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Southern Tracks - Label Discography

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Gordon Dee And Carol Lee

A: They Just Don't Make Time Like They Use To
B: Happy Ending
Southern Tracks USAST 100219817"0 
Gordon Dee And Carol Lee

A: They Just Don't Make Time Like They Use To [Mono]
B: They Just Don't Make Time Like They Use To [Stereo]
Southern Tracks USAST 10021981Promo Only 7"0 
Thetis Sealey

A: I Just Want To Feel That Way Again
B: It Might Suprise You To Know, It Ain't Necessarily So
Southern Tracks USAST 100319827"0 
Albert Coleman's Atlanta Pops

A: Hooked On Country (Part 1)
B: Hooked On Country (Part 2)
Southern Tracks USAST 100419827"0 
Donnie McCormick

A: Southern Way
B: Burning My Candle (At Both Ends)
Southern Tracks USAST 100519827"0 
Mike Dyche

A: The Boy Who Played Guitar
B: Falling One More Time
Southern Tracks USAST 100819827"0 
Michael Jones

A: I Knew You When
B: Do Your Trick
Southern Tracks USAST 100919827"0 
Sammy Johns

A: There I Said It Again
B: All Wrapped Up In Your Love
Southern Tracks USAST 101019827"0 
Bill Anderson

A: Southern Fried
B: You Turn The Light On
Southern Tracks USAST 1007Aug 19827"0 
Bill Anderson

A: Laid Off
B: Lovin' Tonight
Southern Tracks USAST 1011Dec 19827"0 
Kitty Wells

A: You Don't Have To Hire A Wino (I'll Give You Mine For Free)
B: If I'm A Honky Tonk Angel (You're The Devil That Made Me That Way)
Southern Tracks USAST 101219837"0 
Les Reed

A: Adams Rib
B: Storm In My Heart
Southern Tracks USAST 101319837"0 
Bill Anderson

A: Thank You Darling [Stereo]
B: Thank You Darling [Mono]
Southern Tracks USAST 10141983Promo Only 7"0 
Billy Dee

A: Stumble Bummin' Around
B: I've Got To Have You Tonight
Southern Tracks USAST 101519837"0 

A: Somebody's Hero
B: Somebody's Hero
Southern Tracks USAST 10161983Promo Only 7"0 
Jan Carlton Vinson

A: Everything You Need But Me
B: You'll Never Know How Much I Needed You Today
Southern Tracks USAST 101719837"0 
Thetis Sealey

A: Heartless
B: Love Knocking At The Door
Southern Tracks USAST 101819837"0 
Debi Bass

A: I Need A Hero
B: More And More Of Me
Southern Tracks USAST 102019837"0 
Debi Bass

A: Married Man
B: Back In Love Again
Southern Tracks USAST 102219837"0 
Brenda Pepper

A: Going Down For The Third Time [Mono]
B: Going Down For The Third Time [Stereo]
Southern Tracks USAST 10231983Promo Only 7"0 
Johnny Holm

A: Working Class Hero
B: Will I
Southern Tracks USAST 102519837"0 
Bill Anderson

A: Thank You Darling
B: Lovin' Tonight
Southern Tracks USAST 1014Mar 19837"0 
Bill Anderson

A: Son Of The South
B: 20th Century Fox
Southern Tracks USAST 1021Jul 19837"0 
Debi Bass

A: Angelene
B: My Stand In Love
Southern Tracks USAST 102719847"0 
Paul Peek

A: Caught Between Love
B: Often Think About You
Southern Tracks USAST 102819847"0 
Bill Anderson

A: Speculation
B: We May Never Pass This Way Again
Southern Tracks USAST 103019847"0 
Sammy Johns

A: I'd Rather Be Hurt By You
B: All Wrapped Up In Your Love
Southern Tracks USAST 103119847"0 
Don R Bryant

A: Love At Last Sight
B: Cryin' Her Lies Out
Southern Tracks USAST-103219847"0 
Del Reeves

A: It Must Be Miss America
B: My Ol' Lady
Southern Tracks USAST 103319847"0 
Bill Anderson

A: Your Eyes
B: I Never Get Enough Of You
Southern Tracks USAST 1026Apr 19847"1 
Gordon Dee

A: (Nothing Left Between Us) But Alabama
B: Slowly Going Out Of My Mind
Southern Tracks USAST 1029Nov 19847"0 
Slim Chance

A: Her Blue Blood And My Blue Collar
B: The Last Resort
Southern Tracks USAST 103419857"0 
Gordon Dee

A: The Paradise Knife And Gun Club
B: I Forgot That I Don't Live Here Anymore
Southern Tracks USAST 103519857"0 
Sammy Johns

A: Desperado Love
B: Desperado Love
Southern Tracks USAST-10361985Promo Only 7"0 
Billy Joe Royal

A: Burns Like A Rocket
B: Lonely Lovin' You
Southern Tracks USAST-103719857"0 
Albert Coleman's Atlanta Pops Orchestra

A: Old Time Religion Part 1
B: Old Time Religion Part 2
Southern Tracks USAST-103919857"0 
Linda Holloway

A: Go For It
B: In My Fantasy
Southern Tracks USAST-104019857"0 
Billy Dee Cox

A: Graduation Day
B: The Only Man In Your Life
Southern Tracks USAST-104119857"0 
Savannah [US 1980s]

A: Beachcomber Cowboy
B: Hide And Go Cheat
Southern Tracks USAST-104419857"0 
Sami Jo

A: I'm Going Away (Before You Can Say Not To Go)
B: We Don't Live Here (We Just Love Here)
Southern Tracks USAST-104519857"0 
Sammy Johns

A: You Just Made Me Up In Your Mind
B: Lifetime Thing
Southern Tracks USAST-104619857"0 
Gordon Dee

A: We Don't Make Love Anymore (We Just Make Believe)
B: We Don't Make Love Anymore (We Just Make Believe)
Southern Tracks USAST 10471985Promo Only 7"0 
Edgel Groves And The Rockets

A: Rockin' 50's
B: Rockin' 50's (Dance Version)
Southern Tracks USAST 104919857"0 
Debi Bass

A: Born Again
B: I'm Gonna Love You
Southern Tracks USAST 105219857"0 
Linda Holloway

A: Taking A Ride On Love
B: Do You Think Im Crazy
Southern Tracks USAST 105319857"0 
Sami Jo And Sammy Johns

A: Falling For You
B: Falling For You
Southern Tracks USAST 10541986Promo Only 7"0 
Don Grantham

A: Saying Goodbye Is Never Easy
B: Saying Goodbye Is Never Easy
Southern Tracks USAST 10551986Promo Only 7"0 
Bertie Higgins

A: Gone With The Wind
B: Cannonball
Southern Tracks USAST 105619867"0 
Bertie Higgins

A: Gone With The Wind
B: Gone With The Wind
Southern Tracks USAST 10561986Promo Only 7"0 
Gordon Dee

A: Those Old Songs
B: Those Old Songs
Southern Tracks USAST 10571986Promo Only 7"0 

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