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SSS International - Label Discography

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Wet Soul, Blue Fox, Blue Fox, Amazon, Electric Fox
  USA  86
  UK  1
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The Eye-Full Tower

A: Carol Cartoon
B: How About Me
SSS International USASSS 700Apr 19677"2 
Margaret Lewis

A: Kangaroo Of Love
B: Kangaroo Of Love
SSS International USASSS 704Jun 1967Promo Only 7"07.0
Vinnie Zen And The Rogues

A: Bricks, Broken Bottles And Sticks
B: How Many Breaks Can One Heart Take
SSS International USASSS 70919677"0 
Count And The Colony

A: Say What You Think
B: Symptoms Of Love
SSS International USASSS 71119677"0 
James O'Gwynn

A: It's Not The Best Way To Live
B: Queen Of Every Honk-E-Tonk
SSS International USASSS 71219677"0 
John Knight

A: Forbidden Affair
B: Forbidden Affair
SSS International USASSS 7141967Promo Only 7"0 
Mickey Murray

A: Shout Bamalama
B: Lonely Room
SSS International USASSS 71519677"28.0
Mouse And The Boys With Brass

A: Dancing To The Beat
B: Tears In My Eyes
SSS International USASSS 716Sep 19677"0 
Oscar Irving

A: If It Ain't One Thing It's Another
B: My Pillow Stays Wet
SSS International USASSS 717Sep 19677"1 
Randy And The Rest

A: The Vacuum (Short Version)
B: The Vacuum (Extended Version)
SSS International USASSS 72019677"1 
Little Georgie Dorn

A: Be My Love
B: Happy Face
SSS International USASSS 722Nov 19677"0 
Johnny Barfield And The Men Of S.O.U.L.

A: Mr. Starlight
B: Soul Butter
SSS International USASSS 724Nov 19677"0 
Clarence Murray

A: Baby, You Got It
B: One More Chance
SSS International USASSS 730Jan 19687"1 
Sam Dees

A: I Need You Girl
B: Lonely For You Baby
SSS International USASSS-732Feb 19687"2 
The Moving Violations

A: You'd Better Move On
B: You'd Better Move On
SSS International USASSS-73329 Feb 1968Promo Only 7"1 
Teresa Brewer

A: Step To The Rear
B: Live A Little
SSS International USASSS 735Feb 19687"0 
Peggy Scott And Jo Jo Benson

A: Lover's Holiday
B: Here With Me
SSS International USASSS-736Apr 19687"29.0
Lord August And The Vision Of Light

A: Let Me Be Me
B: Get On Home
SSS International USASSS-739Apr 19687"0 
Margaret Lewis

A: Honey (I Miss You Too)
B: Milk And Honey
SSS International USASSS-741Apr 19687"27.0
Teresa Brewer

A: A Woman's World
B: Ride-A-Roo
SSS International USASSS-744Jun 19687"1 
Georgie Boy

A: The Pleasure Of My Woman
B: You'd Better Quit It
SSS International USASSS-746Aug 19687"1 
Sil Austin

A: Lover's Holiday
B: Honey
SSS International USASSS 747Sep 19687"17.0
Peggy Scott And Jo Jo Benson

A: Pickin' Wild Mountain Berries
B: Pure Love And Pleasure
SSS International USASSS 748Sep 19687"3 
Dee Mullins

A: The Continuing Story Of Harper Valley P.T.A.
B: Satisfied Old Man
SSS International USASSS 749Oct 19687"0 
Johnny Adams

A: Release Me
B: You Make A New Man Out Of Me
SSS International USASSS 750Oct 19687"17.0
Margaret Lewis

A: Mrs. Cooper's Tea Party
B: Mrs. Cooper's Tea Party
SSS International USA753Nov 1968Promo Only 7"18.0
Danny White

A: Natural Soul Brother
B: One Way Love Affair
SSS International USASSS 754Nov 19687"1 
Mickey Murray

A: Flat Foot Sam
B: Jodie
SSS International USASSS 755Dec 19687"1 
Clarence Murray

A: Don't Talk Like That
B: Poor Boy
SSS International USASSS 756Dec 19687"1 
Peggy Scott And Jo Jo Benson

A: Soulshake
B: We Were Made For Each Other
SSS International USASSS 761Jan 19697"38.0
Michael Henry Martin

A: Little Tin God
B: Just Hold My Hand
SSS International USASSS 76219697"0 
Johnny Soul

A: Take Me Where The Sun Never Shines
B: I Almost Called Your Name
SSS International USASSS-763Feb 19697"0 
Betty Harris

A: There's A Break In The Road
B: All I Want Is You
SSS International USASSS 766Mar 19697"19.3
Peggy Scott

A: Every Little Bit Hurts
B: You Can Never Get Something For Nothing
SSS International USA767Mar 19697"0 
Jo Jo Benson

A: Eternally
B: Having My Glory
SSS International USASSS-768Apr 19697"0 
Peggy Scott And Jo Jo Benson

A: I Want To Love You Baby
B: We Got Our Bag
SSS International USASSS 769Apr 19697"0 
Johnny Adams

A: Reconsider Me
B: If I Could See You One More Time
SSS International USASSS 770Jun 19697"3 
The Honolulu Zoo

A: Susua
B: Susua
SSS International USASSS-77319697"0 
The Sound Laboratory

A: Buddin, Buddin And Ah-Ooo-Ga
B: Buddin, Buddin And Ah-Ooo-Ga
SSS International USASSS-7751969Promo Only 7"0 
The Coachmen

A: The Story Of Johnny
B: The Story Of Johnny
SSS International USASSS-7761969Promo Only 7"0 
Johnny Adams

A: I Can't Be All Bad
B: In A Moment Of Weakness
SSS International USASSS 780Sep 19697"29.0
Peggy Scott

A: When The Blind Leads The Blind
B: I've Got Loving
SSS International USA783Dec 19697"0 
Johnny Soul

A: Lonely Man
B: Come And Get It
SSS International USA785Nov 19697"0 
The Fabulous Fenatiks

A: Gimmie, Gimmie Good Lovin'
B: Gimmie, Gimmie Good Lovin'
SSS International USA78812 Jan 1970Promo Only 7"0 
Half A World Away

A: I Got Your Love
B: Confusion
SSS International USA#79019707"0 
Half A World Away

A: I Got Your Love
B: I Got Your Love
SSS International USA7901970Promo Only 7"0 
Sil Austin

A: Massachusetts
B: Tara's Theme
SSS International USASSS-79219707"1 
Bergen White

A: It's Over Now [Mono]
B: It's Over Now [Stereo]
SSS International USASSS-7961970Promo Only 7"0 
Johnny Adams

A: Georgia Morning Dew
B: Real Live Living Hurtin' Man
SSS International USASSS-797May 19707"17.0
Johnny Adams

A: Georgia Morning Dew
B: Georgia Morning Dew
SSS International USASSS-797May 1970Promo Only 7"0 

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