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Sonet - Label Discography

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A sub label of the UK folk label Transatlantic
  Sweden  618
  Denmark  522
  UK  204
  Norway  111
  Finland  42
  Netherlands  25
  France  23
  Germany  23
  Italy  12
  Portugal  9
  Belgium  5
  Australia  4
  Japan  2
  Ireland  1
  New Zealand  1
  Switzerland  1
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Bruce Channel

A: Hey! Baby '68
B: Come On Baby
Sonet UKSON 200119687"0 
Little Joe Cook

A: Don't You Have Feelings
B: Hold On To Your Money
Sonet UKSON 200225 Oct 19687"2 
Slam Creepers

A: We Are Happy People
B: Vansbro Memories
Sonet UKSON 200325 Oct 19687"07.0
Ola And The Janglers

A: Let's Dance
B: Bird, Bird
Sonet UKSON 200429 Apr 19697"2 
Tommy Körberg

A: Dear Mr Jones
B: Bird You Must Fly
Sonet UKSON 200519697"0 
The Jackpots

A: Jack In The Box
B: Henbanes Sacrifice
Sonet UKSON 200619697"38.5
Francis Lai Chorus And Orchestra

A: 13 Days In France
B: Killy
Sonet UKSON 200719697"0 
Johnny Otis

A: Country Girl
B: The Signifying Monkey
Sonet UKSON 200819697"09.0
Niyah And The Sunflakes

A: White Christmas
B: Merry Christmas
Sonet UKSON 201019697"3 
Brett Marvin And The Thunderbolts

A: Standing On The Platform
B: Too Many Hot Dogs
Sonet UKSON 201119707"5 

A: Peace
B: Values
Sonet UKSON 201219707"310.0
Sylvia [Sonet]

A: Let Me Love You
B: Love Is Never Far Away
Sonet UKSON 201319707"0 
Crushed Velvet

A: Muguet De Bois (Lily Of The Valley)
B: Feelin' I'm Falling
Sonet UKSON 201419707"0 
Brett Marvin And The Thunderbolts

A: Thoughts On You
B: Coming Back
Sonet UKSON 201519707"0 
Bill Haley And The Comets

A: Me And Bobby McGee
B: I Wouldn't Have Missed It For The World
Sonet UKSON 201619717"0 
Brett Marvin And The Thunderbolts

A: Little Red Caboose
B: Southbound Lane
Sonet UKSON 201719717"1 
Terry Dactyl And The Dinosaurs

A: Sea Side Shuffle
B: Ball And Chain
Sonet UKSON 202719717"58.0
Sweeny Bean

A: Rock 'N' Roll Wedding
B: Overcoat
Sonet UKSON 202819717"1 
The Shepherds Bush Comets

A: Amazin' Grace
B: Swing Low
Sonet UKSON 203119727"119.0
The U.K.'s

A: Rule Britannia
B: Lucky Day
Sonet UKSON 203218 May 19737"1 
The Shepherds Bush Comets

A: Dixie
B: My Bonnie
Sonet UKSON 203318 May 19737"1 
Leo Kottke

A: Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring
B: Vaseline Machine Gun
Sonet UKSON 203418 May 19737"2 
Mick Audsley

A: Mr. Landlord
B: The Commissioner, He Come
Sonet UKSON 203512 Oct 19737"0 
Stardust [Sonet]

A: Golden Oldie Show
B: I Don't Care
Sonet UKSON 203619737"1 
Sylvia [Sonet]

A: Y Viva Espana
B: Let Me Love You (Finalmente)
Sonet UKSON 20374 Jan 19747"19.0
Brett Marvin And The Thunderbolts

A: Thunderbolt Rag
B: Caribbean Zob-Rock
Sonet UKSON 203822 Mar 19747"3 
Mike Auldridge

A: Tennessee Stud
B: Greensleeves
Sonet UKSON 203919747"0 
Mick Audsley

A: Mistah Foghorn Likes Bananas
B: Red Biddy
Sonet UKSON 204019747"0 
Little Joe Cook

A: Hold On To Your Money
B: Don't You Have Feelings
Sonet UKSON 204121 Jun 19747"0 
Bill Haley And His Comets

A: Crazy Man Crazy
B: Lawdy Miss Clawdy
Sonet UKSON 204321 Jun 19747"1 

A: Flying Down To Rio
B: When Heaven Needs An Angel
Sonet UKSON 204619747"24.0
Slam Creepers

A: We Are Happy People
B: Vansbro Memories
Sonet UKSON 204719747"1 
Jona Lewie And The Chris Barber Band

A: Piggy Back Sue '76

Jona Lewie

B: Papa Don't Go
Sonet UKSON 2048Apr 19767"35.5
Jona Lewie

A: Piggy Back Sue
B: Papa Don't Go
Sonet UKSON 204819747"0 
Michael Holm

A: When A Child Is Born (Tranen Lugen Nicht)
B: Other Way Round
Sonet UKSON 205019747"0 
Tony And Friends

A: Ma Michelle
B: Hear Me Whispering
Sonet UKSON 205119757"0 
Brett Marvin And The Thunderbolts

A: Blow Me Down
B: Take Your Money
Sonet UKSON 205319757"0 
Sylvia [Sonet]

A: Hasta La Vista
B: Follow Me
Sonet UKSON 2055Apr 19757"27.0
Jona Lewie

A: The Swan
B: Custer's Last Stand
Sonet UKSON 2056Oct 19757"1 
Jimmy Jukebox

A: Motor Boat
B: 25 Hours A Day
Sonet UKSON 205719757"3 
Denny Christian

A: Roll Out The Barrel
B: Baby How Are You
Sonet UKSON 205819757"0 
Tony Rees And The Cottagers

A: Viva El Fulham

Tony Rees

B: Rainbow
Sonet UKSON 205919757"1 
Dag And The Moogaloos

A: El Bimbo
B: Moog-It
Sonet UKSON 206119757"2 
Brett Marvin And The Thunderbolts

A: Hawaiian Honeymoon
B: If You Need Somebody Call On Me
Sonet UKSON 206219757"2 
Steve Cooke

A: Take Me Higher
B: Take It From Me
Sonet UKSON 20631975Promo Only 7"1 
Hank The Knife And The Jets

A: Guitar King
B: Ghost Town
Sonet UKSON 206419757"68.0
Blue Lagoon

A: Exactly Like You
B: Summerlove Sensation
Sonet UKSON 206519757"1 
Koko Taylor

A: Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean
B: Voodoo Woman
Sonet UKSON 206619757"0 
Sylvia Vrethammar

A: Who Do You Think You Are
B: Think About The Good Times That We Had
Sonet UKSON 206719757"0 
Mechanical Horsetrough

A: When Santa Lost His Trousers
B: Ballad Of Big Brucie
Sonet UKSON 206819757"17.5

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