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Tony Thomas And The Tartans

A: Old Enough To Know
B: Stuck On You
Smash USAY-2000 X45Oct 19577"2 
Gary Shelton

A: My Hero
B: Don't Send Me Away
Smash USAY-2001X45Oct 19577"4 
Paul Wyatt

A: How Many Moons
B: Be Anything, But Don't Be Sorry
Smash USAY-2003X4519587"2 
The Blanders

A: Desert Sands
B: Jitterbug
Smash USAY-2005X45Apr 19587"24 
The Mus-twangs

A: Marie
B: Roch Lomond
Smash USAS-1700Mar 19617"08.0
The Paramours

A: That's The Way We Love
B: Prison Break
Smash USAS-1701Mar 19617"58.0
Joe Barry

A: I'm A Fool To Care
B: I Got A Feeling
Smash USAS-1702Apr 19617"69.5
The Hayden Sisters

A: Silent Tears
B: Mr. Blues
Smash USAS-1703May 19617"1 
Kitty Ford

A: Gee Mom
B: Rules Of Happiness
Smash USAS-1704May 19617"2 
Rick And The Keens

A: Peanuts
B: I'll Be Home
Smash USAS-1705May 19617"27.0
The Voyagers

A: Sock Hop
B: Little Fly Song
Smash USAS-1707Jun 19617"0 
Joe Dowell

A: Wooden Heart
B: Little Bo Peep
Smash USAS-1708Jun 19617"55.0
The Mus-twangs

A: Dearest
B: Frankie and Johnny
Smash USAS-1709Jul 19617"0 
Joe Barry

A: Teardrops In My Heart
B: For You Sunshine
Smash USAS-1710Jul 19617"4 
Danny Jordan

A: Jeannie
B: Boom Ditty Boom
Smash USAS-1711Jul 19617"24.0
The Cadillacs

A: You Are To Blame
B: What To Bet
Smash USAS-1712Aug 19617"0 
Kitty Ford

A: Don't Play No. 9
B: Finders Keepers (Losers Weepers)
Smash USAS-1713Aug 19617"2 
The Corsairs

A: It Won't Be A Sin
B: Time Waits For No One
Smash USAS-1715Sep 19617"0 
The Viceroys [R&B]

A: Uncle Sam Needs You
B: I'm So Sorry (It's Ending With You)
Smash USAS-1716Sep 19617"1 
Billy Deaton

A: I'd Rather Not Know
B: Love Doesn't Hear Me Anymore
Smash USAS-1714Oct 19617"0 
Joe Dowell

A: The Bridge Of Love
B: Just Love Me
Smash USAS-1717Oct 19617"2 
The Paramours

A: Cutie Cutie
B: Miss Social Climber
Smash USAS-1718Oct 19617"2 
The Spirals

A: Forever And A Day
B: Please Be My Love
Smash USAS-1719Oct 19617"1 
Chad Allen [USA]

A: Little Lonely
B: Domino
Smash USAS-1720Oct 19617"4 
Howard Crockett

A: Deep Elm Dave
B: Going Down To Soldiers
Smash USAS-1721Oct 19617"1 
Rick And The Keens

A: Maybe
B: Popcorn
Smash USAS-1722Oct 19617"2 
The Bachelors [Smash]

A: Day I Met You
B: Hey Little Girl
Smash USAS-1723Nov 19617"1 
Little Ellen

A: That Other Guy
B: Answer Me My Love
Smash USAS-1724Nov 19617"0 
Donnie Charles And The Fairlanes

A: Jumpsville U.S.A.
B: Stay With Me
Smash USAS-1725Nov 19617"1 
Cathy Carr

A: Nein Nein Fraulein
B: Footprints In The Snow
Smash USAS-1726Nov 19617"0 
Joe Barry

A: You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry
B: Till The End Of The World
Smash USAS-1727Nov 19617"6 
Joe Dowell

A: A Kiss For Christmas (O Tannenbaum)
B: (I Wonder) Who's Spending Christmas With You
Smash USAS-1728Nov 19617"2 
Bruce Channel

A: Hey! Baby
B: Dream Girl
Smash USAS-1731Dec 19617"28.3
"Progress Through Exposure": Radio Spot Announcements

Don Helms

A: Promo Spot From Don Helms LP

Nana Mouskouri

B: Promo Spot From Nana Mouskouri LP
Smash USADJS-11962Promo Only 7"0 
Julian Glad

A: Jack And Jill
B: Landlord
Smash USAS-173519627"3 
Melvin Smith

A: Nobody's Fault
B: Ugly George
Smash USAS-177519627"0 
Joe Dowell

A: The Thorn On The Rose
B: The Sound Of Sadness
Smash USAS-1730Jan 19627"1 
Lee Hazlewood

A: Della
B: Don't Cry (No More)
Smash USAS-1734Jan 19627"1 
The Redjackets

A: My Darling Clementine
B: Sundown
Smash USAS-1732Feb 19627"0 
Johnny Draper

A: Sentimental Me
B: I Never Danced Before
Smash USAS-1742Feb 19627"0 
Joe Barry

A: Little Papoose
B: Why Did You Say Goodbye?
Smash USAS-1745Feb 19627"0 
Jim Nesbitt

A: Husband-In-Law
B: New Frontier
Smash USAS-1746Mar 19627"0 
The Dreams

A: Too Late
B: Inexperience
Smash USAS-1748Mar 19627"27.0
The Allisons

A: Lessons In Love
B: Oh, My Love
Smash USAS-1749Mar 19627"2 
Billy Deaton

A: What's Fair About Farewell
B: Gossip Of A Friend
Smash USAS-1751Apr 19627"0 
Bruce Channel

A: Number One Man
B: If Only I Had Known
Smash USAS-1752Apr 19627"57.6
Howard Crockett

A: Break Away Billy Boy
B: Out Of Bounds Again
Smash USAS-1750May 19627"1 
Roy And The Original Jones Boys

A: The Glider
B: My Moon Is Hangin' Low Tonight
Smash USAS-1754May 19627"0 
Dudley Duncan

A: Yo-Yo
B: Gold Cup
Smash USAS-1756May 19627"0 
Daniel Stone

A: Stay In My Heart
B: Catch Me
Smash USAS-1757May 19627"0 

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