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Sire - Label Discography

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  USA  517
  UK  244
  Germany  77
  Canada  71
  Australia  51
  Japan  49
  France  29
  Spain  28
  Italy  24
  Ireland  21
  Portugal  17
  Netherlands  16
  Belgium  5
  Sweden  3
  Norway  2
  Bootleg  1
  Denmark  1
  Jamaica  1
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The Paley Brothers And Ramones

A: Come On Let's Go

The Paley Brothers

B: Magic Power
Sire Germany100 03819787"0 

A: She's The One
B: Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
Sire Germany100 39419787"010.0
Patti Smith

A: Hey Joe
B: Piss Factory
Sire Germany100 036Oct 19787"0 

A: Don't Come Close
B: I Don't Want You
Sire Germany15 868 ATOct 19787"1 
The Undertones

A1: Here Comes The Summer
B1: One Way Love
B2: Top Twenty
Sire Germany100 86219797"0 
The Undertones

A: Jimmy Jimmy
B: Mars Bars
Sire Germany100 679Jun 19797"1 
The Searchers

A: It's Too Late
B: This Kind Of Love Affair
Sire Germany100 937Nov 19797"49.0
The Undertones

A: You've Got My Number (Why Don't You Use It?)
B: Let's Talk About Girls
Sire Germany101 164Dec 19797"1 
The Searchers

A: Hearts In Her Eyes
B: Don't Hang On
Sire Germany101 169Dec 19797"010.0
The Undertones

A1: My Perfect Cousin
B1: Hard Luck (Again)
B2: I Don't Wanna See You Again
Sire Germany101 802May 19807"0 
The Undertones

A: Wednesday Week
B: Told You So
Sire Germany102 330Aug 19807"0 
The Searchers

A: Love's Melody
B: Changing
Sire Germany102 331Aug 19807"09.0
Talking Heads

A: Once In A Lifetime
B: Seen And Not Seen
Sire Germany102 87219817"0 
Talking Heads

A: This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)
B: Moon Rocks
Sire Germany929 451-719837"0 
Talking Heads

A: Burning Down The House
B: I Get Wild / Wild Gravity
Sire Germany929 565-719837"0 

A: Burning Up
B: Physical Attraction
Sire Germany929 609-719837"0 

A: Burning Up
B: Physical Attraction
Sire Germany929 609-7Jun 19837"0 

A: Holiday
B: I Know It
Sire Germany929 478-7Sep 19837"1 
Alexander Robotnick

A: Problèmes D' Amour (Single Edit)
B: Problèmes D' Amour (Ah Ou Ah Single Edit)
Sire Germany928 967-719847"0 

A: Like A Virgin
B: Stay
Sire Germany929 210-719847"19.0

A: Borderline (edit.)
B: Physical Attraction
Sire Germany929 260-719847"09.0

A: Lucky Star (edit.)
B: Think Of Me
Sire Germany929 274-719847"0 
Sandii And The Sunsetz

A: Sticky Music
B: The Mirrors Of Eyes
Sire Germany929 261-7Jul 19847"0 
Kid Creole And The Coconuts

A: Caroline Was A Drop-Out
B: You Can't Keep A Good Man Down
Sire Germany928 785-719857"0 

A: Dress You Up
B: Shoo-Bee-Doo
Sire Germany928 919-719857"0 
Red Box

A: Lean On Me (Ah-Ii-ayo)
B: Stinging Bee
Sire Germany928 926-719857"07.0

A: Into The Groove
B: Shoo-Bee-Doo
Sire Germany928 934-719857"0 
Kid Creole And The Coconuts

A: Endicott (Edit.)
B: Dowopsalsaboprock
Sire Germany928 959-719857"0 

A: Angel
B: Angel (Dance Mix Edit)
Sire Germany929 008-719857"0 
Book Of Love

A: Boy
B: Book Of Love
Sire Germany929 030-719857"0 

A: Material Girl
B: Pretender
Sire Germany929 083-719857"0 

A: Open Your Heart
B: White Heat
Sire Germany928 508-719867"06.0
Book Of Love

A: I Touch Roses (Remix)
B: Lost Souls (Remix)
Sire Germany928 673-719867"0 

A: Live To Tell
B: Live To Tell (Instrumental)
Sire Germany928 717-719867"0 
Kids In The Kitchen

A: Current Stand
B: Not The Way
Sire Germany928 726-719867"0 

A: Papa Don't Preach
B: Ain't No Big Deal
Sire Germany928 636-7Jun 19867"07.0

A: True Blue (Remix/Edit)
B: Holiday
Sire Germany928 550-7Sep 19867"07.0

A: The Look Of Love
B: I Know It
Sire Germany928 115-719877"0 

A: Causing A Commotion (Single Screen Single Mix)
B: Jimmy, Jimmy
Sire Germany928 224-719877"0 
Kid Creole And The Coconuts

A: Dancin' At The Bains Douches
B: Midsummer Madness (The Refrain)
Sire Germany928 329-719877"1 

A: Who's That Girl
B: White Heat
Sire Germany928 341-719877"08.0
Brian Wilson

A: Let's Go To Heaven In My Car
B: Too Much Sugar
Sire Germany928 350-719877"0 

A: La Isla Bonita (Remix Edit)
B: La Isla Bonita (Instrumental)
Sire Germany928 378-719877"26.0

A: I'm Your Pusher
B: Girls L.G.B.N.A.F
Sire Germany927 768-719887"010.0
Brian Wilson

A: Night Time (Edit)
B: One For The Boys (LP Version)
Sire Germany927 787-719887"0 
Martini Ranch

A: Reach (remix)
B: Richard Cory (LP version/edit)
Sire Germany927 985-719887"1 
Brian Wilson

A: Love And Mercy
B: He Couldn't Get His Poor Old Body To Move
Sire Germany927 814-715 Jul 19887"0 

A: Cherish
B: Supernatural
Sire Germany7599-22786-719897"1 

A: Dear Jessie (LP Version)
B: Till Death Us Do Part (LP Version)
Sire Germany922 668-719897"010.0
David Byrne

A: Make Believe Mambo (LP)
B: Lie To Me (LP)
Sire Germany922 677-719897"1 

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