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Soma - Label Discography

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Doc Evans

A1: Under The Double Eagle
A2: The Atlanta Blues
B1: When We Dance At The Mardi Gras
B2: Struttin' With Some Bar-B-Que
Soma USA100EP0 
Jerry Dostal

A: Lake Side Waltz
B: Prune Dumpling Polka
Soma USA10017"0 
Doc Evans

A1: Maryland, My Maryland
A2: My Bucket's Got A Hole In It
B1: Jazz Me Blues
B2: South Rampart Street Parade
Soma USA101EP2 
Joe Plumer And Orchestra

A: Casey's Old Time Waltz
B: The Paul Bunyon Schottische
Soma USA102719557"1 
Leo And His Pioneers

A: Johnson Rag
B: Prune Song
Soma USA103119557"1 
Tony Grise

A: Blue Stardust
B: I'm Just A Rover
Soma USA104119557"0 
Slim Jim And The Westerners With The Honeytones

A: The Drifting, Vistling Snow
B: Belmont Street (Belmon's Roe)
Soma USA10437"0 
Slim Jim And The Westerners With Tennessee Randy

A: Two Shif'less Skonks

Slim Jim And The Westerners With The Honeytones

B: Ring Of Gold
Soma USA104419567"0 
Frankie Chermak Trio

A: Livet I Finnskogarna Waltz
B: Dill Pickles Rag
Soma USA104619557"0 
The Four Northmen

A: Stop Look and Listen
B: Three Seasons
Soma USA105019567"1 
The Four Northmen

A: Daddy-O
B: From This Moment On
Soma USA105319567"0 
The Berry Boys

A: Mama
B: Tell Me Truly Honey
Soma USA1055X457"0 
Roman Rezac Orchestra

A: Good Morning Polka
B: Blossom Waltz
Soma USA1057X457"1 
Fezz Fritsche And His Goosetown Band

A: Parade Polka
B: Gretchen Laendler
Soma USA105819577"0 
Chuck Carson

A: The Little Stinker
B: Walking With A Broken Heart
Soma USA106119577"0 
Famous Lashua

A: Little Miss Mischief
B: Forget Me Nots
Soma USA107119577"0 
Chuck Carson

A: The Navajo Trail
B: Disappointed In Love
Soma USA1085Nov 19577"0 
Hal Fritz And His Playboys

A: Three Bad Habits
B: Goin' Out On You
Soma USA108919587"0 
Jim Eddy

A: Livin' Doll
B: Something Happened
Soma USA1091X4519587"1 
Elmer Scheid And His Band

A: Eddie's Waltz
B: Faded Rose Waltz
Soma USA1102x4519597"0 
The Jags [US]

A: Lost Woman
B: Hey, Little Girl
Soma USA1104x4519597"1 
Ron Thompson His Rowdy Guitar And The Brougham's

A: Switchblade
B: Hot Night
Soma USA110819597"0 
Bobby Vee And The Shadows

A: Suzie Baby
B: Flyin' High
Soma USA1110x45Jul 19597"010.0
Jerry Berry Quintet

A: A Tribute To Miles
B: Love For Sale
Soma USA1117X45Jul 19597"0 
Johnny Wallin

A: The Road Of Heartaches
B: Mandy
Soma USA1120x4519597"0 
Elmer Scheid

A: Essig Polka
B: Brides Waltz
Soma USA1121x4519597"0 
Elmer Scheid And His Band

A: Bye Bye Baby Polka
B: Warren's Waltz
Soma USA1122x4519597"0 
Jerry Dostal

A: Prom Polka
B: Little City Waltz
Soma USA113119607"0 
The Fendermen

A: Mule Skinner Blues
B: Torture
Soma USA1137May 19607"310.0
The Fendermen

A: Mule Skinner Blues

The Underbeats

B: Book Of Love
Soma USA113719667"2 
The Dave Kennedy Group

A: Joanie
B: Accidentally
Soma USA113819607"0 
The Fendermen

A: Don't You Just Know It
B: Beach Party
Soma USA1142Aug 19607"43.0
Earl Schmidt Orchestra

A: Grandmother's Joy Laendler
B: Aunt Ella's Polka
Soma USA114319607"0 
The 5 Spots

A: Black Rock
B: Mr. Fortune
Soma USA1147Dec 19607"0 
The 5 Chords

A: I Need Your Loving
B: Bedilia Brown
Soma USA115119617"0 
Jimmy Bowman

A: Big Red And The Cool Yule
B: Portrait Of Jenny
Soma USA1152Jan 19617"0 
The Fendermen

A: Heartbreakin' Special
B: Can't You Wait
Soma USA1155Feb 19617"1 
The Canadian Sweethearts

A: The Flirtin' Kind
B: No Help Wanted
Soma USA1156Jan 19617"17.0
Ray Fabus And The Strikes

A: Camel Walk
B: Please
Soma USA115819617"0 
Greg Scott And The Embers

A: Old Man River
B: When I Say Goodbye
Soma USA116219627"0 
Jack Barlow

A: Step Down
B: House Of Stone
Soma USA1175Apr 19627"0 
The Jerry Berry Quintet

A: Pink Champagne
B: Drum Boogie
Soma USA118519627"0 
The Walkers

A: Waitin' Alone
B: Time Trap
Soma USA118719627"0 
Ray Faubus And The Strikes

A: Please
B: Lulu Belle
Soma USA119119627"0 
Darlene Benson With Ozzie Palneck And The Originals

A: Blue And Feelin' Lonely
B: I've Got A Secret
Soma USA119519627"0 
Ozzie Palneck And The Casuals

A: Mazie
B: Strange Melancholy Mood
Soma USA119819637"0 
Karen Kaye With The Celestial Five

A: Chained
B: Standing On The Outside (Looking In)
Soma USA140119637"0 
The Titans [Instr]

A: Summer Place
B: Tchaikovsky Rides Again
Soma USA1402Aug 19637"0 
Little Joe And The Ramrods

A: The Yogi Twist
B: B. B. Limbo
Soma USA1403'7"0 
Gerard, Harvey And The Mavericks

A: Tell Me How

The Mavericks [Soma]

B: Golden Anniversary Waltz
Soma USA140619637"0 

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