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SSS International - Label Discography

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See also the reissue series SSS International Golden Treasure Series
subsidiary labels
Plantation (country), Midnight Sun, Alvina, Circus, Honor Brigade, Minaret, Sumpter, Black Prince

distributed labels
Wet Soul, Blue Fox, Blue Fox, Amazon, Electric Fox, Double Bayou, Share
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  UK  1
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The Eye-Full Tower

A: Carol Cartoon
B: How About Me
SSS International USASSS 700Apr 19677"2 
Willie Charles Gray

A: I've Really Got Something To Be Proud Of
B: Don't Look Like Another Happy Day
SSS International USASSS 70119677"0 
The Strange Bedfellows

A: young ideas
B: Wild And Free
SSS International USASSS 70219677"0 
Chuck Wood [Country]

A: I'm The Mail She's Waiting For
B: Son, Daddy Told You A Lie
SSS International USASSS 70319677"0 
Margaret Lewis

A: Kangaroo Of Love
B: Kangaroo Of Love
SSS International USASSS 704Jun 1967Promo Only 7"07.0
The Bushmen

A: You're The Girl
B: You're The Girl (Instrumental)
SSS International USASSS 70519677"0 
Billy And The Essentials

A: I Wrote A Song
B: I Wrote A Song
SSS International USASSS 7061967Promo Only 7"0 
Dee Mullins

A: War Baby
B: Parking For Cheaters
SSS International USASSS 70719677"0 
Phil Colbert

A: Too Much Pride
B: Too Much Pride
SSS International USASSS 7081967Promo Only 7"0 
Vinnie Zen And The Rogues

A: Bricks, Broken Bottles And Sticks
B: How Many Breaks Can One Heart Take
SSS International USASSS 709Jul 19677"1 
The Young Society [SSS]

A: Lass
B: Someday You'll Know How It Feels
SSS International USASSS 71019677"0 
Count And The Colony

A: Say What You Think
B: Say What You Think
SSS International USASSS 7111967Promo Only 7"0 
Count And The Colony

A: Say What You Think
B: Symptoms Of Love
SSS International USASSS 711Aug 19677"1 
James O'Gwynn

A: It's Not The Best Way To Live
B: Queen Of Every Honk-E-Tonk
SSS International USASSS 712Aug 19677"0 
John Knight

A: Forbidden Affair
B: Forbidden Affair
SSS International USASSS 714Aug 1967Promo Only 7"0 
Mickey Murray

A: Shout Bamalama
B: Lonely Room
SSS International USASSS 715Sep 19677"28.3
Mouse And The Boys With Brass

A: Dancing To The Beat
B: Tears In My Eyes
SSS International USASSS 716Sep 19677"0 
Oscar Irving

A: If It Ain't One Thing It's Another
B: My Pillow Stays Wet
SSS International USASSS 717Sep 19677"1 
Randy And The Rest

A: The Vacuum (Short Version)
B: The Vacuum (Extended Version)
SSS International USASSS 720Oct 19677"1 
Randy And The Rest

A: The Vacuum
B: Dreamin'
SSS International USASSS 720Oct 19677"0 
Little Georgie Dorn

A: Be My Love
B: Happy Face
SSS International USASSS 722Nov 19677"0 
Johnny Barfield And The Men Of S.O.U.L.

A: Mr. Starlight
B: Soul Butter
SSS International USASSS 724Nov 19677"0 
Willie Charles Gray

A: My Ancestors
B: A Whole Lot Of Soul
SSS International USASSS 72519677"0 
Mickey Murray

A: Hit Record
B: How Many Breaks Can One Heart Take
SSS International USASSS 72719677"0 
Mickey Murray

A: Hit Record
B: Hit Record
SSS International USASSS 7271967Promo Only 7"0 
Dee Mullins

A: I Am The Grass
B: The World I'm Livin' In
SSS International USASSS 728Jan 19687"0 
Clarence Murray

A: Baby, You Got It
B: One More Chance
SSS International USASSS 730Jan 19687"1 
Sam Dees

A: I Need You Girl
B: Lonely For You Baby
SSS International USASSS-732Feb 19687"2 
The Moving Violations

A: You'd Better Move On
B: You'd Better Move On
SSS International USASSS-73329 Feb 1968Promo Only 7"1 
Teresa Brewer

A: Step To The Rear
B: Live A Little
SSS International USASSS 735Feb 19687"0 
Peggy Scott And Jo Jo Benson

A: Lover's Holiday
B: Here With Me
SSS International USASSS-736Apr 19687"29.0
Ray Reily

A: Teardrop Millionaire
B: I'm The One I Hurt Most Of All
SSS International USASSS-73719687"0 
Chuck Wood [Country]

A: Cheating Traces
B: It's Not The Best Way To Live
SSS International USASSS-73819687"0 
Lord August And The Vision Of Light

A: Let Me Be Me
B: Get On Home
SSS International USASSS-739Apr 19687"1 
The Sound Laboratory

A: Rainy Day Girls
B: That Was The Last Time
SSS International USASSS 74019687"2 
Margaret Lewis

A: Honey (I Miss You Too)
B: Milk And Honey
SSS International USASSS-741Apr 19687"27.0
Teresa Brewer

A: A Woman's World
B: Ride-A-Roo
SSS International USASSS-744Jun 19687"1 
Dee Mullins

A: Texas Tea
B: Parking For Cheaters
SSS International USASSS 745Jun 19687"0 
Georgie Boy

A: The Pleasure Of My Woman
B: You'd Better Quit It
SSS International USASSS-746Aug 19687"1 
Sil Austin

A: Lover's Holiday
B: Honey
SSS International USASSS 747Sep 19687"17.0
Peggy Scott And Jo Jo Benson

A: Pickin' Wild Mountain Berries
B: Pure Love And Pleasure
SSS International USASSS 748Sep 19687"3 
Dee Mullins

A: The Continuing Story Of Harper Valley P.T.A.
B: Satisfied Old Man
SSS International USASSS 749Oct 19687"0 
Johnny Adams

A: Release Me
B: You Make A New Man Out Of Me
SSS International USASSS 750Oct 19687"17.0
Margaret Lewis

A: Mrs. Cooper's Tea Party
B: Mrs. Cooper's Tea Party
SSS International USA753Nov 1968Promo Only 7"18.0
Danny White

A: Natural Soul Brother
B: Natural Soul Brother
SSS International USASSS 7541968Promo Only 7"0 
Danny White

A: Natural Soul Brother
B: One Way Love Affair
SSS International USASSS 754Nov 19687"1 
Mickey Murray

A: Flat Foot Sam
B: Jodie
SSS International USASSS 755Dec 19687"1 
Clarence Murray

A: Don't Talk Like That
B: Poor Boy
SSS International USASSS 756Dec 19687"1 
The Geers

A: I Need You
B: Please Don't Break My Heart
SSS International USASSS-76019697"1 
The Geers

A: I Need You
B: I Need You
SSS International USASSS-7601969Promo Only 7"0 

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