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Solar - Label Discography

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  USA  149
  UK  53
  Belgium  14
  Netherlands  14
  Germany  11
  France  7
  Italy  3
  Canada  1
  Norway  1
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Carrie Lucas

A: Dance With You
B: Simpler Days
Solar UKFB 148225 May 19797"29.0
Dynasty [USA]

A: Your Piece Of The Rock (Part 1)
B: Your Piece Of The Rock (Part II)
Solar UKFB 15391 Jun 19797"0 
The Whispers

A: Can't Do Without Love
B: Headlights
Solar UKFB 159029 Jun 1979Promo Only 7"0 
Dynasty [USA]

A: I Don't Want To Be A Freak (But I Can't Help Myself)
B: Your Piece Of The Rock
Solar UKFB 169428 Sep 19797"06.0

A: The Second Time Around
B: Leave It All Up To Love
Solar UKFB 1709Oct 19797"28.7
Dynasty [USA]

A: Do Me Right
B: I've Just Begun To Love You
Solar UKSO-1419807"0 
Carrie Lucas

A: Keep Smilin'
B: I'm Gonna Make You Happy
Solar UKSO-919807"0 
The Whispers

A: And The Beat Goes On
B: Can You Do The Boogie
Solar UKSO 1Jan 19807"49.3

A: Right In The Socket
B: The Right Time For Us
Solar UKSO-2Feb 19807"29.0

A: Right In The Socket
B: The Right Time For Us
Solar UKSO-2 DJFeb 1980Promo Only 7"38.0
Dynasty [USA]

A: Satisfied
B: It's Still A Thrill
Solar UKSO 3Mar 19807"0 

A: From 9:00 Until
B: All In My Mind
Solar UKSO 6 DJApr 1980Promo Only 7"0 
The Whispers

A: Lady
B: I Love You
Solar UKSO-4May 19807"1 
The Whispers

A: My Girl
B: (Olivia) Lost And Turned Out
Solar UKSO 8Jul 19807"010.0
Dynasty [USA]

A: I've Just Begun To Love You
B: When You Feel Like Giving Love (Dial My Number)
Solar UKSO 10Aug 19807"28.0

A: I Owe You One
B: The Right Time For Us
Solar UKSO 11Aug 19807"17.3
The Whispers

A: Out The Box
B: Welcome Into My Dreams
Solar UKSO 12Sep 19807"2 
Carrie Lucas

A: It's Not What You Got (It's How You Use It)

Carrie Lucas Featuring The Whispers

B: Keep Smilin'
Solar UKSO 13Oct 19807"0 

A: In The Raw
B: Small Talkin'
Solar UKK 1259719817"08.0

A: Fantastic Voyage
B: I Can't Get You Outta My Head
Solar UKSO-15Feb 19817"1 
The Whispers

A: It's A Love Thing
B: Girl I Need You
Solar UKSO 16Feb 19817"38.6

A: Make That Move
B: Pop Along Kid
Solar UKSO 17Mar 19817"38.0
Dynasty [USA]

A: Groove Control
B: Something To Remember
Solar UKSO 18Mar 19817"1 
The Whispers

A: I Can Make It Better
B: Say You (Would Love For Me Too)
Solar UKSO 19May 19817"0 

A: Never Underestimate The Power Of A Woman
B: No Words
Solar UKK 12541Jun 19817"0 
Midnight Star

A: I've Been Watching You (Edit)
B: Open Up To Love
Solar UKK 12545Jul 19817"0 
Dynasty [USA]

A: Here I Am
B: Give It Up To Love
Solar UKK12550Jul 19817"0 

A: Work It Out
B: Somewhere There's A Love
Solar UKSO 21Jul 19817"1 
The Whispers

A: This Kind Of Lovin'
B: What Will I Do
Solar UKSO 22Oct 19817"0 
Dynasty [USA]

A: Love In The Fast Lane
B: High Time (I Left You Baby)
Solar UKK12577Nov 19817"0 

A: Sweeter As The Days Go By
B: The Final Analysis
Solar UKSO 23Nov 19817"0 

A: The Man In My Life (Edit.)
B: Heartbreaker (I'm Such A Mess)
Solar UKE991019827"1 

A: Talk To Me
B: Appeal
Solar UKSO 2419827"1 

A: I Can Make You Feel Good
B: Help Me
Solar UKK 12599Feb 19827"28.5
The Whispers

A: Emergency
B: Only You
Solar UKK 13171Apr 19827"0 

A: A Night To Remember (Edited Version)
B: On Top Of The World
Solar UKK 13162May 19827"18.4
Carrie Lucas

A: Show Me Where You're Coming From
B: Still In Love
Solar UKK 13175May 19827"0 

A: There It Is (Edited Version)
B: I Don't Wanna Be The Last To Know
Solar UKK 13194Aug 19827"17.3

A: Friends (Edit)
B: I Just Stopped By Because I Had To
Solar UKCHUM 1Nov 19827"110.0
Bill Wolfer

A: Papa Was A Rollin' Stone
B: Window On A Dream
Solar UKE 9849Feb 19837"0 

A: Raid (Edit.)
B: The Urban Man
Solar UKE 9836Mar 19837"1 

A: This Time (Edit)
B: Tonight
Solar UKE 9878Mar 19837"0 
Dynasty [USA]

A: Does That Ring A Bell
B: Love In The Fast Lane
Solar UKE 9911Apr 19837"0 
Bill Wolfer

A: Call Me (Edit.)
B: Window On A Dream
Solar UKE 9891May 19837"0 

A: Dead Giveaway
B: I Don't Wanna Be The Last To Know
Solar UKE 9819Jun 19837"28.7

A: Disappearing Act (Edit.)
B: You Can Count On Me
Solar UKE 9807Jul 19837"35.5
Dynasty [USA]

A: The Only One
B: Check It Out
Solar UKE 9814Jul 19837"0 

A: Over And Over (Edit)
B: You're The One For Me
Solar UKE 9792Oct 19837"06.5

A1: My Girl Loves Me (Edited Version)
B1: A Night To Remember
B2: There It Is
B3: Over And Over
B4: A Night To Remember (Reprise)
Solar UKSHAL 2Jan 19857"49.0
Midnight Star

A: Operator (Edited Version)
B: Playmates
Solar UKMCA 942Feb 19857"08.0

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