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Stateside - Label Discography

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  UK  781
  Netherlands  333
  Australia  230
  France  81
  Sweden  52
  New Zealand  49
  Spain  38
  Japan  36
  Norway  32
  India  31
  South Africa  30
  Ireland  29
  Italy  29
  Portugal  29
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Jordan And Wayne

A: Find A Little Happiness
B: The Big House
Stateside New ZealandMSS.200219627"1 
Gary Criss

A: Welcome Home To My Heart
B: Our Favourite Melodies
Stateside New ZealandMSS.200319627"0 
Freddy Cannon

A: Palisades Park
B: June, July And August
Stateside New ZealandMSS.200419627"0 

A: Little Diane
B: Lost For Sure
Stateside New ZealandMSS.200519627"0 
Freddy Cannon

A: What's Gonna Happen When Summer's Gone
B: Broadway
Stateside New ZealandMSS.200719627"0 
Esther Phillips

A: Release Me
B: Don't Feel Rained On
Stateside New ZealandMSS.201319637"0 
Mark Valentino

A: The Push And Kick
B: Walking Alone
Stateside New ZealandMSS.201419637"0 
Johnny Thunder

A: Loop De Loop
B: Don't Be Ashamed
Stateside New ZealandMSS.201819637"0 
Freddy Cannon

A: Come On And Love Me
B: Four Letter Man
Stateside New ZealandMSS.201919637"0 
The Rebels [Rockin' Rebels]

A: Wild Weekend
B: Wild Weekend Cha Cha
Stateside New ZealandMSS. 202019637"10 
Miss X

A: Christine
B: S-E-X
Stateside New ZealandMSS 202719637"1 
The Jaynetts

A: Sally, Go 'Round The Roses
B: Sing Along Without The Jaynetts
Stateside New ZealandMSS.203719637"0 
Del Shannon

A: That's The Way Love Is
B: Time Of The Day
Stateside New ZealandMSS.205119647"0 
Stevie Wonder

A: Hey Harmonica Man
B: This Little Girl
Stateside New ZealandMSS.206719647"0 
The Supremes

A: Where Did Our Love Go
B: He Means The World To Me
Stateside New ZealandMSS.206919647"0 
Del Shannon

A: Handy Man
B: Give Her Lots Of Lovin'
Stateside New ZealandMSS 207519647"1 
The Supremes

A: Baby Love
B: Ask Any Girl
Stateside New ZealandMSS.207719647"0 
The Supremes

A: Come See About Me
B: Always In My Heart
Stateside New ZealandMSS.208119647"0 
Del Shannon

A: Keep Searchin (We'll Follow The Sun)
B: Broken Promises
Stateside New ZealandMSS.208319657"0 
Del Shannon

A: Stranger In Town
B: Over You
Stateside New ZealandMSS.209519657"0 
Del Shannon

A: Break Up
B: Why Don't You Tell Him
Stateside New ZealandMSS.209719657"0 
Ronnie Dove

A: A Little Bit Of Heaven
B: If I Live To Be A Hundred
Stateside New ZealandMSS.209819657"0 
Ronnie Dove

A: I'll Make All Your Dreams Come True
B: I Had To Lose You (To Find That I Need You)
Stateside New ZealandMSS.210219657"0 
The McCoys

A: Hang On Sloopy
B: I Can't Explain It
Stateside New ZealandMSS.210419657"0 
The Toys

A: A Lover's Concerto
B: This Night
Stateside New ZealandMSS 210619657"29.0
Ronnie Dove

A: When Liking Turns To Loving
B: I'm Learning How To Smile Again
Stateside New ZealandMSS.211219667"0 
The Bob Crewe Generation

A: Music To Watch Girls By
B: Girls On The Rocks
Stateside New ZealandMSS.214519677"0 
The Buckinghams [USA]

A: Kind Of A Drag
B: You Make Me Feel So Good
Stateside New ZealandMSS.214819677"0 
Ronnie Dove

A: One More Mountain To Climb
B: All
Stateside New ZealandMSS.215219677"1 
Bob Crewe

A: After The Ball
B: One More Tear
Stateside New ZealandMSS.215419677"0 
Neil Diamond

A: Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon
B: You'll Forget
Stateside New ZealandMSS.215819677"0 
Ronnie Dove

A: My Babe
B: Put My Mind At Ease
Stateside New ZealandMSS 216119677"0 
Small Faces

A: Itchycoo Park
B: I'm Only Dreaming
Stateside New ZealandMSS.217919677"010.0
The Fireballs

A: Bottle Of Wine
B: Ain't That Rain
Stateside New ZealandMSS.220119687"0 
Reparata And The Delrons

A: Captain Of Your Ship
B: Toom, Toom (Is A Little Boy)
Stateside New ZealandMSS.220919687"0 
Neil Diamond

A: Shilo
B: La Bamba
Stateside New ZealandMSS.228119687"0 
Ronnie Dove

A: Never Gonna Cry (The Way I'll Cry Tonight)
B: Mountain Of Love
Stateside New ZealandMSS.2214Jul 19687"2 
The Grassroots

A: Bella Linda
B: Hot Bright Lights
Stateside New ZealandMSS.223319697"0 

A: Round Going Round
B: This Little Man
Stateside New ZealandMSS.224819697"1 
The Beach Boys

A: Slip On Through
B: Add Some Music To Your Day
Stateside New ZealandMSS.230319707"0 
The Flame

A: See The Light
B: Get Your Mind Made Up
Stateside New ZealandMSS.230719707"0 
Dennis Wilson And Rumbo

A: Sound Of Free
B: Lady
Stateside New ZealandMSS.231019707"0 
The Partridge Family Starring Shirley Jones - Featuring David Cassidy

A: My Christmas Card To You
B: White Christmas
Stateside New ZealandBL.27919717"0 
The Beach Boys

A: Long Promised Road
B: Dierdre
Stateside New ZealandMSS 231419717"0 
Neil Diamond

A: I'm A Believer
B: You'll Forget
Stateside New ZealandMSS.231519717"0 
The Beach Boys

A: Don't Go Near The Water
B: Student Demonstration Time
Stateside New ZealandMSS 231719717"0 
Dawn To Dusk


A1: Candida
A2: Knock Three Times


B1: Angel Baby
B2: I Hear Those Church Bells Ringing
Stateside New ZealandMBE.2021972EP1 
Vicki Lawrence

A: Mama's Gonna Make It All Better
B: Little Green Apples
Stateside New ZealandMSS.232819747"0 
The Peppers [France]

A: Pepperbox
B: Pinch Of Salt
Stateside New ZealandMSS 232919747"0 

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