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Sire - Label Discography

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  USA  545
  UK  249
  Germany  79
  Canada  77
  Australia  54
  Japan  50
  France  30
  Spain  29
  Italy  24
  Ireland  22
  Netherlands  17
  Portugal  17
  Belgium  6
  Norway  3
  Sweden  3
  Bootleg  1
  Denmark  1
  Jamaica  1
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The Jam [USA]

A: Loving Kind Of Way
B: Something's Gone
Sire USAS-5001Mar 19687"149.6
Eric Marshall And The Chymes

A: The Countess
B: I Can't Love You Anymore
Sire USA45-4101Nov 19687"0 
The Strangeloves

A: Honey Do
B: I Wanna Do It
Sire USA45-4102Nov 19687"57.5
Freddie Cannon

A: Beautiful Downtown Burbank
B: If You Give Me A Title
Sire USA45-4103Jan 19697"77.0
Barclay James Harvest

A: Early Morning
B: Mr. Sunshine
Sire USA45-4105Mar 19697"0 

A: The Lovedene Girls
B: I've Got A Date, La La La
Sire USA45-4106Mar 19697"1 
Georgia Clay

A: Sherry Cherry Train
B: I'll Never Go Back To Minneapolis
Sire USA45-4108May 19697"0 
The Cats

A: Lea
B: I Gotta Know What's Going On
Sire USA45-4109Jun 19697"0 
The Rumbles Ltd.

A: Push Push
B: First To Know
Sire USA45-4110Jun 19697"2 
Martha Velez

A: Tell Mama
B: Swamp Man
Sire USA45-4111Jun 19697"1 
Barclay James Harvest

A: Brother Thrush
B: Poor Wages
Sire USA45-4112Jul 19697"0 

A: Jack In The Box
B: Henbanes Sacrifice
Sire USA45-4113Sep 19697"19.0
The Cats

A: Why
B: Mandy My Dear
Sire USA45-4114Sep 19697"0 
Jordan Parker Revue

A: Ginger Bread Man
B: Tell Her
Sire USA45-4115Oct 19697"2 
The Cats

A: Scarlet Ribbons
B: Blue Horizon
Sire USA45-4116Nov 19697"0 

A: Arkansas Grass
B: Samantha
Sire USA45-4117Feb 19707"010.0

A: Streets Of London
B: Spanish Lady
Sire USA45-4119May 19707"0 

A: Streets Of London [Mono]
B: Streets Of London [Stereo]
Sire USA45-4119-DJMay 1970Promo Only 7"1 
The Strange Bros. Show

A: Right On
B: Shakey Jakes
Sire USA45-4120Oct 19707"1 
Jimmy Thomas

A: White Dove
B: You Don't Have To Say Goodbye
Sire USA45-4121Jan 19717"0 
The Mixtures

A: Pushbike Song
B: Who Loves Ya
Sire USASI 350Feb 19717"910.0
The Mixtures

A: Pushbike Song [Mono]
B: Pushbike Song [Stereo]
Sire USASI 350Feb 1971Promo Only 7"410.0
Climax Blues Band

A: Reap What I've Sowed [Mono]
B: Reap What I've Sowed [Stereo]
Sire USASI 351Sep 1971Promo Only 7"010.0

A: Black Beauty
B: House Of The King
Sire USASI-352Oct 19717"0 
The Profits

A: Wind
B: Vagabond
Sire USASI 353Oct 19717"2 
Climax Blues Band

A: Hey Mama [Mono]
B: Hey Mama [Stereo]
Sire USASI-358Feb 1972Promo Only 7"0 
Summer Wine

A: Why Do Fools Fall In Love
B: Ode To The Steel Guitar
Sire USASAA-701Dec 19727"0 
J. Bastos

A: Loop Di Love [Stereo]
B: Loop Di Love [Mono]
Sire USASAA-702Dec 1972Promo Only 7"1 
Coulson, Dean, McGuinness, Flint

A: Lay Down Your Weary Tune [Mono]
B: Lay Down Your Weary Tune [Stereo]
Sire USASAA-7111973Promo Only 7"010.0
Climax Blues Band

A: I Am Constant
B: Goin' To New York
Sire USASAA-71219737"0 
Cliff Richard

A: Living In Harmony [Mono]
B: Living In Harmony [Stereo]
Sire USASAA-703Jan 1973Promo Only 7"2 

A: Hocus Pocus
B: Hocus Pocus II
Sire USASAA-704Feb 19737"1210.0
Climax Blues Band

A: Shake Your Love [Mono]
B: Shake Your Love [Stereo]
Sire USASAA-705Mar 1973Promo Only 7"09.0
The Aces

A: Reggae Motion (The Loco-motion)
B: Still Your Man
Sire USASAA-706Apr 19737"0 
Cliff Richard

A: Power To All Our Friends [Mono]
B: Power To All Our Friends [Stereo]
Sire USASAA-707Apr 1973Promo Only 7"1 
Cliff Richard

A: Power To All Our Friends
B: Come Back Billie Jo
Sire USASAA-707Apr 19737"0 

A: Sylvia
B: Love Remembered
Sire USASAA-708Jul 19737"0 
Kevin Ayers

A: Caribbean Moon
B: Take Me To Tahiti
Sire USASAA-709Jul 19737"0 

A: Cousin Mary
B: Homemade Lady
Sire USASAA-710Sep 19737"0 
Climax Blues Band

A: Sense Of Direction [Mono]
B: Sense Of Direction [Stereo]
Sire USASAA-7131974Promo Only 7"08.0

A: Mother Russia
B: I Think Of You
Sire USASAA-71419747"0 
Climax Blues Band

A: Reaching Out
B: Milwaukee Truckin' Blues (Chipper's Song)
Sire USASAA-71519747"0 

A: Crazy Talk
B: In And Out
Sire USASAA-71619747"0 

A: Crazy Talk
B: Crazy Talk
Sire USASAA-7161974Promo Only 7"0 

A: The Last Plimsoll
B: Spin Round The Room
Sire USASAA-71719747"0 

A: The Last Plimsoll [Mono]
B: The Last Plimsoll [Stereo]
Sire USASAA-7171974Promo Only 7"210.0

A: Come On Over [Mono]
B: Come On Over [Stereo]
Sire USASAA-7181974Promo Only 7"1 

A: Come On Over
B: Time Don't Mean A Thing To Ya
Sire USASAA-71819747"0 
Dirty Angels

A: Rock And Roll Love Letter
B: Rock And Roll Love Letter
Sire USASAA-7191975Promo Only 7"0 
Dirty Angels

A: Rock And Roll Love Letter
B: Debris
Sire USASAA-71919757"0 

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