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Stax - Label Discography

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  USA  470
  UK  243
  Germany  69
  France  51
  Netherlands  48
  Canada  31
  Australia  18
  Jamaica  10
  Belgium  8
  New Zealand  6
  Norway  5
  Spain  5
  Argentina  1
  Denmark  1
  Rhodesia  1
  South Africa  1
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A: Last Night
B: Night Before
Stax USAS-107Jun 19617"0 

A: Morning After
B: Diana
Stax USAS-112Sep 19617"0 
Barbara Stephens

A: The Life I Live
B: I Don't Worry
Stax USAS-113Oct 19617"0 
The Mar-Keys

A: About Noon
B: Sack-O-Woe
Stax USAS-114Nov 19617"0 
The Mar-Keys

A: Foxy
B: One Degree North
Stax USAS-115Dec 19617"0 
William Bell

A: You Don't Miss Your Water
B: Formula Of Love
Stax USAS-116Dec 19617"210.0
The Canes

A: Why Should I Suffer With The Blues
B: I'll Never Give Her Up (My Friend)
Stax USAS-12319627"0 
Nick Charles

A: I Won't Cry
B: Sunday Jealous
Stax USAS-119Feb 19627"0 
Barbara Stephens

A: That's The Way It Is With Me
B: If She Should Ever Break Your Heart
Stax USAS-120Mar 19627"0 
The Mar-Keys

A: Pop-Eye Stroll
B: Po-Dunk
Stax USAS-121Mar 19627"0 
Nick Charles

A: The Three Dogwoods
B: Big Boys Don't Cry
Stax USA122Apr 19627"0 
The Mar-Keys

A: Whot's Happenin'!
B: You Got It
Stax USAS-124Jun 19627"0 
The Del-Rios

A: Just Across The Street
B: There's A Love
Stax USAS-125Jun 19627"08.0
Booker T. And The M.G.'s

A: Green Onions
B: Behave Yourself
Stax USAS-127Jul 19627"159.0
William Bell

A: Any Other Way
B: Please Help Me I'm Falling
Stax USAS-128Aug 19627"110.0
Rufus Thomas

A: Its Aw'rite
B: Can't Ever Let You Go
Stax USAS-126Sep 19627"0 
The Mar-Keys

A: Sailor Man Waltz
B: Sack O Woe
Stax USAS 129Sep 19627"0 
Rufus Thomas

A: The Dog
B: Did You Ever Love A Woman
Stax USAS-130Dec 19627"0 
Booker T. And The M.G.'s

A: Jellybread
B: Aw' Mercy
Stax USAS-131Dec 19627"1 
Cheryll And Pam

A: That's My Guy
B: Lonely Girl
Stax USAS-13619637"0 
The Mar-Keys

A: Bo-Time
B: The Dribble
Stax USAS-133Jan 19637"110.0
Booker T. And The MG's

A: Home Grown
B: Big Train
Stax USAS-134Mar 19637"1 
William Bell

A: Just As I Thought
B: I'm Waiting On You
Stax USAS-135Apr 19637"1 
Booker T. And The M.G.'s

A: Chinese Checkers
B: Plum Nellie
Stax USAS-137Jun 19637"0 
William Bell

A: What Can I Do (To Forget)
B: Somebody Mentioned Your Name
Stax USAS-138Jul 19637"0 
The Astors

A: Just Enough To Hurt Me
B: What Can It Be
Stax USAS-139Sep 19637"0 
Rufus Thomas

A: Walking The Dog
B: Fine And Mellow
Stax USAS-140Sep 19637"17.0
Rufus Thomas

A: Walking The Dog
B: You Said
Stax USAS-140Sep 19637"7 
William Bell

A: I'll Show You
B: Monkeying Around
Stax USAS-141Oct 19637"2 
Booker T. And The MG's

A: Mo-Onions
B: Fannie Mae
Stax USAS-142Dec 19637"1 
Floyd Newman

A: Frog Stomp
B: Sassy
Stax USAS-14319647"0 
The Van-Dells

A: The Honeydripper
B: Slumber Party
Stax USAS-14519647"0 
The Cobras [Memphis]

A: Restless
B: Shake Up
Stax USAS-14819647"0 
Oscar Mack

A: Dream Girl
B: You Never Know How Much I Love You
Stax USAS-15219647"0 
Ivory Joe Hunter

A: Can't Explain How It Happened
B: This Kind Of Woman
Stax USAS-15519647"0 
The Mad Lads

A: The Sidewalk Surf
B: Surf Jerk
Stax USAS-16019647"0 
Booker T. And The MG's

A: Mo - Onions
B: Tic - Tac - Toe
Stax USAS-142Jan 19647"4 
Rufus Thomas

A: Can Your Monkey Do The Dog
B: I Want To Get Married
Stax USAS-144Jan 19647"1 
William Bell

A: Don't Make Something Out Of Nothing
B: Who Will It Be Tomorrow
Stax USAS-146Feb 19647"0 
Eddie Jefferson [soul]

A: I Don't Want You Anymore
B: Uh Oh (I'm In Love Again)
Stax USAS-147Mar 19647"0 
Rufus Thomas

A: Somebody Stole My Dog
B: I Want To Be Loved
Stax USAS-149Mar 19647"1 
Barbara And The Browns

A: Big Party
B: You Belong To Her
Stax USAS-150Mar 19647"07.0
Rufus And Carla

A: That's Really Some Good
B: Night Time Is The Right Time
Stax USAS-151May 19647"1 
Booker T. And The MG's

A: Soul Dressing
B: MG Party
Stax USAS-153Jul 19647"1 
Wendy Rene

A: After Laughter Comes Tears
B: What Will Tomorrow Bring
Stax USAS-154Sep 19647"0 
Wendy Rene

A: After Laughter Comes Tears
B: She's Moving Away
Stax USAS-154Sep 19647"0 
The Markeys

A: Beach Bash
B: Bush Bash
Stax USAS-156Sep 19647"2 
Rufus Thomas

A: Jump Back
B: All Night Worker
Stax USAS-157Sep 19647"0 
Barbara And The Browns

A: In My Heart
B: Please Be Honest With Me
Stax USAS-158Oct 19647"0 
Wendy Rene

A: Bar-B-Q
B: Young And Foolish
Stax USAS-159Nov 19647"09.0

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