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Song Bird - Label Discography

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Lloyd Charmers

A: Ling Tong Ting

Lloyd Robinson

B: Sweet Sweet
Song Bird UKSB 100119697"0 
Bruce Rufin And The Temptations

A: Long About Now
B: Come See About Me
Song Bird UKSB 100219697"1 
Eagles [Reggae]

A: Rudam Bam
B: Prodigal Boy
Song Bird UKSB 100619697"1 
Lloyd Charmers

A: In The Spirit
B: Duckey Luckey
Song Bird UKSB 100719697"1 
Stranger Cole

A: Darling Please
B: I've Got Plans
Song Bird UKSB 100819697"3 
Megatons [reggae]

A: I've Been Loving You
B: Memphis Reggae
Song Bird UKSB 100919697"3 
Megatons [reggae]

A: Ging Gong Gollie
B: I'm Thirsty
Song Bird UKSB 101019697"1 
The Kingstonians

A: The Clip

Tony [Jamaica]

B: Little Miss Mophet
Song Bird UKSB 101119697"0 
Noel Brown

A: Phoenix
B: Heartbreak Girl
Song Bird UKSB 101219697"0 
Derrick Harriott

A: Riding For A Fall
B: I'm Not Begging
Song Bird UKSB 101319697"0 
Derrick Harriott

A: Sitting On Top
B: You Were Meant For Me
Song Bird UKSB 101419697"0 

A: Musical Madness (Ver. I)
B: Musical Madness (Ver. II)
Song Bird UKSB 101519707"0 
The Crystalites

A: The Undertaker
B: Stop That Man
Song Bird UKSB 101719707"18.0
Bongo Herman And Les Crystalites

A: True Grit
B: True Grit Version 2
Song Bird UKSB 101819707"0 
The Kingstonians

A: Singer Man

The Crystalites

B: Singer Man Version 2
Song Bird UKSB 101919707"18.0
The Crystalites

A: Lady Madonna
B: Ghost Rider
Song Bird UKSB 102019707"06.0
Glen Brown

A: Love I

The Crystalites

B: Heavy Load
Song Bird UKSB 102119707"0 
Derrick Harriott

A: Go Bye Bye
B: Laugh It Off
Song Bird UKSB 102219707"0 

A: Come A Little Closer
B: Come A Little Closer Vers. II
Song Bird UKSB 102319707"0 
The Crystalites

A: Isies
B: Isies (Vers. 2)
Song Bird UKSB 102419707"0 
The Crystalites

A: Stranger In Town
B: Stranger In Town (Vers. 2)
Song Bird UKSB 102519707"25.0
Derrick Harriott

A: Message From A Black Man
B: Message From A Black Man (Ver. II)
Song Bird UKSB 102819707"0 
Derrick Harriott And The Chosen Few

A: Psychedelic Train

Derrick Harriott And The Crystalites

B: Psychedelic Train (Pt. 2)
Song Bird UKSB 102919707"07.0
The Crystalites

A: Sic Him Rover
B: Drop Pan
Song Bird UKSB 103019707"0 
The Chosen Few

A: Time Is Hard

The Crystalites

B: Time Is Hard Part 2
Song Bird UKSB 103119707"0 
Derrick Harriott

A: No Man Is An Island

The Crystalites

B: No Man Is An Island Part 2
Song Bird UKSB 103319707"0 
The Crystalites

A: Overtaker (Vers. I)
B: Overtaker (Vers. II)
Song Bird UKSB 103419707"0 

A: Undertakers Burial
B: Ghost Rider
Song Bird UKSB 103519707"06.0
The Crystalites

A: Short Story (Vers. I)
B: Short Story (Vers. II)
Song Bird UKSB 103619707"1 
Pat Satchmo

A: A Handful Of Friends

The Crystalites

B: Handful Version
Song Bird UKSB-103919707"0 
The Ethiopians

A: No Baptism

The Crystalites

B: No Baptism (Version Two)
Song Bird UKSB 104019707"18.0

A: Rumble Rumble


B: Rumble Version
Song Bird UKSB 104119707"09.0
Derrick Harriott

A: Groovy Situation


B: The Crystal Groove
Song Bird UKSB 104219707"08.0
Derrick Harriott

A: Psychedelic Train Chapter Three


B: Groovy Situation, Version II
Song Bird UKSB 104319707"0 
Scotty And The Crystalites

A: Sesame Street

The Crystalites

B: Sesame Version
Song Bird UKSB 104419707"2 
The Kingstonians

A: Out There

The Crystalites

B: Out There Version 2
Song Bird UKSB104519707"2 
The Chosen Few

A: Why Can't I Touch You

Inner Circle Band

B: Touch You Version
Song Bird UKSB 104619707"0 
The Ethiopians

A: Good Ambition

The Crystalites

B: Ambition Version
Song Bird UKSB 104719717"1 
Tinga Stewart

A: Hear That Train

The Crystalites

B: Version
Song Bird UKSB 10481970Promo Only 7"1 
Scotty And Derrick

A: Riddle I, This

Scotty And The Crystalites

B: Musical Chariot
Song Bird UKSB 104919717"0 
Bongo Les And Herman

A: Home Sweet Home
B: Hail I
Song Bird UKSB 105019717"0 
Scotty And The Crystalites

A: Jam Rock Style

The Crystalites

B: Rock Style Version
Song Bird UKSB 105119717"1 
Derrick Harriott

A: Candy

The Crystalites

B: Candy Version
Song Bird UKSB 105219717"0 
Ramon And The Crystalites

A: Golden Chickens

The Crystalites

B: Stranger Version
Song Bird UKSB 105319717"18.0
Denzil Laing And The Crystalites

A: Medicine Stick

The Crystalites

B: Short Cut
Song Bird UKSB 105419717"07.0
Derrick Harriott

A: Lollipop Girl

The Crystalites

B: Lollipop Version
Song Bird UKSB 105519717"0 

A: Penny For Your Song

The Crystalites

B: Penny (Version)
Song Bird UKSB 105619717"1 
The Crystalites

A: Earthly Sounds
B: Earthly Sounds - Version
Song Bird UKSB 105719717"0 
The Ethiopians

A: What A Pain

The Crystalites

B: Pain - Version
Song Bird UKSB 105917 Sep 19717"0 
Bongo Herman And Bunny

A: Know For I

The Crystalites

B: Know For I - Version
Song Bird UKSB 106019717"09.0

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