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Soul Junction - Label Discography

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Johnny Moore

A: You Fixed It
B: Your Way Is My Way
Soul Junction UKSJ-10320067"0 
Duane Williams

A: Yes, My Love Is Real
B: Yes, My Love Is Real (Reprise)
Soul Junction UKSJ50120087"0 
Natural Impulse

A: She Went Away
B: Time Is Right
Soul Junction UKSJ50220087"0 
David Hudson

A: (Girl I'm Coming Home To) Something Good
B: (Girl I'm Coming Home To) Something Good Edit
Soul Junction UKSJ50420097"0 
Lou Wilson And Today's People

A: Settle Down
B: Around The Corner From Love
Soul Junction UKSJ50520097"0 
Bill Spoon

A: I Can't Wait (Until The Weekend)
B: The One Who Really Loves You
Soul Junction UKSJ50620107"0 
Mike Jemison

A: Hold On, He's Coming
B: Call On Me (Radio Edit)
Soul Junction UKSJ50720107"0 
Jesse James

A: I Feel Your Love Changing
B: It's Time For Change
Soul Junction UKSJ50820107"0 
The Invitations

A: It Was A Woman
B: Heavenly Love (Vocal)
Soul Junction UKSJ509-X20107"0 
Natural Impulse

A: We're Gonna Make It Through
B: Make It Or Break It (Radio Edit)
Soul Junction UKSJ51020107"0 
Jesse James

A: I Gave You Love With An "A" Plus
B: Are You Gonna Leave Me
Soul Junction UKSJ51120117"0 
The Coalitions

A: The Memory Of You
B: On The Block
Soul Junction UKSJ51211 Nov 20117"0 
The Hopkins Bros

A: Shake Cheri
B: Kiss Of Fire
Soul Junction UKSJ51420127"0 
Audio (Feat Vince Broomfield)

A: Won't Somebody
B: The Answers No
Soul Junction UKSJ51520127"0 
Harvey Scales

A: Giving U What U Want
B: I'd Be A Fool (To Fool Around)
Soul Junction UKSJ5139 Jan 20127"0 
Ivy Jo Hunter

A: See you around
B: Yea, Yea, Yea
Soul Junction UKSJ51621 May 20127"0 

A: Don't Let Our Love Go
B: Don't Let Our Love Go (Instrumental)
Soul Junction UKSJ51717 Sep 20127"0 
Oliver Cheatham

A: Don't Pop The Question (If You Can't Take The Answer)
B: Good Guys Don't Make Good Lovers
Soul Junction UKSJ51815 Oct 20127"0 
A. J. Sparks And His Crew

A: Working On Love
B: Gotta Make It Do What It Do
Soul Junction UKSJ520Dec 20127"1 
Audio (Feat Vince Broomfield)

A: Don't Move A Muscle
B: Donna Lee
Soul Junction UKSJ521Feb 20137"0 
Sounds Of Imani

A: Must Be An Angel
B: It's Alright
Soul Junction UKSJ5194 Feb 20137"1 
David Washington

A: Games

David Washington Featuring Katrina Johnson

B: Ready For Love
Soul Junction UKSJ52229 Apr 20137"0 
Elbowed-Out (Feat Sam Chambliss)

A: Taking A Step
B: Girl You Got Magic
Soul Junction UKSJ52315 Jul 20137"0 
August Heat

A: You And Me
B: Hooked On You
Soul Junction UKSJ5249 Sep 20137"0 
J. B. Bingham

A: People On A Ego Trip
B: She's On Strike
Soul Junction UKSJ525Dec 20137"0 
The Trey J's

A: I Found It All In You
B: We Got A Thing (Going On)
Soul Junction UKST52617 Feb 20147"0 
Elbowed-Out (Feat Denis Wilcox)

A: Times Are Changing

Elbowed-Out (Feat Sam Chamblis)

B: Just To Be With You
Soul Junction UKSJ52714 Apr 20147"0 
Richard Brooks

A: I'll Do Anything To Make You Happy
B: With All My Heart
Soul Junction UKSJ52823 Jun 20147"0 
Elliot Macauley (Featuring Joe Leavy)

A: All My Life

Elliot Macauley (Featuring Cleveland Jone)

B: Mamas Baby Boy
Soul Junction UKSJ52918 Aug 20147"0 
Preston Shannon (With Fat Harry And The Fuzzy Licks)

A: The Way I Love You

Preston Shannon

B: Be With Me Tonight
Soul Junction UKSJ53027 Oct 20147"0 
Dynamic Sounds Orchestra

A: Take Me Back
B: All I Wanna Do Is Love You
Soul Junction UKSJ100027 Apr 20157"0 
Mighty Lovers

A: Ain't Gonna Run No More
B: (She Keeps) Driving Me Out Of My Mind
Soul Junction UKSJ10013 Jun 20157"0 
Ron Shy

A: Don't They Know
B: Any Port In A Storm
Soul Junction UKSJ100213 Jul 20157"0 
'G' Era (Feat. Douglas Gaddy)

A: Loving You

'G' Era (Feat. Bernard Gibson)

B: Making Love
Soul Junction UKSJ53124 Aug 20157"0 
J. B. Bingham

A: Fellas, Don't Let The Girls Take Over
B: All Alone By The Telephone
Soul Junction UKSJ53228 Sep 20157"0 
Dee Dee Warwick

A: You Tore My Wall Down
B: Can't It Wait Until Tomorrow
Soul Junction UKSJ5332 Nov 20157"0 
Betty Boo [USA]

A: My Man Flint (Vocal)
B: My Man Flint (Instumental)
Soul Junction UKSJ100318 Jan 20167"0 
Four Real Inc.

A: The Man (Master Plan)

Larry Wright

B: It's Okay With Me
Soul Junction UKSJ10047 Mar 20167"0 
The Scott Three

A: Running Wild (Ain't Gonna Help You)
B: Gotta Find A New Love
Soul Junction UKSJ100526 Apr 20167"0 
Willie Jones And The 21st

A: It's Real
B: If I Live For A 100 Years
Soul Junction UKSJ5347"0 

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