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Spark - Label Discography

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  UK  162
  Sweden  66
  Italy  50
  Germany  20
  USA  8
  Netherlands  7
  Ireland  5
  Canada  3
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The New Generation

A: Sadie And Her Magic Mr. Galahad
B: Digger
Spark UKSRL 100023 Feb 19687"39.0
Simon De Lacy

A: Baby Come Back To Me
B: Goodbye Love
Spark UKSRL 100123 Feb 19687"410.0
Duncan Johnson

A: The Big Architect
B: Memories Of A Boy
Spark UKSRL 100223 Feb 19687"15.0
The Fruit Machine

A: Cuddly Toy
B: Follow Me
Spark UKSRL 100323 Feb 19687"17.0
Liz Christian

A: Think Of You Baby
B: Call My Name
Spark UKSRL 100412 Apr 19687"1 
Val McKenna

A: House For Sale
B: I'll Be Satisfied
Spark UKSRL 100519 Apr 19687"19.0
The Sceptres [Montreal]

A: Something's Coming Along
B: What's The Matter With Juliet
Spark UKSRL 100617 May 19687"39.0
A New Generation

A: Smokey Blue's Away
B: She's A Soldier Boy
Spark UKSRL 100710 May 19687"69.0
Johnny Scott Orchestra

A: Amsterdam Affair
B: Kathleen
Spark UKSRL 100810 May 19687"0 
Carl Perkins

A: Lake County Cotton Country
B: It's You
Spark UKSRL 100910 May 19687"18.0
Johnny Regan

A: Stand Beside Me
B: Comin' Back To Me
Spark UKSRL 10105 Jul 19687"0 
Gene Darling

A: Angie
B: Young And Beautiful
Spark UKSRL 101112 Jul 19687"27.0

A: The Devil Rides Out
B: You're In Life
Spark UKSRL 10125 Jul 19687"38.5
Cindy Ann Lee

A: To You
B: Mr. Man
Spark UKSRL 101312 Jul 19687"1 
Timothy Blue

A: Room At The Top Of The Stairs
B: She Won't See The Light
Spark UKSRL 101426 Jul 19687"58.7
Gene Latter And The Detours

A: My Life Ain't Easy

Gene Latter

B: Angie
Spark UKSRL 101526 Jul 19687"2 
The Sundowners [Scotland]

A: The Gloria Bosom Show
B: Don't Look Back
Spark UKSRL 101616 Aug 19687"3 
John Carter And Russ Alquist

A: The Laughing Man
B: Midsummer Dreaming
Spark UKSRL 1017Oct 19687"48.0
Just William

A: I Don't Care
B: Cherrywood Green
Spark UKSRL 10188 Nov 19687"68.0
A New Generation

A: Police Is Here
B: Mr. C.
Spark UKSRL 10191 Nov 19687"19.0
The Johnny Spence Orchestra

A: The Limbo Line

Bob Britton

B: Here I Go Again
Spark UKSRL 102017 Jan 19697"0 
Sydney Elliott

A: Who Dat Girl In The Mini Skirt?
B: Strawberry Blonde
Spark UKSRL 1021Jan 19697"06.5
Gene Latter

A: Sign On The Dotted Line
B: I Love You
Spark UKSRL 102224 Jan 19697"29.5
Val McKenna

A: It's All In My Imagination
B: Sweet Sweet Lovin'
Spark UKSRL 102323 Feb 19697"27.0
The Eggy

A: You're Still Mine
B: Hookey
Spark UKSRL 10244 Mar 19697"58.0
Cindy Ann Lee

A: March
B: Weekend With You
Spark UKSRL 102519697"0 
The Graham Gouldman Orchestra

A: Windmills Of Your Mind
B: Harvey's Theme
Spark UKSRL 102619697"0 
The Fruit Machine

A: I'm Alone Today
B: Sunshine Of Your Love
Spark UKSRL 1027Apr 19697"39.0
The Carlew Choir

A: Huma-Lama
B: Give A Hand To The Clown
Spark UKSRL 1028Apr 19697"0 
Sydney Elliott

A: If Music Be The Food Of Love
B: Always Untouchably Yours
Spark UKSRL 102919697"44.0
The Baby

A: Heartbreaker
B: Michael Blues
Spark UKSRL 1030Jun 19697"57.5
Gene Latter

A: The Old Iron Bell
B: Holding A Dream
Spark UKSRL 103111 Jul 19697"28.0
Johnny Tudor

A: Steal A Million Kisses
B: Blue Turns To Gold (Jour Apres Jour)
Spark UKSRL 10328 Aug 19697"0 
The Heavyweights

A: Utterly Funky
B: Shambala
Spark UKSRL 103319697"48.0
The Skatalites [London, UK]

A: Please Let Me Hide
B: 'Cos You're The One I Love
Spark UKSRL 103419697"3 
Jimmy Thomas

A: (We Ain't Here Looking For) No Trouble
B: Springtime
Spark UKSRL 10357 Nov 19697"17 
Barry Hopkins

A: Love Ya, Want Ya, Need Ya
B: A Little Too Much
Spark UKSRL 103619707"1 
Johnny Tudor

A: Crying Over You
B: Mississippi Blues
Spark UKSRL 103720 Feb 19707"3 
Val McKenna

A: Love Feeling
B: It's All In My Imagination
Spark UKSRL 103819707"3 
Eartha Kitt

A: Hurdy Gurdy Man
B: Catch The Wind
Spark UKSRL 103920 Mar 19707"99.5
Jimmy Thomas

A: White Dove
B: You Don't Have To Say Goodbye
Spark UKSRL 10403 Jul 19707"1 
Sir Ching I

A: Hello Everyone
B: Hiawatha Mini Ha Ha Love
Spark UKSRL 104119707"327.7
Day Costello

A: The Long And Winding Road
B: Free (Unlimited Horizons)
Spark UKSRL 104219707"410.0

A: Love Doesn't Grow On Trees (Mowily Mu)
B: Empty Spaces
Spark UKSRL 104319707"11.0
The Answers [Spark]

A: There's Only One Way To Hold Me
B: Sunshine, Sunshine
Spark UKSRL 104428 Oct 19707"3 
Velvet Opera

A: She Keeps Giving Me These Feelings
B: There's A Hole In My Pocket
Spark UKSRL 10456 Nov 19707"49.0
Keith Michell

A: I'll Give You The Earth (Tous Les Bateaux, Tous Les Oiseaux)
B: I'm Surprised
Spark UKSRL 104619707"125.0
Johnny Tudor

A: Don't Take Your Love Away
B: Nowadays I Can Only Laugh Tears
Spark UKSRL 104719707"0 
Barry Hopkins

A: Tell Me When
B: Time And Again
Spark UKSRL 104819707"0 
Susan Maughan

A: I Can't Make You Love Me
B: I'm Gonna Get That Guy
Spark UKSRL 104926 Feb 19717"1 

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