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Stateside - Label Discography

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  UK  781
  Netherlands  378
  Australia  240
  New Zealand  145
  France  104
  Sweden  69
  Portugal  49
  Spain  45
  Italy  38
  Denmark  37
  Japan  36
  India  34
  South Africa  32
  Norway  31
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Johnny Thunder

A1: Jailer Bring Me Water (Traigame Agua)
A2: Outlaw (Fuera De La Ley)

Nicky DeMatteo

B1: Baby, That's All (Nena, Es Esto Todo)
B2: The Story Of My Life (Esta Es Ma Vida)
Stateside SpainLSE 60101963EP2 
Del Shannon

Keep Searchin'

A1: Keep Searchin' (We'll Follow The Sun)
A2: Broken Promises
B1: Stranger In Town
B2: Over You
Stateside SpainLSE 60241965EP0 
The Toys

A1: A Lovers Concerto
A2: This Night
B1: Attack
B2: See How They Run
Stateside SpainLSE 60261965EP0 
Chris Farlowe

A1: Out Of Time
A2: Baby Make It Soon
B1: Don't Just Look At Me
B2: Think
Stateside SpainLSE 60281966EP1 
Lee Dorsey

A1: Working In The Coal Mine
A2: Mex
B1: Confusion
B2: Neighbour's Daughter
Stateside SpainLSE 60291966EP0 
Twice As Much

A1: Sittin' On A Fence
A2: Baby I Want You
B1: Step Out Of Line
B2: True Story
Stateside SpainLSE 60301966EP0 
Small Faces

A1: Here Come The Nice
A2: Talk To You
B1: Itchycoo Park
B2: I'm Only Dreaming
Stateside SpainLSE 60341967EP0 
The Buckinghams [USA]

A: Kind Of A Drag
B: You Make Me Feel So Good
Stateside SpainLSS 60919677"0 
Mitch Ryder

A: Too Many Fish In The Sea / Three Little Fishes
B: One Grain Of Sand
Stateside SpainLSS 61019677"0 
Aaron Neville

A: Tell It Like It Is
B: Why Worry
Stateside SpainLSS 61119677"0 
The Move

A: Flowers In The Rain (Flores en La Lluvia)
B: The Lemon Tree (Here We Go Round) (El Limonero)
Stateside SpainLSS 61219677"1 
The Box Tops

A: The Letter
B: Happy Times
Stateside SpainLSS 61319677"0 
Procol Harum

A: Homburg
B: Good Captain Clack
Stateside SpainLSS 61419677"210.0
Strawberry Alarm Clock

A: Incienso Y Menta (Incense And Peppermints)
B: El Pajaro De Alcatraz (Birdman Of Alkatraz)
Stateside SpainLSS 61819677"0 
The Move

A1: Omnibus
A2: Yellow Rainbow
B1: Wild Tiger Woman
B2: Useless Information
Stateside SpainLSE 60381968EP0 
The Move

A: Fire Brigade
B: Walk Upon The Water
Stateside SpainLSS 61919687"0 
The Fireballs

A: Bottle Of Wine
B: Ain't That Rain
Stateside SpainLSS 62019687"0 
Procol Harum

A: Quite Rightly So
B: In The Wee Small Hours Of Sixpence
Stateside SpainLSS 62519687"0 
Merrilee Rush

A: Angel Of The Morning
B: Reap What You Sow
Stateside SpainLSS 62919687"0 
Johnny Nash

A: Hold Me Tight "Abrázame"
B: Let's Move And Groove (Together) "Juntos"
Stateside SpainLSS 63119687"0 
The Delfonics

A: I'm Sorry
B: La La Means I Love You
Stateside SpainSSL 40519687"0 
Joe Cocker

A: With A Little Help From My Friends
B: Something's Coming On
Stateside SpainSSL 40619687"0 
Bruce Channel

A: Nobody
B: Try Me
Stateside SpainSSL 41019687"0 
John Rowles

A: M'Lady (Señorita)
B: Say Goodbye (Dime Adiós)
Stateside SpainSSL 41119687"0 
The Move

A: Blackberry Way
B: Something
Stateside SpainSSL 41219687"0 
Procol Harum

A: A Salty Dog
B: Long Gone Geek
Stateside Spain1J 006-90.260 M19697"0 
The Move

A: Curly (Rizos)
B: This Time Tomorrow (Mañana A Esta Hora)
Stateside Spain1J-006.90.46919697"0 

A: Baby It's You
B: I Don't Believe
Stateside SpainJ 006-90.60819697"0 

A: Southbound Train
B: Blood On The Sun
Stateside SpainJ 006-90.75119697"0 
Neil Diamond

A: Holly Holy
B: Hurtin' You Don't Come Easy (No Es Facil Hacerte Dano)
Stateside SpainJ 006-90.91519697"0 
Crazy Elephant

A: There's A Better Day A Comin'
B: Space Buggy
Stateside SpainJ 006 9102819697"0 
Crazy Elephant

A: Sunshine, Red Wine
B: Pam
Stateside SpainJ6 006 9036219697"0 
John Rowles

A: One Day
B: I Must Have Been Out Of My Mind
Stateside SpainSSL 42419697"1 
Neil Diamond

A: Sweet Caroline (Dulce Carolina)
B: Dig In (Escarbando)
Stateside Spain1J 006-90.423 M19707"0 
Brimstone [Florida]

A: Blowin' In The Wind
B: Trinket
Stateside Spain1J 006-91.20719707"19.0
The Move

A: Brontosaurus
B: Lightning Never Strikes Twice (El raya nunca recae)
Stateside Spain1J 006-9127719707"0 
The Flame

A: See The Light
B: Get Your Mind Made Up
Stateside Spain1J 006-92.06319707"0 
John Phillips

A: Mississippi
B: April Anne "Ana De Abril"
Stateside SpainJ 006-91.44619707"0 

A: Mississippi Queen
B: The Laird
Stateside SpainJ 006-91.65519707"0 

A: Candida
B: Look At . . . "Mirar . . . "
Stateside SpainJ 006-91.71919707"0 

A: For Yasgur's Farm
B: To My Friend
Stateside SpainJ 006-91.81619707"0 
The Beach Boys

A: Tears In The Morning "Lagrimas En La Manana"
B: It's About Time "Cuestion De Tiempo"
Stateside Spain1J 006-91984M19717"4 
The 5th Dimension

A: Love's Lines, Angles And Rhymes "Lineas De Amore, Angulos Y Rimas"
B: This Is Your Life "Esta Es Tu Vida"
Stateside SpainJ 006-92.38819717"0 
Johnny Johnson And His Bandwagon

A: Mr. Tambourine Man
B: Soul Sahara
Stateside SpainJ 006-92.51119717"1 
Johnny Johnson And The Bandwagon

A: Honey Bee (Dulce Bee)
B: I Don't Know Why (No Sé Por Qué)
Stateside Spain1J 006-93.86119727"0 

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