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Sonet - Label Discography

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  Sweden  549
  Denmark  463
  UK  197
  Norway  102
  Finland  35
  France  20
  Netherlands  20
  Germany  19
  Belgium  5
  Australia  4
  Japan  1
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Coleman Hawkins' All Stars

52 Street Jazz

A1: Esquire Bounce
A2: My Ideal
B1: Mop Mop
B2: Esquire Blues
Sonet DenmarkSXP 20051956EP1 
Lionel Hampton

Lionel Hampton At Olympia

A1: The Rice
A2: Blues One
B1: Flying At The Olympia
Sonet DenmarkSXP 20081956EP0 
Lionel Hampton

"Crazy Man" Hamp - Lionel Hampton At Olympia Vol. 3

A1: Rockin' At The Olympia
A2: Hey-Ba-Ba-Re-Bop
B1: Paulette's Boogie
Sonet DenmarkSXP 20101956EP0 
Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday Vol. 1

A1: I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues
A2: My Old Flame
B1: Lover Come Back To Me
B2: Embraceable You
Sonet DenmarkSXP 20231956EP0 
Sonny Stitt

Sonny Stitt + 4

A: Blues For Bobby
B: My Melancholy Baby
Sonet DenmarkSXP 28241956EP0 
Chico Hamilton Sextet

Chico Vol. 1

A1: It's You
A2: How Long Has This Been Goin On
B1: Wagnervous
Sonet DenmarkSXP 28271956EP0 
Art Pepper

Art Pepper Returns

A: Art's Opus
B: I Surrender Dear
Sonet DenmarkSXP 281019577"0 
Charlie Parker All Stars

Night In Tunisia

A1: Night In Tunisia
A2: Moose The Mooche
B1: Yardbird Suite
B2: Ornithology
Sonet DenmarkSXP 28151957EP0 
George Browne And His Jamaican Calypso Band

A1: Day-O (Banana Boat Song)
A2: Marianne
B1: Rum And Coca Cola
B2: Jamaica Farewell
Sonet DenmarkSXP 30061957EP0 
Jumpin' Jacks

A: Let There Be Rockin'
B: Mop Top
Sonet DenmarkT 700219577"0 
Dave Appell

A: Teenage Meeting

Frank Virtuoso

B: Rollin' An' A Rockin'
Sonet DenmarkT 700319577"0 
Ferry Graf

A: König der Prarie
B: Einen Sherry für Mary und Larry
Sonet DenmarkT 700419577"0 
Jimmie Rodgers

A1: Honeycomb
A2: Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring
B1: Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
B2: Better Loved You'll Never Be
Sonet DenmarkSXP 30141958EP1 
Buddy Knox With The Rhythm Orchids

A1: Party Doll
A2: Rock Your Little Baby To Sleep
B1: Hula Love
B2: Devil Woman
Sonet DenmarkSXP 30151958EP0 
Frankie Lymon

Frankie Lymon At The London Palladium

A1: Goody Goody
A2: Somebody Loves Me
B1: Let's Fall In Love
B2: My Baby Just Cares For Me
Sonet DenmarkSXP 30181958EP0 
Jimmie Rodgers

Vol 2

A1: Woman From Liberia
A2: The Preacher
B1: The Long Hot Summer
B2: Water Boy
Sonet DenmarkSXP 30191958EP0 
Jimmie Rodgers

Jimmie Rodgers Sings

A1: Oh-Oh, I'm Falling In Love Again
A2: Hey Little Baby
B1: Make Me A Miracle
B2: Secretly
Sonet DenmarkSXP 30201958EP0 
Frankie Lymon

Frankie Lymon At The London Palladium Vol. 2

A1: My Girl
A2: Creation Of Love
B1: Little Girl
B2: You Were Only Fooling
Sonet DenmarkSXP 30241958EP0 
Frankie Lymon With The Teenagers

Frankie Lymon With The Teenagers Vol. 1

A1: Why Do Fools Fall In Love
A2: Teenage Love
B1: Miracle In The Rain
B2: Little White Lies
Sonet DenmarkSXP 30251958EP0 
Frankie Lymon With The Teenagers

Frankie Lymon With The Teenagers Vol. 2

A1: Thumbs Thumbs
A2: Footsteps
B1: Baby Baby
B2: I'm Not A Juvenile Delinquent
Sonet DenmarkSXP 30271958EP0 
Pearl Bailey

St. Louis Blues

A1: Aunt Hagar's Blues
A2: Long Gone
B1: Ole Miss
B2: Careless Love
Sonet DenmarkSXP 30311958EP06.0
The Playmates

A1: Don't Go Home
A2: Can't You Get Through Your Head
B1: Let's Be Lovers
B2: Give Me Another Chance
Sonet DenmarkSXP 30321958EP1 
Frankie Lymon

A1: Little Bitty Pretty One
A2: It Hurts To Be In Love
B1: Buzz Buzz Buzz
B2: Searchin'
Sonet DenmarkSXP 30331958EP0 
Frankie Lymon

Send For Me!!

A1: Short Fat Fannie
A2: Next Time You See Me
B1: Send For Me
B2: Silhouettes
Sonet DenmarkSXP 30341958EP0 
Jimmie Rodgers

A1: Are You Really Mine
A2: The Wizard
B1: Waltzing Mathilda
B2: Bo Diddley
Sonet DenmarkSXP 30371958EP0 
The Dukes Of Dixieland

.... Curtain Going UP!

A1: Wailin' Blues
A2: Duke's Stomp
B1: Samson's Delight
B2: Swanee River Session
Sonet DenmarkSXP 30381958EP0 
Pearl Bailey


A1: Loch Lomond
A2: C'est Magnifique
B1: Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home
B2: Anyplace I Hang My Hat Is Home
Sonet DenmarkSXP 30391958EP1 
The Playmates

At Play With The Playmates

A1: The Day I Died
A2: Beep Beep
B1: La La La Lovable
B2: Substitute For Love
Sonet DenmarkSXP 30461958EP1 
Frankie Avalon

A1: Ginger Bread
A2: Blue Betty
B1: Dede Dinah
B2: Ooh La La
Sonet DenmarkSXP 60051958EP0 
Jimmie Rodgers With Hugo Peretti And His Orchestra.

A: Oh-Oh, I'm Falling In Love Again
B: Hey Little Baby
Sonet DenmarkT.700719587"0 
Frankie Lymon

A: Mama Don't Allow It
B: Portable On My Shoulder
Sonet DenmarkT 700819587"0 
Bob Merrill

A: Nairobi
B: Jump When I Say Frog
Sonet DenmarkT 700919587"0 
Frankie Lymon

A: Goody Goody
B: My Girl
Sonet DenmarkT 701019587"0 
Buddy Knox With The Rhythm Orchids

A: Party Doll
B: Rock Your Little Baby To Sleep
Sonet DenmarkT 701119587"0 
Jimmie Rodgers

A: Honeycomb
B: Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
Sonet DenmarkT 701219587"0 
Jimmie Rodgers

A: The Long Hot Summer
B: Woman From Liberia
Sonet DenmarkT 701319587"1 
The Playmates

A: Jo-Ann
B: You Can't Stop Me From Dreaming
Sonet DenmarkT 701419587"0 
Valerie Carr

A: When The Boys Talk About The Girls
B: Padre
Sonet DenmarkT 701519587"0 
Frankie Lymon

A: Diana
B: Wake Up Little Susie
Sonet DenmarkT 701619587"0 
Frankie Lymon

A: Jailhouse Rock
B: Waitin' In School
Sonet DenmarkT 701719587"5 
Jimmie Rodgers

A: Secretly
B: Make Me A Miracle
Sonet DenmarkT 701819587"0 
Frankie Lymon

A: Buzz Buzz Buzz
B: Searchin'
Sonet DenmarkT 701919587"09.0
Frankie Lymon

A: Short Fat Fannie
B: Send For Me
Sonet DenmarkT 702019587"0 
Frankie Lymon

A: Little Bitty Pretty One
B: It Hurts To Be In Love
Sonet DenmarkT 702119587"0 
Jimmy Bowen

A: By The Lights Of The Silvery Moon
B: The Two Steps
Sonet DenmarkT 702219587"0 
The Playmates

A: Let's Be Lovers
B: Give Me Another Change
Sonet DenmarkT 702319587"0 
The Playmates

A: Can't You Get It Through Your Head
B: Don't Go Home
Sonet DenmarkT 702419587"0 
Buddy Knox And The Rhythm Orchids

A: C'mon Baby
B: Somebody Touched Me
Sonet DenmarkT 702519587"0 
The Lionel Newman Orchestra

A: Eula
B: Two Butterflies (The Long Hot Summer)
Sonet DenmarkT 702619587"0 
The Di Mara Sisters

A: Torero
B: Polka Italiano
Sonet DenmarkT 702719587"0 

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