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Stiff - Label Discography

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See also the offshoot labels OvalStiff and Bark
  UK  468
  Germany  145
  Netherlands  130
  Australia  93
  Belgium  90
  France  49
  Spain  45
  Sweden  40
  New Zealand  27
  Ireland  26
  Japan  25
  Italy  24
  Portugal  20
  South Africa  19
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Nick Lowe

A: So It Goes
B: Heart Of The City
Stiff UKBUY 114 Aug 19767"109.8
The Pink Fairies

A: Between The Lines
B: Spoiling For A Fight
Stiff UKBUY 2Sep 19767"78.0

With The Roogalator

A: All Aboard
B: Cincinatti Fatback
Stiff UKBUY 3Sep 19767"3 
Tyla Gang

A: Styrofoam
B: Texas Chainsaw Massacre Boogie
Stiff UKBUY 4Sep 19767"67.0
Lew Lewis And His Band

A: Boogie On The Street
B: Caravan Man
Stiff UKBUY 5Oct 19767"69.0
The Damned

A: New Rose
B: Help
Stiff UKBUY 622 Oct 19767"469.8
Richard Hell And The Voidoids

A1: Another World
B1: Blank Generation
B2: You Gotta Lose
Stiff UKBUY 7Nov 19767"19.0
Plummet Airlines

A: Silver Shirt
B: This Is The World
Stiff UKBUY 8Nov 19767"58.7

A: White Line Fever
B: Leaving Here
Stiff UKBUY 9Dec 1976Unreleased14 
Wreckless Eric

A1: Excuse Me
A2: Personal Hygiene
B1: Rags And Tatters
B2: Piccadilly Menial
Stiff UKLAST 31977Unreleased4 
The Damned

A1: Neat Neat Neat
B1: Stab Yor Back
B2: Singalonga Scabies
Stiff UKBUY 1025 Feb 19777"259.5
Elvis Costello

A: Less Than Zero
B: Radio Sweetheart
Stiff UKBUY 1125 Mar 19777"158.3
Max Wall

A: Englands Glory
B: Dream Tobacco
Stiff UKBUY 128 Apr 19777"137.0
The Adverts

A: One Chord Wonders
B: Quick Step
Stiff UKBUY 1322 Apr 19777"309.3
Elvis Costello

A: Alison
B: Welcome To The Working Week
Stiff UKBUY 1427 May 19777"99.4
Nick Lowe


A1: Born A Woman
A2: Shake That Rat
B1: Mary Provost
B2: Endless Sleep
Stiff UKLAST 127 May 1977EP139.0
The Damned

A: Stretcher Case Baby
B: Sick Of Being Sick
Stiff UKDAMNED 1Jul 1977Promo Only 7"108.6
Elvis Costello

A: Red Shoes
B: Mystery Dance
Stiff UKBUY 1529 Jul 19777"68.7
Wreckless Eric

A: Whole Wide World
B: Semaphore Signals
Stiff UKBUY 1612 Aug 19777"169.4
Ian Dury

A: Sex And Drugs And Rock And Roll
B: Razzle In My Pocket
Stiff UKBUY 1726 Aug 19777"29.3
Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias

Snuff Rock

A1: Kill
A2: Gobbing On Life
B1: Snuffin' Like That
B2: Snuffin' In A Babylon
Stiff UKLAST 29 Sep 1977EP38.5
The Damned

A: Problem Child
B: You Take My Money
Stiff UKBUY 1830 Sep 19777"138.0

A: Suffice To Say
B: Freedom (Is A Heady Wine)
Stiff UKBUY 1930 Sep 19777"28.0
Elvis Costello

A1: Watching The Detectives

Elvis Costello And The Attractions

B1: Blame It On Caine
B2: Mystery Dance
Stiff UKBUY 2014 Oct 19777"88.8
Elvis Costello

A1: Watching The Detectives (edit)

Elvis Costello And The Attractions

B1: Blame It On Caine
B2: Mystery Dance
Stiff UKBUY 20 DJ14 Oct 1977Promo Only 7"19 
Nick Lowe

A: Halfway To Paradise
B: I Don't Want The Night To End
Stiff UKBUY 2121 Oct 19777"49.0
Larry Wallis

A: Police Car
B: On Parole
Stiff UKBUY 22Nov 19777"68.5
Ian Dury And The Blockheads

A: Sweet Gene Vincent

Ian Dury And The Kilburns

B: You're More Than Fair
Stiff UKBUY 2325 Nov 19777"118.8
Excerpts From Stiff´s Greatest Hits

The Adverts

A1: One Chord Wonder

Elvis Costello

A2: Alison
A3: Red Shoes

Wreckless Eric

A4: Whole Wide World

Ian Dury

A5: Sex And Drugs And Rock And Roll

The Damned

A6: Problem Child


A7: Suffice To Say

Elvis Costello

B1: Watching The Detectives

Nick Lowe

B2: Halfway To Paradise

Larry Wallis

B3: Police Car

Ian Dury

B4: Sweet Gene Vincent

The Damned

B5: Don't Cry Wolf
Stiff UKFREEB 2Dec 1977Promo Only 7"1 
Ian Dury And The Blockheads

A1: Sex And Drugs And Rock And Roll

Ian Dury And The Kilburns

B1: Two Steep Hills (A Recitation)
B2: England's Glory (Live)
Stiff UKFREEBIE 1Dec 1977Bonus 7"0 
Mick Farren And The Deviants

Screwed Up

A1: Outrageous/Contageous
A2: Let's Loot The Supermarket Again Like We Did Last Summer
B1: Screwed Up
B2: Shock Horror Probe Looming
Stiff UKLAST 4Dec 1977EP28.5
The Damned

A: One Way Love
B: Don't Cry Wolf
Stiff UKBUY 242 Dec 19777"387.5
Wreckless Eric

A: Reconnez Cherie
B: Rags And Tatters
Stiff UKBUY 2517 Feb 19787"7 

A: Jocko Homo
B: Mongoloid
Stiff UKDEV 117 Feb 19787"510.0

A: Gimme Your Heart
B: Party Clothes
Stiff UKOFF 124 Feb 19787"14 
Ernie Graham

A: Romeo And The Lonely Girl
B: Only Time Will Tell
Stiff UKOFF 217 Mar 19787"28.0

A: I Cån't Gèt Mé Nö) Såtisfactiön
B: Slöppy (I Såw My Baby Gétting)
Stiff UKBOY 1Apr 19787"17.5
Jane Aire And The Belvederes

A: Yankee Wheels
B: Nasty Nice
Stiff UKBUY 26Apr 19787"4 
Ian Dury And The Blockheads

A: What A Waste
B: Wake Up!
Stiff UKBUY 27Apr 19787"39.0
Mickey Jupp With Legend

A: My Typewriter
B: Nature's Radio
Stiff UKUPP 1Apr 1978Promo Only 7"1 
The Box Tops

A: Cry Like A Baby
B: The Letter
Stiff UKBUY 28May 19787"49.0
The Members

A: Solitary Confinement
B: Rat Up A Drainpipe
Stiff UKOFF 3May 19787"48.5
Humphrey Ocean And The Hardy Annuals

A: Whoops A Daisy

Humphrey Ocean's Iron Hoof

B: Davy Crockett
Stiff UKBUY 29Jun 19787"7 
Jona Lewie

A: The Baby, She's On The Street
B: Denny Laine's Valet
Stiff UKBUY 30Jun 19787"2 
The Realists

A: I've Got A Heart
B: Living In The City
Stiff UKOFF 4Jun 19787"57.0
Lene Lovich

A: I Think We're Alone Now
B: Lucky Number
Stiff UKBUY 32Jul 19787"279.0
Lene Lovich

A: I Think We're Alone Now (Japanese Version)
B: Lucky Number
Stiff UKBUY J32Jul 19787"6 

A: Be Stiff
B: Social Fools
Stiff UKBOY 24 Aug 19787"49.0
Just Water

A: Singin' In The Rain
B: Witness To The Crime
Stiff UKBUY 314 Aug 19787"8 
Wazmo Nariz

A: Tele-Tele-Telephone
B: Wacker Drive
Stiff UKBUY 3311 Aug 19787"9 

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