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Spin - Label Discography

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See Everybody's for the first four releases.
  Australia  116
  New Zealand  31
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Tony Barber

A: Wait By The Water
B: What Now
Spin AustraliaEK-132119667"2 
Ronnie Burns

A: Let It Be Me
B: Very Last Day
Spin AustraliaEK-134619667"0 
Tony Barber

A: Wondrous Place
B: No, No, No
Spin AustraliaEK-140119667"6 
Ronnie Burns

A: True, True Lovin'
B: Too Many People
Spin AustraliaEK-144719667"0 
Tony Barber

A: Lookin' For A Better Day
B: I Don't Want You Like That
Spin AustraliaEK-157919667"0 
Tony Barber


A1: Someday
A2: Is It Raining
B1: What Now
B2: I Want Her Too
Spin AustraliaEX-11,1331966EP6 
Steve And The Board

Steve And The Board

A1: The Giggle-Eyed Goo!
A2: Rosalyn
B1: Margot
B2: Rosemarie
Spin AustraliaEX-11,1341966EP1 
Ronnie Burns

This Is Ronnie Burns

A1: Very Last Day
A2: Let It Be Me
B1: True, True Lovin'
B2: Too Many People
Spin AustraliaEX-11,2011966EP0 
The Id Featuring Jeff St. John

Big Time Operator

A1: Big Time Operator
A2: Sister's Got A Boyfriend
B1: Black Girl
B2: Eastern Dream
Spin AustraliaEX-11,2471966EP1 
The Id [Australia]

A: Lindy Lou
B: Somebody To Love
Spin AustraliaEK-1220Jan 19667"0 
Marty Rhone

A: Nature Boy
B: Every Minute Of You
Spin AustraliaEK-1221Jan 19667"1 
Tony Barber

A: Someday
B: Is It Raining
Spin AustraliaEK-1155Feb 19667"1 
Steve And The Board

A: Rosalyn
B: The Giggle-Eyed Goo!
Spin AustraliaEK-1156Feb 19667"2 
Steve And The Board

A: Margot
B: I've Just Realised
Spin AustraliaEK-1271Mar 19667"2 
Marty Rhone And His Soul Agents

A: Thirteen Women
B: I Can Tell
Spin AustraliaEK-1294Mar 19667"4 
Tony Summers And The Echoes

A: I'm On The Right Side
B: I Only Have Myself To Blame
Spin AustraliaEK-127027 Mar 19667"1 
Geoff St. John And The Id

A: The Jerk
B: Take This Hurt Off Me
Spin AustraliaEK-1328Apr 19667"0 
Chris Hall And The Torquays

A: Don't Ask Me Why
B: A Little Lovin'
Spin AustraliaEK-1272May 19667"2 
Geoff "Tangletongue" Mack And His Mack-Aniks

A: I've Had Everything
B: Give It A Go Joe
Spin AustraliaEK-1280Jun 19667"3 
Steve And The Board

A: I Call My Woman Hinges Cause She's Something To Adore
B: I Want
Spin AustraliaEK-1381Jun 19667"1 
The Bee Gees

A: Monday's Rain
B: All Of My Life
Spin AustraliaEK-1384Jun 19667"0 
Jeff St. John And The Id

A: Black Girl
B: Eastern Dream
Spin AustraliaEK-1446Jul 19667"2 
Steve And The Board

A: Now I'm Older
B: So Why Pretend
Spin AustraliaEK-1463Sep 19667"0 
The Bee Gees

A: Spicks And Specks
B: I Am The World
Spin AustraliaEK-1474Sep 19667"010.0
Tony Barber

Wait By The Water

A1: Wait By The Water
A2: What Now
B1: No More Moanin'
B2: You Can't Lie To A Liar
Spin AustraliaEX-11,179Sep 1966EP0 
The Id Featuring Jeff St. John

A: Big Time Operator
B: Sister's Got A Boyfriend
Spin AustraliaEK-1606Dec 19667"1 
The Bee Gees

Spicks And Specks

A1: Spicks And Specks
A2: Jingle Jangle
B1: Tint Of Blue
B2: Where Are You
Spin AustraliaEX-11,220Dec 1966EP0 
Marty Rhone

A: She Is Mine
B: Village Tapestry
Spin AustraliaEK-157119677"110.0
Will Rushton

A: St. Vitus Dance

Will Rushton And Arlene Dorgan

B: I Want To Ring Bells
Spin AustraliaEK-169019677"0 
Tony Barber

A: Birds Eye View
B: Women Of Stone
Spin AustraliaEK-173719677"0 
Ronnie Burns

A: We Had A Good Thing Goin'
B: Can't You Feel
Spin AustraliaEK-194219677"0 
Diane Horder

A: Here Comes The Morning
B: Don't Bother Me
Spin AustraliaEK-199019677"1 
Marty Rhone

A: Green Mansion
B: Lonely Too Long
Spin AustraliaEK-205319677"0 
Steve And The Board

I Call My Woman 'Hinges'... Cause She's Something To Adore

A1: I Call My Woman Hinges Cause She's Something To Adore
A2: Farmer John
B1: Little Miss Rhythm And Blues
B2: Love's Made A Fool Of You
Spin AustraliaEX-11,1981967EP0 
Tony Barber

Lookin' For A Better Day

A1: Lookin' For A Better Day
A2: I Don't Want You Like That
B1: Nobody
B2: Is It Raining
Spin AustraliaEX-11,2481967EP3 
The Id Featuring Jeff St. John

Watch Out - You Got Me Hummin'

A1: You Got Me Hummin'
A2: Watch Out
B1: How Much Pressure (Do You Think I Can Stand)
B2: Devil Got My Woman
Spin AustraliaEX-11,2851967EP1 
Ronnie Burns

We Had A Good Thing Goin' EP

A1: We Had A Good Thing Goin'
A2: Can't You Feel
B1: Fifi The Flea
B2: Terrible Way You Treat Your Baby
Spin AustraliaEX 11,3831967EP0 
Ronnie Burns

A: Coalman
B: All The King's Horses
Spin AustraliaEK-1578Jan 19677"0 
The Bee Gees

A: Born A Man
B: Big Chance
Spin AustraliaEK-1634Jan 19677"39.0

A: So Long Boy
B: Don't Say No
Spin AustraliaEK-1715Mar 19677"0 
The Id Featuring Jeff St. John

A: You Got Me Hummin'
B: Watch Out
Spin AustraliaEK-1730Apr 19677"010.0
Barrington Davis

A: As Fast As I Can
B: Raining Teardrops
Spin AustraliaEK-1771May 19677"1 
Ronnie Burns

A: Exit Stage Right
B: In The Morning
Spin AustraliaEK-1789May 19677"2 
Marty Rhone

A: Tell Me Love
B: No, No, No, No, No
Spin AustraliaEK-1790May 19677"0 
The Bee Gees

A: New York Mining Disaster, 1941
B: I Can't See Nobody
Spin AustraliaEK-1798May 19677"0 
The Bee Gees

New York Mining Disaster, 1941

A1: New York Mining Disaster, 1941
A2: I Can't See Nobody
B1: Turn Of The Century
B2: Holiday
Spin AustraliaEX-11,329Jun 1967EP0 
The Kids [Australia]

A: How Many Birds
B: Big Chance
Spin AustraliaEK-1845Aug 19677"210.0
The Bee Gees

A: To Love Somebody
B: Close Another Door
Spin AustraliaEK-1891Aug 19677"1 
The Ram Jam Big Band

A: My Girl
B: I Didn't Know
Spin AustraliaEK-1941Aug 19677"4 
The Bee Gees

To Love Somebody

A1: To Love Somebody
A2: Close Another Door
B1: Red Chair Fade Away
B2: One Minute Woman
Spin AustraliaEX-11,335Aug 1967EP0 

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