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Studio 1 - Label Discography

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Original 60s releases
Ken Boothe

A: Feel Good
B: Mustang Sally
Studio 1 UKSO 2000May 19677"38.0
Mr. Foundation

A: See Them A Come

Ken Parker

B: Have A Good Time
Studio 1 UKSO 2001May 19677"1 
The Gaylads

A: Tears From My Eyes
B: Never Let Your Country Down
Studio 1 UKSO 2002May 19677"1 
Mr. Foundation

A: All Rudies In Jail

Alton And Hortense Ellis

B: Easy Squeeze
Studio 1 UKSO 2003Jun 19677"19.0
The Clarendonians

A: Tables Going Turn
B: I Can't Go On
Studio 1 UKSO 2004Jun 19677"1 
The Heptones

A: A Change Is Gonna Come
B: Nobody Knows
Studio 1 UKSO 2005Jun 19677"1 
The Termites

A: Mercy - Mr. Percy

Soul Brothers [Jamaica]

B: Hot And Cold
Studio 1 UKSO 2006Jun 19677"0 
The Clarendonians

A: He Who Laughs Last

The Gaylads

B: Just A Kiss From You
Studio 1 UKSO 2007Jun 19677"2 
Marcia Griffiths

A: Hound Dog

Hugh Godfrey

B: My Time
Studio 1 UKSO 2008Jul 19677"1 
Delroy Wilson

A: Won't You Come Home Baby

Peter And Hortense

B: I've Been Lonely
Studio 1 UKSO 200914 Jul 19677"0 
Freedom Singers [Jamaica]

A: Have Faith
B: Work Crazy
Studio 1 UKSO 201028 Jul 19677"1 
Ken Boothe

A: Puppet On A String

Roland Alphonso

B: Lookaway Ska
Studio 1 UKSO 201211 Aug 19677"4 

A: I Am Going To Cool It
B: Let's Join Together
Studio 1 UKSO 201318 Aug 19677"1 
Ken Boothe

A: Fatty Fatty
B: Mother Word
Studio 1 UKSO 201425 Aug 19677"210.0
Hugh Godfrey

A: Go Tell Him

Marcia Griffiths

B: After Laughter
Studio 1 UKSO 2015Sep 19677"1 
The Voice Roys

A: Lose And Gain

Soul Brothers [Jamaica]

B: Honey Pot
Studio 1 UKSO 2016Sep 19677"0 
The Clarendonians

A: Love Me With All Your Heart
B: Love Don't Mean Much To Me
Studio 1 UKSO 2017Aug 19677"1 
Soul Vendors

A: Rocking Sweet Pea

Joe Higgs

B: Change Of Plan
Studio 1 UKSO 2018Oct 19677"3 
Delroy Wilson

A: Never Conqueor
B: Run For You Life
Studio 1 UKSO 2019Oct 19677"1 
Roy Richards

A: Honky Panky

Alton Ellis

B: I Am Still In Love
Studio 1 UKSO 2020Sep 19677"210.0
The Gaylads

A: If You Knew
B: Festival Day
Studio 1 UKSO 2021Oct 19677"0 
The Soul Vendors

A: Cool Shade

Richard Ace

B: I Need You
Studio 1 UKSO 2022Oct 19677"0 
The Treetops [Reggae]

A: Moving To Progress
B: Love And Inspiration
Studio 1 UKSO 2023Nov 19677"0 
Norma Frazer

A: Come By Here

The Wailers

B: I Stand Predominate
Studio 1 UKSO 2024Nov 19677"0 
The Viceroys

A: Shake Up

Norma Fraser

B: Telling Me Lies
Studio 1 UKSO 2025Nov 19677"0 
Ken Boothe

A: Why Did You Leave
B: Don't Try To Reach Me
Studio 1 UKSO 2026Nov 19677"2 
The Heptones

A: Why Must I
B: Try Again
Studio 1 UKSO 2027Nov 19677"1 
Alton Ellis

A: I Am Just A Guy

Soul Vendors

B: Just A Bit Of Soul
Studio 1 UKSO 2028Feb 19687"010.0
The Termites

A: It Takes Two To Make Love
B: Beach Boy
Studio 1 UKSO 2029Jan 19687"1 
Dawn Penn

A: You Don't Love Me

The Soul Vendors

B: Portobello Road
Studio 1 UKSO 2030Jan 19687"49.3
Delroy Wilson

A: I Am Not A King

Soul Vendors

B: Take Me
Studio 1 UKSO 2031Jan 19687"1 
Ernest Wilson [Reggae]

A: Money Worries

The Heptones

B: Rock And Sock
Studio 1 UKSO 2032Jan 19687"0 
Alton Ellis

A: Only Sixteen

The Heptones

B: Baby
Studio 1 UKSO 203315 Dec 19677"19.0
The Soul Brothers [Jamaica]

A: Hot Rod

The Gaylads

B: Africa
Studio 1 UKSO 2034Dec 19677"0 
The Soul Vendors

A: Pupa Lick

The Ethiopians

B: Leave My Business Alone
Studio 1 UKSO 2035Dec 19677"0 
The Minstrels [Reggae]

A: People Get Ready

The Hamlins

B: Everyone Got To Be There
Studio 1 UKSO 2036Dec 19677"1 
Alton Ellis

A: Live And Learn

The Heptones

B: Cry Baby Cry
Studio 1 UKSO 2037Mar 19687"08.0
Soul Vendors

A: Psychadelic Rock
B: I'm Free
Studio 1 UKSO 2038Feb 19687"0 
The Gaylads

A: When I Fall In Love
B: Give Me
Studio 1 UKSO 2039Feb 19687"5 

A: Mr. D. J.
B: Tripe Girl
Studio 1 UKSO 2040Mar 19687"1 
The Termites

A: Rave All Night
B: My Last Love
Studio 1 UKSO 2041Apr 19687"0 
Leroy And Rock

A: Love Me Girl

The Wrigglers

B: Reel Up
Studio 1 UKSO 2042Apr 19687"1 
Jackie Mittoo

A: Put It On

Soul Vendors

B: Chinese Chicken
Studio 1 UKSO 2043May 19687"1 
Soul Vendors

A: Happy Ogan

Invaders [Reggae]

B: Soulful Music
Studio 1 UKSO 2044Jun 19687"1 
King Rocky

A: The King Is Back

Tree Tops [Reggae]

B: Vex Till You Buss
Studio 1 UKSO 2045Jun 19687"0 
Delroy Wilson

A: Rain From The Skies
B: How Can I Love Someone
Studio 1 UKSO 2046Jun 19687"110.0
Marcia And Jeff

A: Words

Sharks [Jamaica]

B: How Could I Live
Studio 1 UKSO 204714 Jun 19687"310.0
Soul Vendors

A: Evening Time

Righteous Flames

B: Ease Up
Studio 1 UKSO 2048Jul 19687"0 

A: Cry Baby Cry
B: Mama
Studio 1 UKSO 2049Jul 19687"1 

A: Miss Highty Tighty

Minstrels [Reggae]

B: Yours Until Tomorrow
Studio 1 UKSO 205012 Jul 19687"1 

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