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Stateside - Label Discography

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  UK  791
  Netherlands  464
  Australia  395
  France  289
  New Zealand  289
  Turkey  116
  Sweden  102
  Spain  101
  Portugal  98
  Japan  91
  India  58
  Italy  57
  Denmark  48
  South Africa  41
+ More Countries (33 Total)
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Miss X

A: Christine
Stateside ItalyQSS 102219637"4 
Larry Moon

A: Speedy....Torna Al Bar (Tia Juana Ball)
B: She Lied
Stateside ItalyQSS 103119637"0 
The Trashmen

A: Surfin' Bird
B: King Of The Surf
Stateside ItalyQSS 103819647"0 
The Trashmen

A: Bird Dance Beat
B: A-bone
Stateside ItalyQSS 104219647"0 
Ronnie Dove

A: I Believed In You
B: Sweeter Than Sugar
Stateside ItalyQSS 104719647"6 
The Trashmen

A: Peppermint Man
B: New Generation
Stateside ItalyQSS 105319647"1 
The Dave Clark Five

A: I Knew It All The Time
B: That's What I Said
Stateside ItalyQSS 105719647"0 
The Trashmen

A: Whoa Dad!
B: Walkin' My Baby
Stateside ItalyQSS 106119657"0 
The Charmettes [New York]

A: Stop The Wedding
B: Sugar Boy
Stateside ItalyQSS 106619657"0 
The Castaways

A: Liar, Liar
B: Sam
Stateside ItalyQSS 107119657"010.0
The Sheep

A: Hide And Seek
B: Twelve Months Later
Stateside ItalyQSS 107819667"0 
The Mugwumps [Los Angeles]

A: Bald Headed Woman
B: Jug Band Music
Stateside ItalyQSS 108619667"0 
The Standells

A: Why Pick On Me
B: Mi Hai Fatto Innamorare
Stateside ItalyQSS 109119667"0 
The Standells

A: Try It
B: Poor Shell Of A Man
Stateside ItalyQSS 109719667"0 
Chris Farlowe

A: Out Of Time
B: Baby Make It Soon
Stateside ItalyQSS 10839 Sep 19667"0 
The Candymen

A: Georgia Pines
B: Movies In My Mind
Stateside ItalyQSS 109928 Dec 19677"0 
The Box Tops

A: I Met Her In Church
B: People Gonna Talk
Stateside ItalyM 1201719687"0 

A: Walking In The Queens Garden
B: I Happen To Love You
Stateside ItalyQSS 110019687"0 
The Fireballs

A: Bottle Of Wine
B: Ain't That Rain
Stateside ItalyQSS 110119687"0 
Ray Charles

A: That's A Lie
B: Go On Home
Stateside ItalyQSS 110219687"0 
Ray Charles

A: Eleanor Rigby
B: When I Stop Dreamin'
Stateside ItalyQSS 110319687"0 
The Fireballs

A: Three Minutes Time
B: Chicken Little
Stateside ItalyQSS 110719687"0 

A: Magic Carpet Ride
B: Sookie Sookie
Stateside ItalyQSS 111019687"010.0
Mama Cass

A: California Earthquake
B: Talkin' To Your Toothbrush
Stateside ItalyQSS 111119687"0 
The Mamas And The Papas

A: For The Love Of Ivy
B: Dream A Little Dream Of Me
Stateside ItalyQSS 111219687"0 
The O'Kaysions

A: Girl Watcher
B: Deal Me In
Stateside ItalyQSS 111419687"0 
The Fireballs

A: Woman, Help Me
B: Come On, React
Stateside ItalyQSS 111519687"0 
The Mamas And The Papas

A: Do You Wanna Dance
B: My Girl
Stateside ItalyQSS 112019687"0 
The Grass Roots

A: Midnight Confessions
B: Who Will You Be Tomorrow
Stateside ItalyQSS 111326 Oct 19687"0 
Ray Charles

A: Sweet Young Thing Like You
B: Listen They're Playing My Song
Stateside ItalyQSS 110930 Oct 19687"0 
The Cats

A: Lea
B: I Gotta Know What's Going On
Stateside ItalyQSS 11185 Dec 19687"010.0
Merrell Fankhauser And H.M.S. Bounty

A: Things
B: Rich Man's Fable
Stateside ItalyQSS 112224 Dec 19687"0 

A: Someday Soon
B: Theme For Twiggy
Stateside ItalyQSS 112319697"0 
Troy Dante

A: These Are Not My People
B: Little Star
Stateside ItalyQSS 112719697"0 
Daisy Clan

A: Bonnie Bonnie Bonnie
B: Friends
Stateside ItalyQSS 112819697"0 

A: Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'
B: Wonderland Of Love
Stateside ItalyQSS 113819697"0 

A: It's Never Too Late
B: Happy Birthday
Stateside ItalyQSS 114219697"0 

A: Move Over
B: Power Play
Stateside ItalyQSS 115319697"0 
Curtis Knight

A: Fancy Meeting You Here
B: Lost Memory
Stateside ItalyQSS 115419697"0 
Three Dog Night

A: Eli's Coming
B: Circle For A Landing
Stateside ItalyQSS 115619697"0 

A: Ballad Of Easy Rider
B: Vise-Versa
Stateside ItalyQSS 116019697"0 

A: Monster
B: Berry Rides Again
Stateside ItalyQSS 116519697"0 
John Rowles

A: One Day
B: I Must Have Been Out Of My Mind
Stateside ItalyQSS 112917 Mar 19697"0 
Tommy Roe

A: Dizzy
B: The You I Need
Stateside ItalyQSS 113124 Mar 19697"0 

A: In The Year 2525
B: Parting
Stateside ItalyQSS 115116 Sep 19697"0 
The James Gang

A: Funk n.48
B: Collage
Stateside Italy3C 006-9122319707"0 

A: Whitchi Tai To
B: Speakin' My Mind
Stateside Italy3C 006-9167819707"0 
Jimi Hendrix

A: I'm A Man
B: Lights Big City
Stateside Italy3C 006-9170919707"0 

A: Screaming Night Hog
B: Corina Corina
Stateside Italy3C 006-9174219707"0 
The James Gang

A: Funk #49
B: Thanks
Stateside Italy3C 006-9183619707"0 

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