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Sire - Label Discography

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  USA  498
  UK  235
  Germany  72
  Canada  70
  Australia  50
  Japan  42
  France  29
  Spain  28
  Italy  23
  Ireland  20
  Portugal  17
  Netherlands  14
  Belgium  5
  Sweden  3
  Bootleg  1
  Denmark  1
  Jamaica  1
  Norway  1
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A: Classical Gas
B: Synergy
Sire UK6078 60023 Jan 19767"0 

A: Blitzkrieg Bop
B: Havana Affair
Sire UK6078 60116 Jul 19767"69.7
The Flamin' Groovies

A1: Don't You Lie To Me
B1: She Said Yeah
B2: Shake Some Action
Sire UK6198 08616 Jul 19767"010.0
The Flamin' Groovies

A: Shake Some Action
B: Teenage Confidential
Sire UK6078 60219 Nov 19767"189.7

A1: I Remember You
B1: California Sun
B2: I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You
Sire UK6078 60318 Feb 19777"27.5
Talking Heads

A: Love Goes To Building On Fire
B: New Feeling
Sire UK6078 60425 Feb 19777"09.0
The Beckies

A: River Bayou
B: Run Jenny Run
Sire UK6078 605Mar 19777"1 

A1: Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
B1: Commando
B2: I Don't Care
Sire UKRAM 00113 May 19777"69.0

A1: Swallow My Pride
B1: Pinhead
B2: Let's Dance
Sire UK6078 60715 Jul 19777"19.2
Richard Hell And The Voidoids

A1: Blank Generation
B1: Liars Beware
B2: Who Says?
Sire UK6078 60818 Nov 19777"58.0
Dead Boys

A1: Sonic Reducer
B1: Little Girl
B2: Down In Flames
Sire UK6078 6092 Dec 19777"08.0
Talking Heads

A1: Psycho Killer
B1: Psycho Killer (Version Two)
B2: I Wish You Wouldn't Say That
Sire UK6078 6102 Dec 19777"310.0
The Rezillos

A: (My Baby Does) Good Sculptures
B: Flying Saucer Attack
Sire UK6078 6122 Dec 19777"79.0

A1: Rockaway Beach
B1: Teenage Lobotomy
B2: Beat On The Brat
Sire UK6078 6119 Dec 19777"110.0

A1: Questioningly
A2: Don't Come Close
A3: Sedated
A4: I Just Wanted Something To Do
Sire UKJ-Romone Promo-11978Promo Only 7"0 

A1: Do You Wanna Dance
B1: It's A Long Way Back To Germany
B2: Cretin Hop
Sire UK6078 615Mar 19787"38.7
Patti Smith

A: Hey Joe (Version)
B: Piss Factory
Sire UK6078 6143 Mar 19787"19.0
Radio Birdman

A: What Gives
B: Anglo Girl Desire
Sire UK6078 6173 Mar 19787"4 
The Paley Brothers

A1: Ecstasy
A2: Rendezvous
B1: Hide 'N Seek
B2: Come Out And Play
Sire UK6078 61310 Mar 1978EP1010.0
Plastic Bertrand

A: Ca Plane Pour Moi
B: Pogo Pogo
Sire UK6078 6167 Apr 19787"199.0
Flamin' Groovies

A1: Feel A Whole Lot Better
B1: Paint It Black
B2: Shake Some Action
Sire UK6078 61914 Apr 19787"79.0
Talking Heads

A: Pulled Up
B: Don't Worry About The Government
Sire UK6078 62026 May 19787"0 
The Rezillos

A: Top Of The Pops
B: 20,000 Rezillos Under The Sea
Sire UKSIR 400121 Jul 19787"139.0
Flamin' Groovies

A: Move It
B: When I Heard Your Name
Sire UKSIR 400225 Aug 19787"0 
The Squares

A: No Fear
B: Nobody's Fool
Sire UKSIR 4003Sep 19787"310.0

A: Don't Come Close
B: I Don't Want You
Sire UKSRE 103115 Sep 19787"08.2
The Undertones

A: Teenage Kicks
B: True Confessions
Sire UKSIR 4007 PROOct 1978Promo Only 7"0 
The Paley Brothers And Ramones

A: Come On Let's Go

The Paley Brothers

B: Magic Power
Sire UKSIR 400513 Oct 19787"28.0
The Undertones

A1: Teenage Kicks
A2: Smarter Than U
B1: True Confessions
B2: Emergency Cases
Sire UKSIR 400713 Oct 1978EP19.8
Dead Boys

A1: Tell Me
B1: Not Anymore
B2: Ain't Nothin' To Do
Sire UKSRE 102913 Oct 19787"08.0
Talking Heads

A: Take Me To The River
B: Found A Job
Sire UKSIR 400420 Oct 19787"29.0

A: Twist A Saint Tropez
B: Le Fond De L'air
Sire UKSIR 400610 Nov 19787"18.0
The Rezillos

A: Destination Venus
B: Mystery Action
Sire UKSIR 400817 Nov 19787"27.0
Talking Heads

A: Psycho Killer
B: New Feeling
Sire UKSAM 1081979Bonus 7"1 

A: She's The One
B: I Wanna Be Sedated
Sire UKSIR 400919 Jan 19797"29.5
The Undertones

A1: Get Over You
B1: Really Really
B2: She Can Only Say No
Sire UKSIR 401026 Jan 19797"09.0
Tuff Darts

A: (I Wanna Know) Who's Been Sleeping Here
B: Rats
Sire UKSRE 101523 Feb 19797"18.0
The Squares

A: Stop Being A Boy
B: This Is Airebeat
Sire UKSIR 40119 Mar 19797"07.5
Plastic Bertrand

A1: Tout Petit La Planete
B1: J'te Fais Un Plan
B2: Hit 78
Sire UKSIR 401230 Mar 19797"27.0

A: Moskow Discow
B: Twist A Saint Tropez
Sire UKSIR 4017Apr 19797"210.0
The Undertones

A: Jimmy Jimmy
B: Mars Bars
Sire UKSIR 401520 Apr 19797"108.7
The Rezillos

A1: Cold Wars
B1: Flying Saucer Attack
B2: Twist And Shout
Sire UKSIR 401427 Apr 19797"1 
Lions' Den

A: Born Free
B: Swept Away
Sire UKSRE 104218 May 19797"0 
Talking Heads

A: Take Me To The River
B: Found A Job
C: Love Goes To A Building On Fire
D: Psycho Killer
Sire UKSIR 4004Jun 1979Double Pack09.5
The Flamin' Groovies

A1: Absolutely Sweet Marie
B1: Werewolves Of London
B2: Next One Crying
Sire UKSIR 4018Jun 19797"1 
Dinosaur [70's]

A: Kiss Me Again
B: Kiss Me Again (Version)
Sire UKSRE 10348 Jun 19797"1 
Shake [UK]

A: Culture Shock
B: Dream On
Sire UKSIR 4016Jul 19797"17.0

A: Rock Around The Clock
B: Moskow Discow
Sire UKSIR 4020Jul 19797"610.0
The Undertones

A1: Here Comes The Summer
B1: One Way Love
B2: Top Twenty
Sire UKSIR 40226 Jul 19797"29.0
Walkie Talkies

A: Rich And Nasty
B: Summer In Russia
Sire UKSIR 4023Aug 19797"0 

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