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Step Forward - Label Discography

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The Cortinas

A: Fascist Dictator
B: Television Families
Step Forward UKSF 1Jun 19777"87.5

A: Right To Work
B: The Loner
Step Forward UKSF 2Jun 19777"28.0

A: Freeze
B: Man Of The Year
Step Forward UKSF 3Jun 19777"68.5
Sham 69

A1: I Don't Wanna
B1: Ulster
B2: Red London
Step Forward UKSF 4Sep 19777"58.0

A: High Rise Living
B: No Admission
Step Forward UKSF 5Dec 19777"15.0
The Cortinas

A: Defiant Pose
B: Independence
Step Forward UKSF 6Dec 19777"4 
The Fall

Bingo-Master's Break-Out!

A1: Psycho Mafia
A2: Bingo-Master
B1: Repetition
Step Forward UKSF 711 Aug 19787"210.0

A: Urban Kids
B: No Flowers
Step Forward UKSF 8Sep 19787"1 
The Fall

A: It's The New Thing
B: Various Times
Step Forward UKSF 9Nov 19787"1 
Lemon Kittens

Spoonfed And Writhing

A1: Shakin All Over
A2: This Kind Of Dying
A3: Morbotalk
A4: Bookburner
B1: Whom Do I Have To Ask
B2: Chalet D'amour
B3: ..... Not A Mirror ...
Step Forward UKSF 10Dec 1979EP0 
The Fall

A: Rowche Rumble
B: In My Area
Step Forward UKSF 1130 Jul 19797"49.0
The Fall

A1: Fiery Jack
B1: 2nd Dark Age
B2: Psykick Dancehall #2
Step Forward UKSF 13Jan 19807"79.0

A: No-One's Coming Outside
B: What Would You Do
Step Forward UKSF 14Feb 19807"0 

A: Look At The Outside
B: Don't Gety Me Wrong
Step Forward UKSF 15Apr 19807"0 

A: No Escape
B: Decide
Step Forward UKSF 1619807"0 

A: Rockin' Horse
B: Years Away
Step Forward UKSF 17May 19817"1 

A1: Freemans
B1: ID Parade
B2: How Do You Know?
Step Forward UKSF 18Sep 19817"38.0
Chron Gen

A: Reality
B: Subway Sadist
Step Forward UKSF 19Sep 19817"18.0

A: Evacuate
B: New Era
Step Forward UKSF 20Nov 19817"18.0

A: War Across The Nation
B: High Rise Living (Remix)
Step Forward UKSF 21Mar 19827"19.0

A: Standout
B: Last Drink
Step Forward UKSF 22Oct 19827"0 
Major Accident

A: Mr. Nobody
B: That's You
Step Forward UKSF 23Feb 19837"1 

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