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Stiff - Label Discography

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  UK  468
  Germany  145
  Netherlands  130
  Australia  93
  Belgium  90
  France  49
  Spain  45
  Sweden  40
  New Zealand  28
  Ireland  26
  Japan  25
  Italy  24
  Portugal  20
  South Africa  19
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Elvis Costello

A: Less Than Zero
B: Radio Sweetheart
Stiff France2C 006-98.92519777"0 
Jill Read

A: Maybe

The Takeaways

B: Food
Stiff France2C 006-99.08119777"1 
Nick Lowe

A: Born A Woman
B: Shake That Rat
Stiff France2C006-9917619777"0 
Elvis Costello

A1: Watching The Detectives

Elvis Costello And The Attractions

B1: Blame It On Caine
B2: Mystery Dance
Stiff France64012019777"0 
Elvis Costello

A: Mystery Dance
B: Pay It Back
Stiff France64013119777"17.0
Ian Dury

A: Sex And Drugs And Rock And Roll
B: Razzle In My Pocket
Stiff France64013219777"2 
Elvis Costello

A1: Watching The Detectives

Elvis Costello And The Attractions

B1: Blame It On Caine
B2: Mystery Dance
Stiff FranceHS 671977Bonus 7"010.0
Ian Dury

A: Wake Up And Make Love With Me
B: Sweet Gene Vincent
Stiff France64014219787"0 
The Box Tops

A: Cry Like A Baby
B: The Letter
Stiff France640.14419787"1 
Jona Lewie

A: Vous Et Moi
B: The Baby, She's On The Street
Stiff France640 15419787"2 
Rachel Sweet

A: B-A-B-Y
B: Stay Awhile
Stiff France640.15519787"0 
Lene Lovich

A: Lucky Number
B: I Think We're Alone Now
Stiff France640 16319787"3 
Ian Dury And The Blockheads

A: Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick
B: There Ain't Half Been Some Clever Bastards
Stiff France640 157Nov 19787"0 
Ian Dury And The Blockheads

A: Reasons To Be Cheerful, Part Three
B: Common As Muck
Stiff France640 17319797"2 
Lene Lovich

A: Bird Song
B: Trixi
Stiff France640 17619797"0 

A: One Step Beyond
B: Mistakes
Stiff France640 17719797"1 
Wreckless Eric

A: A Popsong
B: Reconnez Cherie
Stiff France640 18619797"0 
Lene Lovich

A1: What Will I Do Without You
B1: Joan
C1: Monkey Talk
C2: The Night
D1: Too Tender (To Touch)
D2: You Can't Kill Me
Stiff France640 1901979Double Pack0 
Jona Lewie

A: Stop The Cavalry
B: Laughing Tonight
Stiff France10142119807"19.0
The Equators

A: Baby Come Back
B: Georgie
Stiff France10143019807"0 
Dave Stewart [Guest Vocals Colin Blunstone]

A: What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted

Dave Stewart

B: There Is No Reward
Stiff France10145819807"0 

A: Night Boat To Cairo
B: Swan Lake
Stiff France640 19219807"1 
Joe "King" Carrasco And The Crowns

A: Buena
B: Tuff Enuff
Stiff France640 19519807"0 
Jona Lewie

A: Kitchen At Parties
B: Bureaucrats
Stiff France640 19719807"0 
Otis Watkins

A: You Talk Too Much
B: If You're Ready To Rock
Stiff France640 19919807"0 
The Plasmatics

A: Butcher Baby
B: Tight Black Pants
Stiff France640 20019807"0 

A: Baggy Trousers
B: The Business
Stiff France640 20319807"0 
Graham Parker

A: Stupefaction
B: Women In Charge
Stiff France640 20419807"0 
Tenpole Tudor

A1: Wunderbar
B1: Fashion
B2: Rock And Roll Music
Stiff France640.20719807"0 

A: Embarrassment
B: Crying Shame
Stiff France640 20919807"0 

A: Grey Day
B: Memories
Stiff France10147119817"1 
Jona Lewie

A: Louise (We Get It Right)
B: It Never Will Go Wrong
Stiff France10149819817"0 
Any Trouble

Dernière Minute

A: Dimming Of The Day
B: Another Heartache
Stiff France1015381981Promo Only 7"010.0
Dave Stewart With Barbara Gaskin

A: It's My Party
B: Waiting In The Wings
Stiff France10155519817"0 

A: It Must Be Love
B: Shadow On The House
Stiff France10159019817"0 
The Belle Stars

A: Another Latin Love Song
B: Miss World
Stiff France10160419817"0 
Department S

A: Is Vic There? (French Version)
B: Is Vic There? (English Version)
Stiff France101536Jul 19817"0 
Jona Lewie

A: I Think I'll Get My Haircut
B: What Have I Done
Stiff France10159219827"0 

A: House Of Fun
B: Don't Look Back
Stiff France16166919827"0 
The Belle Stars

A: Sign Of The Times
B: Madness
Stiff France105 24719837"0 
The Sapphires [UK]

A: My Baby Must Be A Magician
B: Whenever You Want My Love
Stiff France105 51119837"0 
Jona Lewie

A: Love Detonator
B: The Baby, She's On The Street
Stiff France105 54319837"0 
The Belle Stars

A: The Entertainer
B: Ci Ya Ya
Stiff France106 00919837"0 
The Belle Stars

A: 80's Romance
B: It's Me
Stiff France106 61619847"0 
The Untouchables [80s Ska]

A: (I Spy For The) FBI
B: Whiplash
Stiff France107.72719857"0 
The Pogues

A: Dirty Old Town
B: The Old Main Drag
Stiff France2200119867"2 
The Belle Stars

A: World Domination
B: Just A Minute
Stiff France2200519867"0 
Jona Lewie

A: La Boogie
B: Stop The Cavalry
Stiff France2200819867"0 
Dr. Feelgood

A: Don't Wait Up
B: Something Good
Stiff France2201219867"0 

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