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Stateside - Label Discography

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  UK  781
  Netherlands  335
  Australia  232
  France  83
  New Zealand  77
  Sweden  54
  Spain  39
  Japan  36
  India  31
  Norway  31
  Ireland  30
  Italy  30
  South Africa  30
  Portugal  29
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Don Gardner And Dee Dee Ford

A: Need Your Lovin'
B: Tell Me
Stateside Netherlands45 HSS-100219627"0 
Bobby Lewis

A: I'm Tossin' And Turnin' Again
B: Nothin' But The Blues
Stateside Netherlands45 HSS-101419627"0 
Ace Cannon

A: Sugar Blues
B: 38 Special
Stateside Netherlands45 HSS-101619627"06.0
Don Gardner And Dee Dee Ford

A: Don't You Worry
B: I'm Coming Home To Stay
Stateside Netherlands45 HSS-101819627"0 
Daddy "G" And The Church Street Five

A: Hey Now
B: Daddy "G" Rides Again
Stateside Netherlands45 HSS-101919627"0 
Mel Taylor

A: Big Bad Pogo
B: Drum Stick
Stateside Netherlands45 HSS-102919627"0 
Chuck Reed

A: Just Plain Hurt
B: Talkin' No Trash
Stateside Netherlands45 SS-10819627"0 
Freddy Cannon

A: Palisades Park
B: June, July And August
Stateside Netherlands45 SS-101Jul 19627"0 
B. Bumble And The Stingers

A: Apple Knocker
B: The Moon And The Sea
Stateside Netherlands45 HSS-1012Sep 19627"0 
B. Bumble And The Stingers

A: Rockin-On-'N'-Off
B: Mashed # 5
Stateside Netherlands45 HSS-1013Sep 19627"0 
The Shirelles

A: Welcome Home Baby
B: Mama, Here Comes The Bride
Stateside NetherlandsHSS 1015Sep 19627"0 
Johnnie Morisette

A: Meet Me At The Twistin' Place
B: Anytime, Anyday, Anywhere
Stateside Netherlands45 SS-107Nov 19627"0 
The Crystals

A: He's A Rebel
B: I Love You Eddie
Stateside Netherlands45 HSS-1023Dec 19627"110.0
The Shirelles

A: It's Love That Really Counts
B: Stop The Music
Stateside NetherlandsHSS 1022Dec 19627"0 
Gary (U.S.) Bonds

A: Mixed Up Faculty
B: I Dig This Station
Stateside Netherlands45 HSS-103919637"0 
The Rebels [Rockin' Rebels]

A: Wild Weekend Cha Cha
B: Wild Weekend
Stateside Netherlands45 HSS 106419637"4 
"Little Esther" Philips And "Big Al" Downing

A: You Never Miss Your Water (Till The Well Runs Dry)
B: If You Want It
Stateside Netherlands45 HSS 108619637"0 
The Shirelles

A: Everybody Loves A Lover
B: I Don't Think So
Stateside NetherlandsHSS 105619637"0 
The Rockin' Rebels

A: Rockin' Crickets
B: Hully Gully Rock
Stateside NetherlandsHSS 108919637"1 
Amos Milburn Jr.

A: Gloria
B: Look At A Fool
Stateside NetherlandsHSS 109019637"8 
Lonnie Mack

A: Memphis
B: Down In The Dumps
Stateside NetherlandsHSS 109419637"0 
The Shirelles

A: Don't Say Goodnight And Mean Goodbye
B: I Didn't Mean To Hurt You
Stateside NetherlandsHSS 109519637"0 
Lonnie Mack

A: Wham!
B: Suzie-Q
Stateside NetherlandsHSSA 502119637"0 
Freddy Cannon

A: That's The Way Girls Are
B: Do What The Hippies Do
Stateside NetherlandsHSSA 503119637"0 
Esther Phillips

A: Release Me
B: Don't Feel Rained On
Stateside Netherlands45 HSS-1048Jan 19637"0 
The Shirelles And King Curtis

A: Take The Last Train Home
B: Love Is A Swinging Thing
Stateside NetherlandsHSS 1040Jan 19637"0 
The Shirelles And King Curtis

A: Potato Chips
B: I Still Want You
Stateside NetherlandsHSS 1041Jan 19637"0 
The 4 Seasons

A: Walk Like A Man
B: Lucky Ladybug
Stateside NetherlandsHSS 1060Mar 19637"0 
Johnny Thunder

A: Rock-A-Bye My Darling
B: The Rosy Dance
Stateside Netherlands45 HSS 1073May 19637"1 
The Four Seasons

A: My Sugar
B: Hi-lily, Hi-lo
Stateside NetherlandsHSS 1076May 19637"0 
The Shirelles

A: Foolish Little Girl
B: Not For All The Money In The World
Stateside NetherlandsHSS 1077May 19637"0 
Jimmy Soul

A: If You Wanna Be Happy
B: Don't Release Me
Stateside NetherlandsHSS 1078May 19637"0 
The Four Seasons

A: Ain't That A Shame
B: Soon
Stateside NetherlandsHSS 1085Jul 19637"0 
Link Wray And His Ray Men

A: Jack The Ripper
B: The Black Widow
Stateside NetherlandsHSS 1097Aug 19637"0 
The Four Seasons

A: Candy Girl
B: Marlena
Stateside NetherlandsHSS 1098Sep 19637"0 
Jimmy Soul

A: Go 'Way Christina
B: Church Street In The Summertime
Stateside NetherlandsHSS 1104Nov 19637"0 
The Four Seasons

A: New Mexican Rose
B: That's The Way
Stateside NetherlandsHSSA 5025Nov 19637"0 
Johnny Thunder

A: Jailer, Bring Me Water
B: Hey Child
Stateside NetherlandsHSSA 5026Nov 19637"0 
The Shirelles

A: What Does A Girl Do?
B: Don't Let It Happen To Us
Stateside NetherlandsHSSA 5022Dec 19637"0 
The Four Seasons

A: Stay
B: Dumb Drum
Stateside NetherlandsHSS 111119647"0 
Jerry Butler

A: Giving Up On Love
B: Need To Belong To Someone
Stateside NetherlandsHSS 111419647"0 
The Trashmen

A: Surfin' Bird
B: King Of The Surf
Stateside NetherlandsHSS 111519647"0 
Diane Renay

A: Kiss Me Sailor
B: Soft Spoken Guy
Stateside NetherlandsHSS 111619647"0 
Little Richard

A: Goodnight Irene
B: Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
Stateside NetherlandsHSS 112119647"1 
Freddie Cannon

A: Sweet Georgia Brown
B: What A Party
Stateside NetherlandsHSSA 503619647"0 
Del Shannon

A: Handy Man
B: Give Her Lots Of Lovin'
Stateside NetherlandsSS 31719647"0 
Del Shannon

A: Do You Wanna Dance
B: This Is All I Have To Give
Stateside NetherlandsSS 34919647"0 
Trini Lopez

A: Sinner Not A Saint
B: Where Can My Baby Be
Stateside NetherlandsHSSA 5034Jan 19647"09.0
The Rockin' Rebels

A: Flibbity Jibbit
B: Monday Morning
Stateside NetherlandsHSSA 5038Apr 19647"5 
Johnny And The Hurricanes

A: Shadows
B: It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
Stateside NetherlandsHSS 1113Jul 19647"0 

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