanna Do
B: Jessie James
Shelter Canada731019717"2 
The Grease Band

A: Laughed At The Judge
B: Let It Be Gone
Shelter Canada7304Jun 19717"0 
J. J. Cale

A: After Midnight
B: Crying Eyes
Shelter Canada732119727"0 
Freddie King

A: Ain't No Sunshine
B: I'd Rather Be Blind
Shelter Canada732319727"0 
Leon Russell

A: Tight Rope
B: This Masquerade
Shelter Canada732519727"0 
J. J. Cale

A: Lies
B: Riding Home
Shelter Canada732619727"0 
J. J. Cale

A: Going Down
B: Louisiana Women
Shelter Canada733219727"1 
J. J. Cale

A: Crazy Mama
B: Don't Go To Strangers
Shelter Canada7314Jan 19727"4 
Mary McCreary

A: Evil Woman
B: Mirror
Shelter CanadaMCA 4009619737"0 
Mary McCreary

A: Singin' The Blues
B: High Flying Me
Shelter CanadaSR-4021719747"0 
The Gap Band

A: Backbone
B: Loving You Is Everything
Shelter CanadaSR-4022819747"0 
J. J. Cale

A: Cajun Moon
B: Starbound
Shelter CanadaSR-4023819747"0 
Leon Russell

A: Leaving Whipporwhill
B: Time For Love
Shelter CanadaSR-4027719747"0 
Phoebe Snow

A: Let The Good Times Roll
B: Harpo's Blues
Shelter CanadaSR-4027819747"1 
Phoebe Snow

A: Poetry Man
B: Either Or Both
Shelter CanadaSR 4035319747"2 
Leon Russell

A: If I Were A Carpenter...
B: Wild Horses
Shelter CanadaSR-40210Mar 19747"8 
Leon Russell

A: Lady Blue
B: Laying Right Here In Heaven
Shelter CanadaSR 4037819757"0 
Phoebe Snow

A: Harpo's Blues
B: Easy Street
Shelter CanadaSR 4040019757"0 
Louis Paul

A: Love Someone And Make 'Em Happy
B: Crystal Blue
Shelter CanadaSR 4043019757"0 
Dwight Twilley Band

A: You Were So Warm
B: Sincerely
Shelter CanadaSR 4045019757"0 
Leon Russell

A: Back To The Island
B: Little Hideaway
Shelter CanadaSR 4048319757"0 
Richard Torrance And Eureka

A: Southern Belles
B: Lady
Shelter CanadaSR-40419Jun 19757"0 
Dwight Twilley Band

A: I'm On Fire
B: Did You See What's Happened
Shelter CanadaSR 4038014 Jun 19757"0 
J. J. Cale

A: Hey Baby
B: Cocaine
Shelter Canada1309-6200219767"0 
Dwight Twilley Band

A: Could Be Love
B: Feeling In The Dark
Shelter Canada1309-6200319767"1 
Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers

A: Breakdown
B: Fooled Again (I Don't Like It)
Shelter Canada1309-6200819777"0 
Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers

A: I Need To Know
B: No Second Thoughts
Shelter Canada1309-6201019787"0 
Tom Petty

A: Listen To Her Heart
B: I Don't Know What To Say To You
Shelter Canada1309-6201119787"0 
J. J. Cale

A: Carry On
B: Deep Dark Dungeon
Shelter CanadaMCA-5109519817"1 

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