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Stateside - Label Discography

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  UK  791
  Netherlands  464
  Australia  395
  France  289
  New Zealand  289
  Turkey  116
  Sweden  102
  Spain  101
  Portugal  98
  Japan  91
  India  58
  Italy  57
  Denmark  48
  South Africa  41
+ More Countries (33 Total)
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Aaron Neville

A: Tell It Like It Is
B: Why Worry
Stateside TurkeySS 400019677"0 
The Box Tops

A: Choo Choo Train
B: Fields Of Clover
Stateside TurkeyTSS 400519687"0 
Tommy James And The Shondells

A: Mony, Mony
B: One Two Three And I Feel
Stateside TurkeyTSS 400819687"0 

A: Magic Carpet Ride
B: Sookie Sookie
Stateside TurkeyTSS 401119687"0 
Linda Thorson

A: Here I Am
B: Better Than Losing You
Stateside TurkeyTSS 401319687"5 
Three Dog Night

A: Nobody
B: Let Me Go
Stateside TurkeyTSS-401619687"0 
The Fireballs

A: Long Green
B: Light In The Window
Stateside TurkeyTSS 401919687"0 

A: Born To Be Wild
B: Jupiter Child
Stateside TurkeyTSS 402019687"09.0
St. Kazandjidis - Liça Diamandi

A: Den Se Elipe Tipota

St. Kazandjidis

B: T'ithela Na Sagapiso
Stateside TurkeyTSS 402319687"1 
James And Bobby Purify

A: Shake A Tail Feather
B: I Was Born To Lose Out
Stateside TurkeyTSS 402419687"0 
Booker T. And The M.G.'s

A: Time Is Tight
B: Johnny, I Love You
Stateside TurkeyTSS 402519687"0 
The Box Tops

A: Sandman
B: Sweet Cream Ladies, Forward March
Stateside TurkeyTSS 401519697"0 
Tommy Roe

A: Dizzy
B: The You I Need
Stateside TurkeyTSS 402619697"0 
Booker T. And The M.G.'s

A: Hang 'Em High
B: Over Easy
Stateside TurkeyTSS 402719697"0 
Crazy Elephant

A: Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'
B: The Dark Part Of My Mind
Stateside TurkeyTSS 402819697"0 
The Box Tops

A: Soul Deep
B: The Happy Song
Stateside TurkeyTSS 402919697"0 
The Amen Corner

A: Hello Suzie
B: Evil Man's Gonna Win
Stateside TurkeyTSS 403019697"0 
Booker T. And The M.G.'s

A: Soul Limbo
B: Heads Or Tails
Stateside TurkeyTSS 403219697"0 
Johnnie Taylor

A: Who´s Making Love
B: I´m Trying
Stateside TurkeyTSS 403319697"0 
Tommy James And The Shondells

A: Crystal Blue Persuasion
B: I'm Alive
Stateside TurkeyTSS 403419697"0 
Johnnie Taylor

A: Take Care Of Your Homework
B: Hold On This Time
Stateside TurkeyTSS 403519697"0 

A: Baby It's You
B: I Don't Believe (I Believe)
Stateside TurkeyTSS 403619697"010.0
The Equals

A: Viva Bobby Joe
B: I Can't Let Go
Stateside TurkeyTSS 403719697"0 
Booker T. And The M.G.'s

A: Soul Clap '69
B: The Horse
Stateside TurkeyTSS 404019697"0 
Three Dog Night

A: Eli's Comin'
B: Dreamin' Isn't Good For You
Stateside TurkeyTSS 404119697"0 
Dave Kaye And The Dykons

A: Yesterday When I Was Young
B: Say You Love Me
Stateside TurkeyTSS 404219697"0 
Raful Neal

A: Let's Work Together
B: Blues On The Moon
Stateside TurkeyTSS 404519697"0 
Eddie Floyd

A: Don't Tell Your Mama
B: Consider Me
Stateside TurkeyTSS 404619697"0 
Merrilee Rush

A: Reach Out, I'll Be There
B: Love Street
Stateside TurkeyTSS 404919697"0 
Edison Lighthouse

A: Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)
B: Every Lonely Day
Stateside TurkeyTSS 404319707"0 
Rufus Thomas

A: Do The Funky Chicken
B: Turn Your Damper Down
Stateside TurkeyTSS 405119707"0 
Julie Felix

A: If I Could (El Condor Pasa)
B: Alone
Stateside TurkeyTSS 405319707"0 
George Baker Selection

A: Little Green Bag
B: Pretty Little Dreamer
Stateside TurkeyTSS 405419707"0 
The Illusion

A: Together (As A Way Of Life)
B: Don't Push It
Stateside TurkeyTSS 405519707"0 
Sweet Henry

A: Cecilia
B: Oh! Reba
Stateside TurkeyTSS 405619707"0 
The Staple Singers

A: Games People Play
B: Solon Bushi (Japanese Folk Song)
Stateside TurkeyTSS 405819707"0 
Three Dog Night

A: Mama Told Me Not To Come
B: Rock And Roll Widow
Stateside TurkeyTSS 406019707"0 
Spencer Mac

A: Blues Up In Down Town
B: Ka-ka Kabya Mow-Mow (Sing A Little Love Song)
Stateside TurkeyTSS 406219707"0 
Desmond Dekker

A: You Can Get It If You Really Want
B: Perseverance
Stateside TurkeyTSS 406419707"0 
George Baker Selection

A: Midnight
B: Sunday Lover
Stateside TurkeyTSS 406519707"0 
Deep Purple

A: Black Night
B: Speed King
Stateside TurkeyTSS 406619707"09.0
Johnny Johnson And The Bandwagon

A: Blame It On The Pony Express
B: Never Let Her Go
Stateside TurkeyTSS 406919707"0 
Andy Kim

A: Be My Baby
B: Love That Little Woman
Stateside TurkeyTSS 407219707"0 
Tommy Roe

A: We Can Make Music
B: Gonna Keep Rolling Along
Stateside TurkeyTSS 407319707"0 
Peter Noone And Herman's Hermits

A: Lady Barbara
B: Don't Just Stand There
Stateside TurkeyTSS 407419707"0 
Francis Lai And His Orchestra

A: Love Story
B: Skating In The Central Park
Stateside TurkeyTSS 407819707"0 
Deep Purple

A: Strange Kind Of Woman
B: I'm Alone
Stateside TurkeyTSS 407919717"09.0

A: Knock Three Times
B: Home
Stateside TurkeyTSS 408319717"02.0
New World

A: Rose Garden
B: Ain't Nobody Ever Gonna Wonder Why
Stateside TurkeyTSS 408419717"0 

A: Walking
B: Salome
Stateside TurkeyTSS 408519717"0 

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