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Stateside - Label Discography

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  UK  781
  Netherlands  377
  Australia  238
  New Zealand  145
  France  88
  Sweden  69
  Spain  41
  Denmark  37
  Japan  36
  India  34
  Italy  33
  South Africa  32
  Norway  31
  Portugal  31
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Jordan And Wayne

A: Find A Little Happiness
B: The Big House
Stateside New ZealandMSS.200219627"1 
Gary Criss

A: Welcome Home To My Heart
B: Our Favourite Melodies
Stateside New ZealandMSS.200319627"0 
Freddy Cannon

A: Palisades Park
B: June, July And August
Stateside New ZealandMSS.200419627"1 

A: Little Diane
B: Lost For Sure
Stateside New ZealandMSS.200519627"0 
Freddy Cannon

A: What's Gonna Happen When Summer's Gone
B: Broadway
Stateside New ZealandMSS.200719627"0 
Esther Phillips

A: Release Me
B: Don't Feel Rained On
Stateside New ZealandMSS.201319627"0 
Freddy Cannon With Frank Slay And His Orchestra

A: If You Were A Rock And Roll Record
B: The Truth, Ruth
Stateside New ZealandMSS.201019637"0 
Mark Valentino

A: The Push And Kick
B: Walking Alone
Stateside New ZealandMSS.201419637"0 
The Shirelles

A: Everybody Loves A Lover
B: I Don't Think So
Stateside New ZealandMSS.201619637"0 
Johnny Thunder

A: Loop De Loop
B: Don't Be Ashamed
Stateside New ZealandMSS.201819637"2 
Freddy Cannon

A: Come On And Love Me
B: Four Letter Man
Stateside New ZealandMSS.201919637"0 
The Rebels [Rockin' Rebels]

A: Wild Weekend
B: Wild Weekend Cha Cha
Stateside New ZealandMSS. 202019637"9 
The Chiffons

A: He's So Fine
B: Oh My Love
Stateside New ZealandMSS.202319637"0 
The Chiffons

A: One Fine Day
B: Why Am I So Shy
Stateside New ZealandMSS.202519637"0 
Miss X

A: Christine
B: S-E-X
Stateside New ZealandMSS 202719637"1 
Martha And The Vandellas

A: Heat Wave
B: A Love Like Yours (Don't Come Knocking Everyday)
Stateside New ZealandMSS.203619637"0 
The Jaynetts

A: Sally, Go 'Round The Roses
B: Sing Along Without The Jaynetts
Stateside New ZealandMSS.203719637"0 
Trini Lopez

A: Sinner Not A Saint
B: Where Can My Baby Be
Stateside New ZealandMSS.204419637"0 
Del Shannon

A: That's The Way Love Is
B: Time Of The Day
Stateside New ZealandMSS.205119647"1 
The Trashmen

A: Bird Dance Beat
B: A - Bone
Stateside New ZealandMSS.205219647"0 
Mary Wells

A: My Guy
B: Oh Little Boy (What Did You Do To Me)
Stateside New ZealandMSS.206119647"0 
Marvin Gaye And Mary Wells

A: Once Upon A Time
B: What's The Matter With You Baby
Stateside New ZealandMSS.206319647"0 
Stevie Wonder

A: Hey Harmonica Man
B: This Little Girl
Stateside New ZealandMSS.206719647"0 
The Miracles

A: I Like It Like That
B: You're So Fine And Sweet
Stateside New ZealandMSS 206819647"0 
The Supremes

A: Where Did Our Love Go
B: He Means The World To Me
Stateside New ZealandMSS.206919647"1 
Bobby Breen

A: Here Comes That Heartache
B: You're Just Like You
Stateside New ZealandMSS.207019647"0 
Ronny And The Daytonas

A: G.T.O.
B: Hot Rod Baby
Stateside New ZealandMSS.207419647"0 
Del Shannon

A: Handy Man
B: Give Her Lots Of Lovin'
Stateside New ZealandMSS 207519647"1 
The Supremes

A: Baby Love
B: Ask Any Girl
Stateside New ZealandMSS.207719647"1 
The Supremes

A: Come See About Me
B: Always In My Heart
Stateside New ZealandMSS.208119647"0 
Del Shannon

A: Keep Searchin (We'll Follow The Sun)
B: Broken Promises
Stateside New ZealandMSS.208319657"0 
Del Shannon

A: Stranger In Town
B: Over You
Stateside New ZealandMSS.209519657"0 
Del Shannon

A: Break Up
B: Why Don't You Tell Him
Stateside New ZealandMSS.209719657"0 
Ronnie Dove

A: A Little Bit Of Heaven
B: If I Live To Be A Hundred
Stateside New ZealandMSS.209819657"1 
Ronnie Dove

A: I'll Make All Your Dreams Come True
B: I Had To Lose You (To Find That I Need You)
Stateside New ZealandMSS.210219657"0 
The McCoys

A: Hang On Sloopy
B: I Can't Explain It
Stateside New ZealandMSS.210419657"0 
The Toys

A: A Lover's Concerto
B: This Night
Stateside New ZealandMSS 210619657"29.0
Four Tops

A: Ask The Lonely
B: Where Did You Go
Stateside New ZealandMSS.2094Jun 19657"0 
Ronnie Dove

A: When Liking Turns To Loving
B: I'm Learning How To Smile Again
Stateside New ZealandMSS.211219667"0 
Ronnie Dove

A: Let's Start All Over Again
B: That Empty Feeling
Stateside New ZealandMSS.211819667"2 
The Association

A: Along Comes Mary
B: Your Own Love
Stateside New ZealandMSS.212219667"0 
The Toys

A: Attack
B: See How They Run
Stateside New ZealandMSS.2109Mar 19667"0 
Bob Kuban And The In-Men

A: The Cheater
B: Try Me Baby
Stateside New ZealandMSS.2111Jun 19667"0 
The McCoys

A: Come On Let's Go
B: Little People
Stateside New ZealandMSS.2117Jul 19667"0 
The Chiffons

A: Sweet Talkin' Guy
B: Did You Ever Go Steady
Stateside New ZealandMSS.2119Aug 19667"0 
Syndicate Of Sound

A: Little Girl
B: You
Stateside New ZealandMSS.2120Aug 19667"0 
The Association

A: Cherish
B: Don't Blame The Rain
Stateside New ZealandMSS.2123Nov 19667"0 
Twice As Much

A: Sittin' On A Fence
B: Baby I Want You
Stateside New ZealandMSS.2127Nov 19667"0 
Chris Farlowe

A: Out Of Time
B: Baby Make It Soon
Stateside New ZealandMSS.2128Nov 19667"0 
Darrell Banks

A: Our Love (Is In The Pocket)
B: Open The Door To Your Heart
Stateside New ZealandMSS.2130Nov 19667"0 

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