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Squoodge - Label Discography

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Bloodshot Bill

A1: Lonely Nights
B1: Kissin' My Love
B2: Hobo
Squoodge Austria17.0723 Sep 2005EP0 
Bloodshot Bill

A: Rat Fink
B: Five And Ten
Squoodge Austria17.2117 Jan 20065"0 
Reverend Beat-Man

..Plays Songs the Beat-Man Way

A: Natchez Burning
B: Steh auf Berlin
Squoodge AustriaSR171320097"0 
Bloodshot Bill

A1: Lemme Rock
A2: Can't Dance Alone
B1: Heeby Jeeby Blues
B2: Lonely Saturday Night
Squoodge AustriaSR 17.792010EP1 
La Basura Del Diablo's

A1: 8mm Monster
A2: Haunted Hollywood
B1: Season Of The Dead
B2: Curse Of The Devil
Squoodge AustriaSR 17.932010EP0 
Reverend Beat-Man

A: Militurk
Squoodge Austria17872011Flexi0 
Theee Bat

A1: I'm Gonna Kill My Baby Tonight
A2: I'm Gonna Kill My Baby Tonight (Live)
Squoodge AustriaSR 17.8520117"0 
The Monsters [Switzerland]

A1: I Want You (Bonaparte Mix)
B1: I Want You (Italian Stallion Mix)
B2: I Want You (Swisscheese Mix)
B3: I Want You (Guz Mix)
Squoodge AustriaSR.17.8820117"0 
Reverend Beat-Man

A: It's A Beat-Man's World
B: I'll Be There For You
Squoodge AustriaSR179220117"0 
Wild Billy Childish And The Musicians Of The British Empire

A: There Is Only Me

The Chatham Singers

B: All That's Spoken Is Unkind
Squoodge AustriaSR 17.9017 Feb 20127"1 
Bloodshot Bill

I'm In Love

A1: Lovin' Honey
A2: I'm In Love
B1: Cry Over Me
B2: Shame On You Miss Lindy
Squoodge AustriaSR 17.9427 Jul 2012EP0 
7 Years Squoodge Records

The Mighty Beats

A: I Like Squoodge Records

The No Talent One Man Band

B: I Want To Be The Squoodge Boy
Squoodge AustriaSR 17.0523 Sep 20127"0 
Trixie Trainwreck No Man Band

A1: Hard Workin' Girl
B1: Bartendin' Blues
B2: I'm Sailin' In
Squoodge AustriaSR.17.9710 Dec 20127"0 
Bloodshot Bill

A1: Travelin' Guitar
B1: The Message
B2: I Saw Her First
Squoodge AustriaSR 17.987 Jan 20137"2 

A: Ich Lieber Dich
B: ME-262
Squoodge AustriaSR 17.10013 Mar 20137"0 
The Vermin Poets

A: The King Of Bosworth Carpark
B: The Angel Of Mons
Squoodge AustriaABC V24 Jun 20137"0 

A: Joseph Beuys Flies Again
B: Oh Mein Gott Baader-Meinhoff
Squoodge AustriaSR 17.0117 Sep 20137"1 
Reverend Beat-Man

A: Louise
Squoodge Austria17.10421 Sep 20137"0 
Laser Mutants

The Dirty Nails And Frantic Tales Of Coffin Creek

A1: Freaks Of Fortune
A2: Toilethead
B1: Two-Way Truth
B2: Trashhands
Squoodge AustriaSR 17.11217 Jul 2014Bonus 7"0 
Wild Billy Chyldish And CTMF

A: He Wore A Pagan Robe
B: Its So Hard To Be Happy (When Everyone That You Meet Is Happyer Than You)
Squoodge AustriaSR 17.11317 Jul 20147"4 
Wild Billy Childish And The Spartan Dreggs

The Fen Raft Spider

A: Fen Raft Spider
B: Tiddy Mun
Squoodge AustriaSR 17.11519 Nov 20147"0 
Bill Fadden And The Dangerous Curves

A: Wax And Wane
B: Bottom Of The Glass
Squoodge AustriaSR CC 10-117 Jan 20157"0 
Gerrit And The Rock N Roll Stalinists

A1: Eva Braun
A2: Ice Cold Eyes
A3: Why Don't You Do It
B1: I Wish I Could Die
B2: Ulan Bator
B3: Me, Myself And I
Squoodge AustriaSR CC 10-217 Feb 2015EP0 
Laser Mutants

A: Laser Mutants
B: Snotty Nosed
Squoodge AustriaSR CC 10-317 Mar 20157"0 
Babe Miller And His Tear Droppin Fools

A: Lonely Women And Warm Red Wine
B: You Left Me Out Of My Dreams
Squoodge AustriaSR CC 10-414 Apr 20157"0 
Fia Sco And The Majestics

A: Peroxide Blonde
B: Rockin And Rollin
Squoodge AustriaSR CC 10-617 Jun 20157"0 
Chris Almoada

A: Curiosity
B: My Name Is Chris
Squoodge AustriaSR CC 10-717 Jul 20157"0 
Bloodshot Bill

A: The Girl Who Dances Alone
B: Change My Mind
Squoodge AustriaSR CC 10-0817 Aug 20157"0 
King Salami

Goes Latin

A: La Chatunga
B: Caramba
Squoodge AustriaSR CC 10-0917 Sep 20157"0 
Marcel Bontempi

A: Mambo Jazz
B: My Father's Grave
Squoodge AustriaSR CC 10-1017 Oct 20157"0 

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